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KR 05/17/2017 - Lv 95 Cap Patch (95.1.KR) Notes Translation

May 17
- Vahr (真理)

The original patch notes from EYEDENTITY can be found here

This is the first patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.1.KR.

Datamined information can be found in my previous post.

Table of Contents


Opening Cutscene

(Credits to Fringe Show for the upload)

Lv 95 Cap

Scenario Introduction


Journey to Kairon Island

To awaken the spirit of goodwill.

To cleanse the corrupted Rajuul.

A group that starts a full-fledged journey to find the cup of healing.

Rajuul is preparing for his eventual corruption. I kept a clue to find the cup of healing with Meriendel. The clue leads them to Kairon, a beautiful tropical island to the west of Merca.

The only remaining hope of the Goddess faction, without Rajuul, is Grelle.

In the state of being incompletely absorbed, with time, the condition deteriorates…

The hungry wolves begin to reveal themselves from the shadows.

The forces of the Mistlands…

You have to grow Gracel, the hope of the Goddess faction, against them and find the cup of healing.

New Stage

[Entry Information]


Location Heart of Merca, West Entrance Gate
Entry Level Lv 93+
Party Size 1 - 4
Entry Ticket None
Weekly Clear Limit None
Resurrection Count None
Entry Quest [Lv93] The Key to the Ashes
NPC Priestess of Darkness Mocha

Kairon Beach


Dazzling white sands and emerald waters. Beautiful palm trees stretch along the beach…

But we cannot guarantee that we will be able to return to the ship once we step onto the island.

The secret lies behind the beach, deep in the island.


Boss: Beach Tyrant Sharkelli

A tyrant holding the beach.

He is responsible for the management of the beach on the island of Kairon, owned by Child Hierendel.

Due to its oppressive nature, the beach is oppressing the ecosystem.

Abandoned Marina





Forest Welcome Center





Kairon Historical Town





Secret Underwater Cave





New Stage Drops

Normal/Master Difficulty


Abyss Difficulty


Mission Titles

The following titles can be obtained from the new dungeons.


Heatwave Volcano Nest


TODO Flavor text

Admission Information

Entry Level Lv 95+
Location Garden of Eternity (Lv 95) Northeast Gate
Party Size 1 - 4
Weekly Clear Limit Normal 3x, Hardcore 3x
Resurrection Count Normal unlimited, Hardcore 3x
Entry Quest [Lv95][Nest] In the Middle of a Heatwave


You can acquire an [Ascension Cube] from the gold chest in both difficulties.


TODO Items


Harmony Cubes are dropped per individual.

TODO Items

Class Mastery III


  • All secondary classes gain [Class Mastery III] (including dark classes)
  • Can be learned at Lv 95
  • Each job has a unique mastery. Most commonly, the basic class (Warrior, Archer, etc) gains the effect of significantly strengthening another skill.
  • Does not apply to PvP



[Heavy Slash] damage and range increased. When [Heavy Slash] and [Coup de Grace EX] are used in conjunction, immediately jump. Attack damage is greatly increased, but no longer executes enemies based on HP.

Lunar Knight

[Impact Wave] damage increased and changed to fire a beam forwards. When [Impact Wave] and [Moon Blade Dance EX] are used in conjunction, jump to a low height and fire 6 strong beams forwards quickly.

TODO rest of classes

Skill SP Adjustment

To alleviate the increase in SP consumption due to adding [Class Mastery III]:

  • Class Mastery I/II/III: SP cost changed to 0 when all 3 are learned
  • The skills that are used by [Class Mastery III] have had their level 1 SP cost reduced from 3 to 1
  • [Blessing of Azuna] level 1 SP cost reduced from 5 to 3
  • [Healing of Azuna] level 1 SP cost reduced from 10 to 3

Changes and Additions

Intellect to Magic Defense

Magic Defense increases with Intellect, but the amount gained is too high. PvP and PvE have encountered many problems because of this. For example, intellect classes in PvP cause battles to become long and boring due to their high magic defense. Also, many issues arise in the baseline for setting magic attack for monsters and bosses. In order to improve this, magic defense gained per intellect has been reduced.

0.2 MDEF/INT Classes

Lunar Knight, Warden, Silver Hunter, All Sorceresses, Crusader, All Priests, All Alchemists, All Screamers, Valkyrie, Ruina.

0.3 MDEF/INT Classes

All classes not listed above.

