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KR 06/14/2017 - Slayer Patch (95.2.KR) Translation

Jun 14
- Vahr (真理)

The original patch notes from EYEDENTITY can be found here

This is the second patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.2.KR.

Datamined information can be found in my previous post.

: Fixed mistranslation regarding Rune Dragon Equipment.

Table of Contents

[Slayer Mode] Nests

Strange things are happening in Alteria as the goddess’s consciousness awakens after a long time. The gap between dimensions has grown unstable, and the goddess’s nightmares are bringing darkness into reality.

The darkness apears in the garden and is called “Death.” It awokened due to the poison that exists in Alteria and began to move freely.

Before long, the poison from the fallen caused a “slaying,” resulting in violent and powerful beings.

The Slayer Mode does not occur normally in Alteria like a Nest. Access it through the Mistland’s “Slayer’s Trial Room.”

Gather together the pieces of slayers made from the contamination from the Mistlands.

Slayer Mode

Slayer Mode is a new mode with various gameplay mechanics and difficulty added to existing nests.

In slayer mode, you select a difficulty according to your ability and proceed gate by gate. Kill each gate’s boss and collect slayer-exclusive legendary equipment.

  • Pets cannot be used in Slayer Mode

Slayer Mode nests: Manticore, Archbishop, Daidalos Nests

Admission Information

Level Lv 95+
Party Size 1 - 2
Difficulty Normal, Master, Abyss
Entry Requirement Slayer Mode Ticket and 60 FTG
Progression Type Gate selection (see below)
Revive Limit Unlimited
Location Corresponding existing nest portal

Nests which have Slayer Mode available have Slayer Banners next to their portals.


Slayer Mode allows you to select the difficulty AND which gate to challenge


Entry Quest

[[Lv95][Slayer] Weird Phenomenon] quest can be obtained from NPC Traveler Frie (as with all other nest quests).


Obtain exclusive Slayer Equipment, Enhancement Hammers, and Slayer Points.

Slayer Equipment

You can obtain new legendary grade armor from Slayer Mode. The location varies depending on your class and desired piece (see table below). Slayer Equipment cannot be enhanced, evolved, or tier-upped, however they are equivalent to Lv 95 Tier 1 +20 regular legendary equipment. Slayer Equipment can also be purchased using Slayer Points. Only characters that have learned their 2nd specialization can utilize Slayer Equipment. Special effects will be added in a future update. Existing Slayer Pieces will gain these special effects automatically during the update.

Nest Shorthand
Daidalos DAID
Archbishop ABN
Manticore MANTI

The number refers to the specific gate.

Class Helmet Body Legs Gloves Shoes
Gladiator DAID 3 ABN 4 MANTI 1 MANTI 4 DAID 1
Lunar Knight MANTI 1 MANTI 3 ABN 2 ABN 3 DAID 2
Barbarian ABN 4 ABN 1 MANTI 2 DAID 3 MANTI 4
Destroyer ABN3 ABN 2 MANTI 1 DAID 1 DAID 4
Dark Avenger MANTI 3 ABN 2 DAID 2 MANTI 4 ABN 1
Sniper MANTI 4 ABN 1 ABN 3 DAID 4 DAID 1
Windwalker ABN 1 ABN 2 DAID 2 MANTI 3 DAID 4
Silver Hunter ABN 1 ABN 2 DAID 2 MANTI 4 DAID 4
Pyromancer DAID 2 ABN 1 ABN 4 MANTI 2 DAID 3
War Mage ABN 1 ABN 3 ABN 2 MANTI 3 DAID 4
Chaos Mage MANTI 2 ABN 4 DAID 2 DAID 3 MANTI 1
Black Mara MANTI 2 ABN 2 DAID 3 DAID 1 MANTI 1
Guardian DAID 3 ABN 4 MANTI 3 MANTI 1 DAID 1
Crusader MANTI 2 MANTI 4 ABN 3 ABN 1 DAID 3
Inquisitor MANTI 1 MANTI 3 ABN 3 DAID 4 DAID 1
Arch Heretic DAID 4 ABN 4 MANTI 3 MANTI 2 DAID 1
Shooting Star MANTI 2 MANTI 4 ABN 1 ABN 4 DAID 2
Gear Master ABN 2 MANTI 3 DAID 3 DAID 1 ABN 3
Physician MANTI 2 MANTI 4 DAID 4 ABN 1 DAID 2
Ray Mechanic MANTI 1 MANTI 4 ABN 1 ABN 3 DAID 2
Dark Summoner MANTI 2 ABN 3 DAID 1 MANTI 1 ABN 2
Soul Eater ABN 1 ABN 4 DAID 3 MANTI 4 DAID 1
Blade Dancer MANTI 2 ABN 1 DAID 2 DAID 4 ABN 4
Spirit Dancer ABN 3 MANTI 3 MANTI 4 DAID 3 MANTI 1
Reaper DAID 1 DAID 4 DAID 2 ABN 4 DAID 3
Light Bringer DAID 2 DAID 3 ABN 4 ABN 2 MANTI 2
Abyss Walker MANTI 1 MANTI 3 ABN 2 DAID 2 DAID 4
Valkyrie DAID 4 ABN 3 MANTI 2 MANTI 3 ABN 1
Defensio MANTI 2 DAID 1 DAID 4 ABN 1 ABN 4

