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NA 9/14/17 - Hidden Changes Patch 95.1.NA

Sep 13
- Vahr (真理)

These are the changes made that are not mentioned on the official NA patch notes that I’ve datamined or observed.

This is the first patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.1.NA and mostly corresponds to Patch 95.1.KR.

More things may be added (especially to the bug/error list) as we find them.

You can comment, submit additional reports, or ask questions on the NA Forum Thread. As always, you can reach me on Discord as well in any of the major Dragon Nest Discords.

In order to maintain accuracy and keep things up to date, please do not repost information in bulk and instead link to the blog section.




  • “Frost Wind Gladiator” title changed to “Icy Gust Gladiator”
  • “Pacifist” title changed to “Useless”
  • Teardrop title added


Mentor Point Shop

Shard of Will price reduced to 500 Mentor Points.


  • “Dragon’s Might” changed to “Dragon’s Mighty”
  • “Super Special” changed to “Higher Specialization”
  • Guild EXP repeatable achievement is granted at the wrong time


  • Hero Level EXP Potion effect does not work - no bonus Hero Level EXP is granted


Files for the follow costumes were added or changed:

  • Idol
  • Asian
  • Egypt (Again)
  • Stewardess
Asian 01
Stewardess 01
Idol 01


Cooldown Reduction

Certain skills (such as Coup de Grace EX) that reduce the cooldown of the base skill have been changed in how they reduce the cooldown.

Previously, these skill effects would set the skill cooldown to the desired cooldown. Many of these have been changed to subtract a fixed amount from the cooldown instead.

For instance, Coup de Grace base cooldown is 45s. The EX subtracts 27s, resulting in a skill with an 18s cooldown.

This results in very interesting effects, most notably that skill CDR plates apply before the reduction. Coup de Grace EX with the CDR plate results in a 9s cooldown: 45s * (1 - 0.2) - 27 = 9s.

Known skills:

Skill Proper Cooldown Actual Cooldown
Coup de Grace EX 14.4s 9s
Moon Blade Dance EX 4.8s 3.2s
Dark Avenger EX (B) 4s -3s
Bombs Away EX 8.8s 6.6s
Silver Hunter EX (B) 48s 36s
Class Mastery III (Arch Heretic) 9.6s 9s
Lock and Load EX 9.6s 9s
Magma Monument EX 12s 10s
Ground Zero EX 14.4s 12.4s
Toxic Spill EX 12s 11.4s
Blade Runner EX 6.4s 5.4s
Shinobi Drop EX 12.8s 11.2s
Open Edge EX 4.8s 3.4s
Outbreak EX 4.8s 4.2s
Dark Line EX 16s 14.6s
Stab Tug EX 9.6s 8.4s
Twirling Thrust EX 4.8s 0.8s
Piercing Spike EX 8.8s 8.4s
Twirl Trance EX 17.6s 17.2s
Beat Down EX 8s 7.2s

*Note that not all these skills necessarily have a cooldown plate.




  • Skill windup speed has been increased
  • Total cast time reduced by 0.5s
  • Second input Overwhelm not changed

Hammer Hand

  • Skill windup speed has been reduced
  • Total cast time increased by 0.5s

Class Mastery II (Arch Heretic)

  • Deadly Blow enhancement proc is now reliable -SkitzoRoy
  • Cruel Rush mostly fixed -SkitzoRoy


Elemental Flair

  • Invincibility removed
  • Unsure if intentional

Awakened Quackum Crash

  • Bug fixed (needs clarification?) -SkitzoRoy


Hurricane Dance

  • No longer penetrates the invincibility of a boss while it is spawning (investigating) -milktoast22


New Stuff (Future)

Only notable additions are recorded. Most are in Korean.