Critical Damage

Critical damage will be adjusted to a higher value. After reboot, critical damage options are widely available due to defensive jades and costume equipment, allowing it to be acquired without a big deal. As a result, critical damage options are much less valuable than traditional ones. Critical damage is an option that greatly affects attack power and is a very important option for some classes. We hope this option becomes more attractive in your builds.


  • Battle Howl: Critical Damage 15% (PvE)/10% (PvP)


  • [Awakening Passive] Weapon Mastery: Critical 10% (PvE)/5% (PvP), Critical Damage 10% (PvE)/5% (PvP)

Dark Avenger

  • Dark Avenger EX (A): Critical 10% (PvE/PvP)
  • Dark Avenger EX (B): Critical 5% (PvE)
  • Class Mastery I: Critical Damage 5% (PvE)

Arch Heretic

  • Buff Enhancement (A) (Brutal Soul): Critical 10% (PvE)/5% (PvP), Critical Damage 10% (PvE)/5% (PvP)

Black Mara

  • Entropy (A): Critical 10% (PvE)/5% (PvP), Critical Damage 10% (PvE)/5% (PvP)


Lv 95 Equipment Revision

From the developers, hello :)

With this level 95 expansion, we will explain the biggest changes brought by the new equipment system.

We expect various issues to arise due to the scope of this change. In order to provide more accurate information to players, we will explain our intended direction and our plans.

Before we talk about the new equipment system, we need to epxlain the intent of equipment Reboot.

First, the biggest changes were [Strengthen Old] and [Increases Original Items].

Reboot - Equipment Prior to Reboot

The original equipment was designed to have a very high percent of enhancement gains with a great deal of risk.

[Anticipation for enhancement], [growth through random factors], [high growth on success]

The existing system was attractive enough but was difficult to provide new equipment for.

Even when newer equipment is released, existing equipment would be enhanced to surpass.

New equipment acqusition had a high expected cost which made players reluctant to replace equipment.

In addition, for entering nests with other players, players often expected higher values from them. This phenomenon has been confirmed to create a high barrier of entry for new users.

In the long run, this is a bad experience.

In order to improve this situation, after many discussions, we decided it would be necessary to make it possible to freely acquire new equipment.

[Pre-enhancement function] has been added.

Items that have not been enhanced have been improved so they can be usable.

Through the above changes, the nests at Reboot were accessible to many users.

Barriers to entry were improved when new equipment became available.

We were able to create an environment that we could easily change.

T/N Note: They’re talking about T4 equipment vs T5 equipment

Reboot - Side Effects

There are some things we fixed with reboot, such as [low acquisition rate] and [low base stats], but we encountered a new issue where users did not have enough sense of growth through equipment.

As a representative example, users wearing [Unique] and [Legendary] equipment.

[Epic] level equipment progression did not provide the element of growth early on.

Nests were balanced so that more users could enjoy them.

Players with high stats felt regretful about the attack. T/N note I really don’t know what this is trying to say

Even though the stats of the base item were increased, the low gains from enhancement meant it took a long time to feel growth.

Level 95 New Equipment System

There have been many discussions to tackle the above problems through reboots.

We have been focusing on [continuous honest growth] and [setting fun].

We want to describe an item and explain some of the changes.

Point 1: [Epic/Unique/Legendary] grade equipment is available at the same time

Items of all grades [Epic/Unique/Legendary] that are not seasonal will be available in a season.

Example Lv 95 items


  • Legendary grade items will be updated in June. The enhancing will become available and we will provide additional rewards for +11 and above.
  • Lv 95 [Unique] and [Legendary] grade equipment cannot be server storaged. T/N Note: PREVIOUS EQUIPMENT IS NOT AFFECTED!!!!!

You can acquire Lv 95 items using old Lv 93 items.


Grade Acquired From Remarks Tradable Server Storagable
Epic Lv 95 Abyss Dungeon   YES YES
Epic New Nest Normal Difficulty   YES YES
Unique Crafted via Converter (Unique) item Increases stats and retains extra stat options NO NO
Legend Converting a Lv93 RuDNL Requires +10 or greater/starting enhancement values NO NO
Legend Crafted via Converter (Legendary) item +10 or greater/starting enhancement values NO NO

Point 2: Enhancing and upgrading provide continuous growth [Lv 95 enhancing probability]

Max enhancement level raised to +20 and enhancement rates have been adjusted. Enhancement level drop penalty has been removed.

