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NA 5/18/17 - Hidden Changes

May 18
- Vahr (真理)

These are the changes made that are not mentioned on the official NA patch notes that I’ve datamined or observed.

More things may be added (especially to the bug/error list) as we find them.


Table of Contents


Lots of NPCs had their script files updated.

UIString Text


  • Rune Dragon strings
  • DNC 2017 strings
  • Black Mara strings
  • Assassin Awakening strings
  • Lv 95 cap strings (Korean)

Also various random text that isn’t noteworthy.

Changes and Corrections

  • Various text that is technically server provided is now updated into the client (no change visible to players).
  • Nightmare stages changed from Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3…) to Roman numerals (I, II, III…)
  • Divine Ascension tooltip changed from Special Attack Button to Normal Attack Button. It’s still wrong (see below)
  • “MOrning Star’s” changed back to “Morning Star’s”
  • “Deep Sea Sea Dragon Nest” changed to “Deep Sea Dragon Nest”
  • Various “Garden of Time and Space” text corrected to “Garden of Eternity”
  • “Quake Barrage” corrected to “Falling Star”
  • “UnSalwarped” corrected to “Unwrapped”


  • MID 1000067425 had “Taoist” changed to “Night Burstoist” (WTF?)
  • Nightmare Stage 5 uses Arabic numerals instead of Roman numerals (TODO add MID)



  • Arch Heretic ultimate has been changed.
  • Velskud transformation skill no longer does redonkulous damage.


Dragon Gems

Lv 90 and above Wise Gems now grant 4% INT.

Lv 93 Wise Enhanced Dragon Gem 1,322 -> 1,469 3.2% -> 4.0%
Lv 90 Wise Enhanced Dragon Gem 1,102 -> 1,224 3.2% -> 4.0%
Lv 93 Mystical Enhanced Dragon Gem 173 -> 192 -
Lv 90 Mystical Enhanced Dragon Gem 144 -> 160 -

Evolution Ultimate Theano

Evolution Ultimate Theano equipment now has a set bonus

Set Stat Amount
2 FD 477
3 DMG 1790
4 VIT 860
5 FD 520

Bugs and Other Errors


  • Paladin [Divine Ascension] still points to MID 1000059461 instead of MID 1000059460. They did change -461 to say Normal Attack, but the description is still wrong.
  • Black Mara [Class Mastery II] incorrectly states that it adds [Haze] granting [Enhanced Contract]. This effect is added by learning [Class Mastery I].
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