Enhancement Hammers

New Enhancement Hammers of Epic, Unique, and Legendary grade have been added. These hammers can be used to enhance a corresponding or lower grade equipment piece without using up gold or materials, and cannot degrade or destroy the equipment. Use the hammer by right clicking on it in your inventory.

Hammer Grade Can Enhance Equipment
Epic Epic
Unique Epic, Unique
Legendary Epic, Unique, Legendary

[Slayer’s Test Site]

In order to enter Slayer Mode, you must have a Slayer Mode Admission Ticket. To obtain tickets, go to the [Slayer’s Test Site].

Entry Information

Location Heart of Merca > West Gate > “Slayer’s Test Grounds”
Level Lv 95+
Party Size 1
Difficulty Abyss
Entry Requirement 180 FTG
Revives Unlimited



Obtain “Slayer’s Shard” by killing monsters. Exchange 10 Shards for 1 Admission Ticket at NPG Elijah (in front of the Garden of Eternity).

There are both tradable and non-tradable versions of Slayer Shards.

Slayer Points

Slayer Points are dropped by bosses in Slayer Mode and can be used to obtain Slayer Equipment.

Volcano Nest (Hell)

Admission Information

Level Lv 95+
Party Size 1 - 4
Difficulty Hell
Weekly Clear Limit 3
Revive Limit 1
Location Saints Haven > Garden of Eternity (Lv95) > Volcano Nest Portal (1:00)

Entry Quest

[[Lv95][Nest] In the Midst of a Heatwave] quest can be obtained from NPC Traveler Frie (as with all other nest quests).


  • You can earn an additional 45 gold.
  • Legendary weapon and armor enhancement stones
  • Epic crests
  • Rarestone (5000g)

※ Note: Hardcore difficulty now drops legendary weapon and armor enhancement stones.

T/N note: There seems to be a RVN Abyss, RVN Hardcore and a RVN Hell - Hell being the new content. Needs clarifying.

[Limit Breaker] Lv 93 Nests


Those who have tasted the sweet fruits of their labor are not satisifed remaining at the same level. Today, tomorrow too, I will challenge myself and ascend.

Adventurers who seek tougher challenges after surviving numerous trials…

Go rechallenge Lv 93 nests!

Admission Information

Level Lv 93+
Recommended Level Lv 95+
Party Size 1 - 4
Weekly Clear Limit 1
Revive Limit 1
Location Saints Haven > Garden of Eternity (Lv95) > Limit Breaker Nest (4:00)

Entry Quest

[[Lv95][Nest] Those Who Test the Limits] quest can be obtained from NPC Traveler Frie (as with all other nest quests). Although the nests are enterable by Lv 93, the quest is only available to Lv 95.


You can only obtain nest points from Limit Breaker nests. Use them to further strengthen your equipment.

On a very rare occasion, you can obtain a Mysterious Accessory Box to get a unique accessory.

Changes and Additions

New Lv 95 Dragon Gems

Lv 95 Dragon Gems are classified into [Defensive], [Offensive], and [Elemental]. Unlike current rules, Dragon Gems can be used in lower grade equipment, meaning Lv 95 Legendary Dragon Gems can be used in Epic equipment. All Dragon Gems are tradable. Stat variants are determined upon acquiring.