  • Rates of previous items are not changed.
  • The following rates apply to all server regions
Level Epic Unique Legendary
1 100% 100% 100%
2 100% 100% 100%
3 100% 100% 100%
4 100% 100% 100%
5 100% 100% 100%
6 100% 100% 100%
7 100% 100% 100%
8 100% 100% 70%
9 100% 100% 70%
10 100% 100% 70%
11 70% 70% 70%
12 70% 70% 70%
13 70% 70% 70%
14 70% 70% 70%
15 70% 70% 70%
16 70% 70% 70%
17 70% 70% 70%
18 70% 70% 50%
19 70% 50% 50%
20 50% 50% 50%

[Lv 95 Enhancing Costs]

We lowered the costs compared to previous level items.

More often than not, you’ll need to enhance to the maximum.

  • Costs of previous items are not changed.
  • In addition to the cost, different grades have different material costs.

Costs are without Golden Goose discount

Level Epic Unique Legendary
1 01.4286g 09.1429g 31.4286g
2 02.0000g 12.8000g 44.0000g
3 02.8000g 17.9200g 61.6000g
4 03.7800g 24.1920g 83.1600g
5 04.9140g 31.4496g 108.1080g
6 06.3882g 40.8845g 140.5404g
7 08.9435g 57.2383g 196.7566g
8 12.5209g 80.1336g 275.4592g
9 16.9032g 108.1803g 371.8699g
10 25.3548g 162.2705g 557.8048g
11 34.2289g 219.0652g 753.0365g
12 47.9205g 306.6912g 1,054.2512g
13 67.0887g 429.3677g 1,475.9516g
14 80.5065g 515.2413g 1,771.1420g
15 94.9976g 607.9847g 2,089.9475g
16 110.1972g 705.2623g 2,424.3391g
17 148.7663g 952.1041g 3,272.8578g
18 200.8345g 1,285.3405g 4,418.3580g
19 271.1265g 1,735.2097g 5,964.7833g
20 325.3518g 2,082.2516g 7,157.7400g

[Enhancement Stones]

When you enhance Lv 95 items, you will need [Enhancement Stones] for each grade.

Items in higher grades also require stones for all lower grades (e.g. Unique equipment requires both Unique stones and Epic stones).

[Enhancement Stones] can be found in hardcore versions of Lv 95 nests.

You can now attain legendary grade through difficulty.

We intended to increase the amount of useful content for those wearing higher grade equipment.

  • [Weapon Enhancment Stone] and [Armor Enhancement Stone]
  • [Low], [Intermediate], and [Advanced] stones

Only [Low] grade Enhancement Stones may be traded or server storaged.

  • Upgraded enhancements will be available in the June update.

Enhancement Stone tooltips


[Tier Upgrade]

At +20, you can upgrade the item’s tier. The item becomes +0 enhancement and increases its tier by 1.

  • Tier upgrades will not be available immediately and will be released over time.
  • Items that are not +20 cannot tier-up.
  • When an item tier-ups, the previous +20 enhancement stats are combined into the base stats of the next tier.


Point 3: “Fun Setting” with sub items other than equipment

Sub items besides equipment will also be changed to the new system.

The key direction of sub items will be explained briefly in “Fun Setting”

T/N Note I have no idea what “Fun Setting” is

  • The probability of extra stats for crests and talismans will be increased.

First, there is a high probability that extra stats will occur on crests and talismans. Through this, there will be a higher expectation. The additional options are designed to be worthwhile. For crests, these will only be available via plate crafting.

  • Dragon Gems have expanded choices

Next are dragon gems. No longer will be limited to just critical and health.

Besides the two original variants, new options such as damage and critical damage will become available, allowing you to be more flexible according to your needs.

  • Accessories now provide additional options through skill effects

Finally, accessories. In addition to the existing brutal/windswept/wise options, a variety of basic options are added. There are also accessories with passive effects or modify class skills. We will provide a large variety of choices.

Skill Effect Accessory example. Items are under development and are subject to change



We’re sorry that we’re making so many changes at the same time for Lv 95 cap expansion. We hope that you enjoy Dragon Nest more through these changes.

As a big change, we will continue to fill in deficiencies through continuous changes until you are satisfied.

In addition to what we have told you in the patch notes, there are many other things to add to your enjoyment.

Thank you for always loving Dragon Nest.

