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KR v832 - Lv 95 Slayer Mode

Jun 12
- Vahr (真理)

Sorry about the lack of updates or completion of some things. Been very busy with work and prepping for NA’s release of Rune Dragon - working a fulltime job means I don’t have nearly as much time that I can dedicate to this blog. I’ll try to clear whatever backlog I have eventually, but it’ll be slow.

Anyways, the next KR patch info has shown up. Biggest thing being the new Slayer mode. Unfortunately since I don’t have much time as noted above I’ll only datamine some key aspects. Meanwhile, extremely basic placeholder text will give some idea of what is coming.

Table of Contents



Lv 95 Title Screen BGM

Lv 95 Title BGM

Limit Break (Slayer) Mode

Slayer mode was mentioned in a previous conference. Generally summarized from that (WHICH MEANS THIS INFO IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE), there’s a new version of nests that allow you to acquire special [Slayer Armor] (legendary grade). Slayer Armor is restricted by 2nd class and you can only wear 2 at a time. Each piece grants a special skill effect to a core skill for your class.

According to translations, the official name will be Limit Break or Breakthrough.

Limit Break Nests

10350 한계돌파 네스트 Limit Break Nest
10351 한계돌파 타이푼 킴 네스트 Limit Break Typhoon Krag Nest
10352 한계돌파 프로페서K 네스트 Limit Break Professor K Nest
10353 한계돌파 그라놈 네스트 Limit Break Granom Nest
10354 한계돌파 씨드래곤 네스트 Limit Break Sea Dragon Nest

Limit Break Skills

Need to find them first but they should be here.


Names are internal until I resolve localization differences.

No description strings or name text has been found yet.

Avenger’s Fury (Dark Avenger)

9024 -> 7506

Grave Slash (Dark Avenger)

9023 -> 7501

Fatal Impact (Dark Avenger)

9022 -> 7513

Dark Avenger (Dark Avenger)

9021 > 7512

Destructive Swing (Dark Avenger)

9020 -> 7

Punishing Swing (A) (Destroyer)

9019 -> 406

Punishing Swing (B) (Destroyer)

9018 -> 406

Crash Mode (Destroyer)

9017 -> 762

Assault Crash (Destroyer)

9016 -> 761

Impact Wave (Destroyer)

9015 -> 6

Whirlwind (Barbarian)

9014 -> 401

Demolition Fist (Barbarian)

9013 -> 409

Frenzy (Barbarian)

9012 -> 742

Overtaker (Barbarian)

9011 -> 741

Impact Punch (Barbarian)

9010 -> 2

Crescent Cleave (Lunar Knight)

9009 -> 209

Halfmoon Slash (Lunar Knight)

9008 -> 211

Moon Blader (A) (Lunar Knight)

9007 -> 721

Moon Blader (B) (Lunar Knight)

9006 -> 721

Impact Wave (Lunar Knight)

9005 -> 6

Frenzied Charge (Gladiator)

9004 -> 205

Hacking Stance (Gladiator)

9003 -> 207

Hyper Drive (Gladiator)

9002 -> 702

Side Dodge (Gladiator)

9001 -> 701

Heavy Slash (Gladiator)

9000 -> 28

TODO more info, other classes

Limit Break Rewards

Legendary Reinforcement Hammers

tl;dr Hammers that can enhance an item thats at least +16 with 50%/90% chance to succeed without spending any materials or gold.

TODO MID 1000118854, 1000118855, 1000118856, 1000118857

Skill Changes

Class Mastery III text changes. Skill data parsing (for those and other skills) will happen later.

Doing table diffs manually, in no particular order.


Skill SP has been adjusted (no specific details yet).

Some passive/EX/status skills have their DelayTime field set to a negative number. Probably indicates that it now reduces the cooldown of the base skill. Needs verification.


Dark Avenger EX (B)

Tooltip updated to state that the cooldown is reduced by 35s instead of stating that the cooldown is now 5s. Effectively no change (40s - 35s = 5s).

Class Mastery III (Lunar Knight - Impact Wave)

Damage and action speed bonus on Linked [Moon Blade Dance EX] increased from 15% to 25%


Struck by Lightning

New effect gained at Lv 11: Summons 3 lightning bolts instead of just 1.

Divine Ascension EX

Tooltip clarified on how the damage is calculated (no skill change).

Class Mastery III (Saint - Paralyze Bolt)

Tooltip updated to state that the 25% bonus damage debuff lasts for 5 seconds.


Many skills that reduce their base skill’s CD have had their tooltips updated to state that they reduce the cooldown by an amount instead of what they’re reduced to. Effectively no change.

Class Mastery III (Abyss Walker - Swift Cut)

Damage bonus on [Swift Cut] increased from 600% to 700%.

TODO Other classes

Elder Oracle (Kali Dark Spinoff)

Elder Oracle strings have shown up with some of the skill names.

Enhancement System

Various strings about the new item enhancement system have appeared.

Cash Shop

Irene Cash Set

Irene Wing/Tail/Decal/Necklace/Weapons set.


Textures are not yet released, so these are using generic textures.


Detective Set







Note: mental ray really doesn’t like infinitely thin double sided geometry, which is what Eyedentity LOVES to use for the coattails on cleric costumes. So instead I have to use Quicksilver, which isn’t as good but it’ll happily render most things.










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