Obtaining Lv 95 Dragon Gems

You can acquire Epic Dragon Gems from the Priestess of Darkness Dragon Gem shop. Each gem costs 1000 Nest Points.

Extracting Lv 95 Dragon Gems

You can acquire Dragon Gem Fragments and possibly Cores (at a low chance) by extracting Lv 95 Dragon Gems. Fragments and Cores can be freely traded. Extraction cost has been greatly reduced.

Grade Cost Shiny Gem Fragment Result Shiny Gem Core Result
Epic 20c Epic x1 Epic x1
Unique 50c Unique x1 Unique x1
Legendary 1s Legendary x1 Legendary x1

Crafting Unique and Legendary Lv 95 Dragon Gems

You can craft Unique and Legendary grade Dragon Gems at the Blacksmith. Stat variants are determined upon crafting.

Grade Fragment Cost Core Cost Quality Garnet Cost
Unique Epic x200 Epic x15 30 700g
Legendary Unique x50 Unique x2 100 31,000g

Lv 95 Equipment

Lv 95 Legendary Equipment Crafting

You can craft Lv 95 Legendary grade equipment by crafting a [Warrior’s Transformation Chalice] at the Blacksmith.

Source equipment must be at least +10.

Name Cost Materials Materials Materials
Armor Transformer - Warrior’s Chalice Armor 1,000g Quality Garnet x50 Spera x200 Unique Armor Enhancing Stone x40
Weapon Transformer - Warrior’s Chalice Weapon 1,000g Quality Garnet x50 Spera x200 Unique Weapon Enhancing Stone x40

+11 Enhancement for Legendary Greedy Equipment

: Fixed mistranslation regarding Rune Dragon Equipment.

Legendary Greedy Equipment has been changed. You cannot enhance to +11 ~ +15.

Previously enhanced items are still usable.

Legendary Equipment Conversion (+11 or better)

Additional rewards are granted when converting previous legendary equipment +11 or better to Lv 95 Legendary Warrior’s Chalice equipment.

Item +11 +12 +13 +14 +15
Unique Weapon Enhancing Stone 40 100 200 270 270
Unique Armor Enhancing Stone 40 100 200 270 270
Legendary Weapon Enhancing Stone 30 70 100 180 180
Legendary Armor Enhancing Stone 30 70 100 180 180
Quality Garnet 0 50 100 230 300
Quality Life Giving Essence 0 50 100 200 300
Enhancement Hammer (50%) 2 0 0 0 0
Enhancement Hammer (90%) 0 6 11 50 200
+0 Calypso Equipment 1 1 1 1 1

What is a Enhancement Hammer?

It is a consumable hammer with a fixed success rate to enhance +16 or better items. No materials or gold are consumed and there is no penalty for failing.

Lv 95 Accessory Shop

Epic Lv95 accessories have been added to the Goddess Brilliance Shop.

Item Cost (Nest Points)
Kairon Ring 2,000
Kairon Earrings 2,000
Kairon Necklace 2,000

Nightmare Shop

Prices have been discounted. Items will be 50% off from June 15th - July 6th. Some items are excluded. On July 6th, Nightmare Points will be reset.

T/N Korea event

Item Tier

Item tier has been added to Lv95 equipment tooltips, indicating what tier equipment it is.

Enhanced Items

Enhanced items now display their enhancement level on their icon.


Growth Guide

Lv 95 Legendary Warrior’s Chalice, accessories, and Slayer information have been added. General Lv 95 information has been added.

Mentor Store

[Shard of Will (3 Day)] price has been adjusted to 500 Mentor Points.

Stage Durability Consumption Reduced

The consumption of durability for all Lv 95 stages for all difficulties has been reduced 10x. This does not apply to nests.


T/N some of these are vauge so I’m not sure

Something about FTG

[Prize system benefits change] [The number of times left until exhaustion of fatigue on stage entry: 20 times → 5 times] has been changed.

Abyss Dungeon Dimensional Rabbit

The key to the exploration on the Abyss stage has been added so that gold rabbits and silver rabbits drop with probability.

Something about HP

[Modification of HP option of expedition sentence of origin] Fixed a phenomenon that was lower than intended.

Enhancement Fail Penalty Fix

Fixed an issue where items weren’t able to be broken when enhancing to certain levels.

Class Mastery III Changes

Some classes have had their Class Mastery III changed.