Growth Guide

Lv 95 equipment has been added to the growth guide. Maximum enhancement level for the search filter has been raised to 15 - 20.

Extra stat options that can occur while obtaining equipment are now displayed.

Point Items

Extracting and Pouch/Box items now directly credit points instead of granting point token items.

Mercenary Exploration

Method of obtaining rewards is changed.

TODO tl;dr gotta use keys from daily challenges


[Golden Apple] and [Apple of Life] will be changed. Seeds and harvested items acquired prior to this patch will be changed to [Old] items and will no longer be obtainable. Seed prices will be adjusted.

New Golden Apples and Apples of Life seeds can be purchased at the farm shop using dungeon and nest points. They cannot be server storaged. The selling price of these crops have been increased.

Item Cost Sell Price
Golden Apple 1000 Dungeon Points 25g
Apple of Life 5000 Nest Points 100g

Dataminer’s note: [Old] Apples of Life still sell for the original 30g. You are unable to use old seeds in the farm

Guild Nest

Pocket usage level limit raised to Lv 95. [Lv 93 Nest Additional Entry Ticket] changed to just [Additional Entry Ticket]


Goddess’s Grief

Add [Yongok Transformer - Defensive Gem] that can convert level 90 - 93 defensive gems between options. The converter allows you to change the Critical option to the Health option and vice versa.

Costs 100 dungeon points and 20 gold.

Additional Entry Ticket Store

New store added to purchase additional entry tickets for each level of difficulty, 3 per day per level. Requires 1 [Additional Entry Ticket] and some gold.

[Additional Entry Ticket] can be obtained from clearing 3 daily quests (displayed in your daily missions page).

Hero Level

Cap raised to 75. Required EXP currently is too high and will be improved through further patches.

71 796,742 193,527 4,514 33,280 16,640 24,960 350
72 990,269 234,017 4,694 34,611 17,307 25,958 350
73 1,224,286 274,547 4,822 35,996 17,998 26,997 350
74 1,498,833 315,118 5,077 37,435 18,718 28,077 350
75 1,813,951 355,729 5,280 38,933 19,466 29,200 400

Premium Equipment

  • Premium Equipment that can be learned (?) at level 94-95 has been added.

At level 94 and 95, [93 Unique] item will be changed to paid.

T/N note: I have no idea what this is

Goddess Lament Pouches

Subsequent rewards will not use your box.

Unlike earlier intentions, boxes and Goddess Lament Pouches are changed to be pouches with random similar items.

Because of this, the unique concept for each pouch was blurred and the two needed a major reorganization.

However, since you cannot remove the rewards you were already paying for, they will be replaced.

We have changed the pouches to pay out the new acquisition method.

New contents: Tearful (title), Divine Goddess’s Grief (title), Dejected (title), Tear laden (title), 2x Advanced Garnet, 5x Advanced Garnet, 2x Quality Life Giving Essence, 5x Quality Life Giving Essence, 1x Low Weapon Enhancement Stone, 1x Low Armor Enhancement Stone, 3x Low Weapon Enhancement Stone, 5x Low Armor Enhancement Stone, High Grade Cube Pouch, 500 Hero EXP Potion, Harmony Cube (?), Lv 95 Epic Plate

Changes due to Lv 95

Guild Content Compensation

As the max level has been raised to 95, guild content rewards have been extended to 95 levels.

[Related Content]

Guild Tablet Rewards


TODO Translate

Guild Nest Rewards


TODO Translate

Party Compensation

Party rewards upgraded to Lv 95.


TODO Translate

Point Shop

Items have been added to the Mentor Point store for Lv 95.


Additional Entry Ticket costs 300 mentor points and can be purchased at most twice per week.

Growth Guide

Reorganized Growth Guide [Content Objectives]. Growth Guide can be found by completing Lv 95.

[Content Objectives] can be renewed from the beginning regardless of existing achievements.

If you achieve [Content Objectives], you can acquire materials and equipment that are useful for Lv 95.

Daily Missions

Daily mission rewards and achievement goals for each level group have been rearranged.


Required level for PvP matchmaking raised to 95.

Hero EXP Potion

Level required to use Hero EXP potions raised to 95.

Changes and Additional Achievements

Some achievements have been added and rewards for those have been added.

Players who have already acquired an achievement whose reward has changed will not be rewarded.

