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NA 8/10/17 Hidden Changes

Aug 10
- Vahr (真理)

These are the changes made that are not mentioned on the official NA patch notes that I’ve datamined or observed.

More things may be added (especially to the bug/error list) as we find them.

: NA had a minor fix patch during maint today. Some bugs have been fixed (see below). A few new things have been introduced as well.

Table of Contents



  • Unfinished Cash Item extraction option removed from Extractors.



  • Overwhelm: Fixed 2nd activation not working.

Chaos Mage

  • Gravity Mastery: Fixed issue where [Balls of Gravity] didn’t explode when using [Gravity Rush].


  • Elemental Flair: Fixed animation issue.

FileTable Referenced Files

These are new entries in FileTable.dnt. The files aren’t present in the files yet but they have been assigned an ID already.

  • Sheriff costume
  • Oracle Elder
  • Bateau costume
  • Stewardess costume
  • Lifeguard costume
  • Asian 03 costume
  • 2017 Halloween WTD
  • 2017 Autumn WTD
  • 2017 Dark weapons
  • 2017 Light weapons
  • Legendary Desert Dragon Equipment (DesertDragon_Legend02) - aka not the same as the existing Desert Dragon legendary equipment
  • Lencea Awakening projectile files (“AngelicSpear”, “FlagSign”, “EvilPunisher”)

Misc Useful Information

  • Welsh Corgi mount ticket is server storagable



MID Original Suggested Notes
1200267 Yes, transprot to dimension crack will be finished soon. Yes, transport to the dimensional crack will be finished soon. N/A
N/A Karahan Kalahan New costume (and other things) has Karahan, but NA’s localized name is Kalahan
1000116571 Dinamic Voltex Dynamic Vortex/Voltex? Not sure if Voltex is intended
1000116573 Suddne Spanner Sudden Spanner N/A
1000117350 Creates Shield at forward to block attack from enemy. When successfully [Guard], slashes certain forward area. Creates a Shield in front to block enemy attacks. When you successfully [Guard], slash in front of you. N/A
1000117356 Dinamic Vulcan Dynamic Vulcan N/A
1000117524 Multy Ray Shot +1 (Mechanic) Multi Ray Shot +1 (Mechanic) N/A
1000117526 Dinamic Laser +1 (Mechanic) Dynamic Laser +1 (Mechanic) N/A
1000117528 Dinamic Voltex +1 (Mechanic) Dynamic Voltex +1 (Mechanic) N/A

New Strings

Besides current content and Ray Mechanic stuff, there are TODO


All listed bugs are new or newly noticed. Previous bugs are not listed for brevity.



Marked as not having an awakening in the character creation screen (the little + icon on their class icons right above the create button)


  • All Tinkerers appear to be doing 20% less damage than they should be. Undergoing testing/verification

Ray Mechanic

  • When Atomic Blade’s super armor is broken at the right time, the skill cooldown gets stuck. Requires relogging to fix. Reported by NAForum/Peanut


: Added shop changes.

Goddess Lament Shop

Magician Sanders (Daredevil Faire) Shop

Arena Quartermaster Shop


: All issues resolved.

Ally Outfits

Various Ally outfits have the wrong model or cannot be equipped at all.

Known examples (not exhaustive list)

Pet Item Result
Fluffy Casper (Dog) Nurse Outfit Cannot equip
Arnie (Arnie) Wittle Weindeer Hair Cannot equip
Arnie (Arnie) Cutie Pie Bear Hat Uses (Arnie) Troublemaker Hat model
Arnie (Arnie) Troublemaker Hat Uses (Arnie) Cool Vacation Hat model
Arnie (Arnie) Cool Vacation Hat Uses (Arnie Cutie Pie Bear Hat model

Ally (Cash Shop)

  • [Eddie] Pirate King Little Boy Costume: Ally model is in default pose
  • [Eddie] Pirate King Little Boy Hat: Hat model does not stay attached to ally’s head
  • [Duck] Raincoat Costume: Model broken.
  • [Fox] Progressive Goggle Set: Does not appear in preview or switch to Fox pet
  • [Fox] Dignity Crown Set: Does not appear in preview or switch to Fox pet
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