T/N This is mostly google translated due to time constraints. Feel free to submit a better translation

Class Change
Lunar Knight Action speed and damage increased from 15% to 25%
Sniper Charge Shot EX’s cooldown is no longer consumed
Warden Magic Arrow damage increased from 80% to 100%, Fatal Guided Shot damage increased from 10% to 20%
Tempest Twin Shot uses 2 arrows twice in a row (consumption increased from 2 to 4), damage increased from 50% to 100%
Windwalker Willow Kick damage increased from 700% to 800%, air attack damage increased from 15% to 20%
Ice Witch Increase attack power by 50% (applies to parts where increased by 100%)
War Mage Max hit count increased from 20 to 25. Explosion damage changed to only the final hit
Chaos Mage Gravity Switch EX damage changed to increase by 20%
Black Mara Add 4 more insulting spells (from 13 to 17)
Crusader Fixed issue where 1000% damage increase of Struck by Lightning didn’t apply. Linked Hammer Hand super armor increased
Saint Changed to separate the bind from the debuff so that enemies that are immune to bind can still be debuffed by Paralyze Bolt
Physician Damage increased from 100% to 200%
Dark Summoner Increase speed and attack speed for the duration of the needle
Soul Eater Damage per hit increased from 100% to 150%
Blade Dancer Damage increased from 500% to 600%, super armor increased, and skill cast can be canceled
Spirit Dancer Abolisher EX explosion damage increased from 30% to 50%
Abyss Walker Damage increased from 600% to 700%
Dragoon Additional damage bonus on vulnerable target increased from 100% to 200%
Valkyrie Add an additional hit (total 3)

Class Mastery II Changes (PVP)

Class Mastery II has been changed for PvP.

Instants are removed.

The following classes have a 5% damage passive (classes marked with † have additional effects listed below):

  • Gladiator
  • Barbarian
  • Destroyer
  • Dark Avenger
  • Sniper
  • Warden
  • Tempest
  • Wind Walker
  • Silver Hunter
  • Ice Witch†
  • Pyromancer
  • War Mage
  • Chaos Mage
  • Black Mara
  • Shooting Star
  • Gear Master
  • Adept
  • Physician
  • Ray Mechanic
  • Soul Eater
  • Blade Dancer
  • Spirit Dancer
  • Reaper
  • Raven
  • Light Bringer†
  • Abyss Walker
  • Dragoon
  • Valkyrie
  • Ruina
  • Defensio

The following classes have a 10% damage passive:

  • Saint
  • Inquisitor
  • Arch Heretic

The following classes have the specified damage passives:

Class Damage
Lunar Knight 12%
Crusader 2.5%
Dark Summoner 20%

Other classes are as follows (classes marked with † also have a damage passive listed above):

Class Passive
Ice Witch† -5% damage taken
Guardian 5% movement speed, -5% damage taken
Light Bringer† 5% movement speed

Cash Shop

Go look at the pretty pictures.

Also, high quality 3D renders of the Warrior, Cleric, and Assassin Detective set can be found in my previous post.



Rune Dragon Nest

  • Gate 2: “Fixed a problem in which the decal of the stab pattern was also on the summoner.”
  • Gate 4: Fixed an issue where the dragon attacked the wrong place when using certain skills.

Volcano Nest

  • Gate 3: Fixed issue where summons get aggro during shooter mechanic
  • Gate 3: “When a character with a decal pattern hits another character, the Decal icon has been changed.”
  • Gate 3: “If you receive an attack on the status of a nearby ally in the corresponding icon has been corrected.”


  • Quality improvements to Lv 95 dungeons.
  • Heart of Merca Sentry NPC weapon-hand overlap has been fixed.



  • [Awakening Passive] Maelstrom Howl: Fixed a situation where using attack speed potions would prevent the additional damage from applying.


  • Cyclone Harpoon (?): Fixed issue where skill could not be used in the air after using Triangle Shot and Aerial Chain Shot.


  • Glacial Field: Fixed issue where effect and hit application ranges did not match visuals.
  • Class Mastery II: Improved tooltip clarity, fixed tooltip issues.
  • Force Explosion: Changed to not increase cooldown when learning Class Mastery III.
  • Class Mastery I: Fixed situation where a contract skill could not be used if another contract skill was active.


  • Struck by Lightning: Added note about extra bolts at Lv 11 to tooltips


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