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KR 07/05/2017 - Lv95 Nightmare Patch (95.3.KR) Translation

Jul 13
- Vahr (真理)

Sorry about how late this is, I was on vacation and have been exceptionally busy. I’ll flesh this out as time permits.

The original patch notes from EYEDENTITY can be found here.

This is the third patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.3.KR.

Work in Progress

Table of Contents

Nightmare (Lv 95)

Changes and Additions

Lv 95 Talismans

  • Added Magic and Rare grade Lv95 talismans
  • These talismans can be unsealed and traded an unlimited number of times


  • Acquire magic grade talismans via the Nightmare Shop
  • The price is 1,000 Nightmare Points


  • When you extract, you can get Brilliant Talisman Fragment. Brilliant Talisman Essences can be acquired at a low chance.
  • The price of extraction has been greatly reduced

Rare Grade Production

  • You can craft Rare grade Lv95 talismans via the blacksmith crafting tab
  • There are no additional stat options when crafting. Additional options can be added via the Gadget to rare grade and above.
  • You cannot use [Talisman Evolution Cube] on Lv95 Rare talismans
  • Lv95 Epic talismans will be available in a future update

Slayer Mode Update

Slayer Nest Daily Buff

  • Buffs will be awarded when entering the Slayer Nest (not testing grounds) (starting at midnight)
  • Buffs will be applied in [Slayer] Manticore, Archbishop, and Daidalos Nests
  • If you mouse over the icon in the top right corner, you can see the buff

Slayer Additional Acquisition Site

  • All Slayer Nests will be reorganized to randomly drop items from all classes at all gates

Slayer Store Additions

  • You can purchase Slayer Equipment Boxes and Slayer Mode admission tickets from the store using Slayer Points
  • Equipment boxes are by piece and you can randomly acquire any class
  • Slayer Mode Tickets can be purchased for 50 points

Enhancement Hammers

  • All hammers can now be traded

Temporary Change

  • In order to improve hammers, enhancing from +1 to +15 is disabled until the system is changed. We will update to make it available again soon.

Nest Additional Entry Ticket

Use Period

  • Player now has a time limit to use the Additional Nest Entry Ticket (Nest Entry Pass does not have a time limit)

Item Equip Point

Equip Point Setting for Lv95 Items

Equip points have been added to each Lv95 equipment:

  • Epic = 1 pt
  • Unique = 2 pts
  • Legendary = 4 pts

Each character has a maximum of 50 equip points. If the sum of all equipment items exceeds 50 points, you will not be able to equip that item.

This system is limited to weapons, armor, and accessories, and currently there is no issue wearing all current equipment.

Enhancing Stones

  • You can now upcraft enhancement stones to the next tier
  • Each upgrade requires 20 of the lower level stone, 1 gold, and 10 advanced garnets

Appearance of Equipment Items

Lv95 equipment appearance has been changed.

Growth Guide


  • Added Lv95 Magic and Rare talismans
  • Added special talisman tab for Lv80 elemental talismans and Lv90-95 Ultimate Talismans


Unique Crest Recovery

  • Cost has been reduced significantly
Lv Old New
80 128g 12g
90 144g 14g
93 148g 14g
95 152g 15g

Lv95 Dragon Gem Crafting

  • Cost has been reduced significantly
Tier Old New
Unique 700g 500g
Legendary 31,000g 1,000g


  • Pets will no longer automatically pick up legendary items
  • Slayer Nests will now allow the use of pets


  • Item Protection Jelly will automatically be applied when necessary if you have enough
  • If you do not have enough, it will not be automatically applied

Nightmare Shop Discount

  • Discount has ended

Nightmare Point Reset

  • Nightmare Points earned before July 6th update have been reset

Upgrading Rune Dragon Legendary Equipment

  • Starting August 3rd, converting +11 or higher Rune Dragon Legendary equipment will no longer grant extra rewards

Class Balancing



Items will not appear every 5 seconds, and instead will be changed to 6 items appearing when summoned (8 when teched).

Item buffs will last for 100s, except for the Lizard Kabob, which is 30s.

Useless items will be removed. The items that will appear are as follows (the probabilities may vary):

  • Drumstick (HP +10%)
  • Rotten Meat (HP +20%)
  • Roasted Meat (HP +30%)
  • Crunchy Apple Green (HP/MP +10%)
  • Crunchy Apple Purple (HP/MP +50%)
  • Lizard Kabob (CRIT +30%)
  • Jug of Milk (DMG +15%)
  • Slice of Cheese (DMG +30%)
  • Lizard Kabob (CRIT +10%)
  • Chili Peppers (Movement Speed +50%)
  • Final Drink (FD +15%)
  • Lightning Flask (Action Speed +20%)
  • Everlasting Mushroom (CD Reset)
  • Fireworks (CD Decrease +15%)


Cash Shop





  • Fixed a problem in which enemies received damage when hit by this summon.
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