General Achievements

Achievement Reward
Reach Lv 10 Shard of Will (3 days)
Reach Lv 30 200% EXP Scroll (7 days)
Reach Lv 70 Class Change Scroll (7 days)
Reach Lv 90 Skill Oblivion Bag/Reset (7 days), 10x Goddess Laments
Reach Lv 95 Skill Oblivion Bag/Reset (7 days), 500 Hero EXP Potion (1 day)
2nd Specialization +10 Leader Weapon Pouch

Level-up Reward Boxes

Added Lv 94 and 95 level-up reward boxes.

Lv 94

  • Low Weapon Enhancing Stone x3
  • Low Armor Enhancing Stone x5
  • Lv 95 Level-up Reward Box

Lv 95

  • Advanced Garnet x3
  • Hero EXP Potion (7 days)
  • Motorcycle (7 days)
  • Lv 96 Level-up Reward Box


  • Adjustments to ladder and guilds for Lv 95
  • Unique Anthurium Scales (?) available in server storage
  • Harmony Cubes removed from Granom Nest

Ray Mechanic Changes

  • Generation Field: cooldown per level reduced (PvE)
  • Core Drop: Sphere Explosion damage changed from 300% to 1500% of Core Drop (PvE)
  • [Enhanced] Atomic Blade: [Regular Attack Button] changed to enable continuous use (PvE/PvP)
  • Dynamo Cannon: Attack range slightly increased (PvE/PvP)
  • Dynamo Vortex: Increased attack range of 4th rank attack (PvE/PvP)
  • Alfredo Frontier: Modified to not be attacked in normal attack 1, 2, and 3 (PvE/PvP)


Dark Banquet (1 person)


TODO Flavor text

Admission Information

Entry Level Lv 93+
Availability May 18 to June 15 (Korea)
Location Garden of Eternity Dark Banquet Portal
Party Size 1
Entry Ticket None
Additional Entry Avaiable via Battlefield Scrapper Coin Shop
Weekly Clear Limit 1x
Resurrection Count 1x
Entry Quest [Lv93] I Invite You to a Dark Banquet
Stat Adjustment Equalized
Costume Transform Skill Cannot use
Mercenaries Cannot use
Potions Cannot use

TODO tl;dr dank banquit usual information


  • 7th Anniversary event points reset
  • Customer Pre-Audit Event ends
  • Altea Nest and tickets removed

Cash Shop

You don’t need a translation for this. Go look at the pretty pictures! Google Translate any of the short flavor text they have.

Revision History



  • [Awakening Passive] Counter Attack: Added effect for Invulnerability.
  • Moonblade Dance EX: Damage explanation tooltip text improved.
  • Cyclone Slash EX: Fixed issue where debuff duration was not the duration listed on the tooltip.
  • Mind Breaker EX (uhhhh?): Fixed issue where debuff effect was not applied to enemies that were hit
  • Class Mastery II (LUNA (Lunar Knight?)): Fixed typo in tooltip


  • Rain of Arrows EX: Improved hit reliability of projectiles.
  • Rain of Arrows EXi: Same as above.


  • TODO I’m too tired to figure out skill names


  • Bind Relic: Fixed PvE tooltips displaying incorrect duration.
  • Divine Ascension EX: Fixed problem where damage on tooltip was displayed incorrectly.
  • Blessed Sign: Fixed occasional increase in damage during use.


  • TODO Holy mother of wall of text


  • Added HP recovery skill plate to TODO Skill Name
  • TODO More skill names I’ll look up later


  • Chakra Healing EX: Fixed MP recovery not applying.
  • Energetic Chakra EX: Fixed HP recovery not applying.
  • Quantum Leap: Fixed issue when jump key didn’t activate after using Outbreak.
  • [Awakening Passive] Shadow Focus: Fixed issue where dark blast wasn’t triggering under certain circumstances.
  • Fullbright: Fixed to the correct level requirement.
  • Illusion Strike: Fixed issue near walls where enemies wouldn’t get hit.
  • Outbreak EX: Improved tooltip uniformity.
  • Chain Punisher EX (?): Fixed issue where damage increase effect didn’t apply in PvP.
  • Crowstorm: Fixed issue where bubble consumption amount was displayed incorrectly on the tooltip.
  • Guillotine Cross: Fixed issue where bubble consumption amount was displayed incorrectly on the tooltip.
  • Pursuer EX: Fixed issue where chance of using burnt ash was different from the tooltip.
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