Item Converter

  • Strings for the 95.4.KR item converters have been added
  • +20 T1 Neris to +0 T1 Medea (ET1 to UT1)
  • +20 T1 Medea to +0 T2 Medea (UT1 to UT2)
  • +20 T2 Medea to +0 T1 Calypso (UT2 to LT1)

Enhancement Hammer

  • Minimum level changed to Lv90


Oracle Elder

  • Various skill strings added

Phantom (Assassin Spinoff)

391 팬텀 Phantom
392 블리드 팬텀 Bleed Phantom
1000120962 패스 어웨이 Pass Away
1000120963 매드니스 Madness
1000120964 솔 브레이커 Soulbreaker
1000120965 탑 서퍼링 Top Suffering
1000120966 리썰 토처 Lethal Touch
1000120967 팬텀 페인 Phantom Pain
1000120968 팬텀 드라이브 Phantom Drive
1000120969 블러드 사인 Blood Sign
1000120970 데스 컴 Death Come
1000120971 데드라인 Dead Line
1000120972 드로 블러드 True Blood
1000120973 섀도 스텝 Shadow Step
1000120974 에어 리시브 Air Receiver
1000120975 컴뱃 트랜스미션 Combat Transmission
1000120976 체인 오브 페인 Chain of Pain
1000120977 베이퍼라이즈 Vaporize
1000120978 블리드 팬텀 Bleed Phantom
1000120979 섀도 오버 드라이브 Shadow Overdrive
1000120980 크루얼 모드 Cruise Mode
1000120981 블러드 사인 강화(A) Blood Sign EX (A)
1000120982 블러드 사인 강화(B) Blood Sign EX (B)
1000120983 베이퍼라이즈 강화(A) Vaporize EX (A)
1000120984 베이퍼라이즈 강화(B) Vaporize EX (B)
1000120985 매드니스 강화(A) Madness EX (A)
1000120986 매드니스 강화(B) Madness EX (B)
1000120987 블리드 팬텀 강화(A) Bleed Phantom EX (A)
1000120988 블리드 팬텀 강화(B) Bleed Phantom EX (B)
1000121002 [크루얼] 팬텀 드라이브 [Cruel] Phantom Drive
1000121003 [크루얼] 패스 어웨이 [Cruel] Pass Away
1000121004 [크루얼] 매드니스 [Cruel] Madness
1000121005 [크루얼] 솔 브레이커 [Cruel] Soulbreaker
1000121006 [크루얼] 탑 서퍼링 [Cruel] Top Suffering
1000121007 [크루얼] 리썰 토처 [Cruel] Lethal Touch


1000121019 [각성패시브] 스카 메이커 [Awakening Passive] Scar Maker
1000121020 [각성] 스카 메이커 [Awakening] Scar Maker
[스카 메이커]를 강화한다.
[스카 메이커]의 공격력 증가치가 상승하며, 장막의 범위 및 버프 지속시간이 증가한다.

공격력 증가 효과 {0}%로 증가
버프 지속시간 {1}초로 증가
[Scar Maker] is enhanced.
Increase [Scar Maker] damage, range, and buff duration.

Increase damage by X%
Buff duration increased to Xs

[각성 스킬]로 강화되었다.
[붉은 장막]을 생성시켜, 자신의 공격력을 증가시킨다.
장막 범위 {0}m
장막 지속시간 {1}초

[붉은 장막 효과]
공격력 {2}% 증가
버프 지속시간 {3}초
윌 메이커와 스카 메이커는 재사용 대기시간을 공유
월 메이커와 스카 메이커는 한번에 하나의 종류만 활성화 할 수 있다
[Awakening Skill] is enhanced.
[Red Aura] is created, increasing your damage.
Range Xm
Duratiuon Xs

[Red Aura Effect]
Attack power increased by X%
Buff duration Xs
Red Aura and Blue Aura share cooldown
Only one can be active at the same time.

Additions (Localized)

Lv 95

Lv 95 related text has been added.

Changes and Fixes

tl;dr most weird localizations have been fixed, although said fixes introduce other issues due to unintentional replacements.

† indicates change introduces another bug or other issue related to change

  • “shockwave” replaced by “Shock Wave”†
  • “Dark Nova” replaced by “Dark Wave”
  • “Alley-oop!” replaced by “Air Shot”
  • Item Projection Jelly description reworded
  • “Despair Needle” replaced by “Needles of Despair”
  • “armour” replaced by “Armor”†
  • “Abella” replaced with “Hiver” (could be argued other way around, but at least it’s consistent now)
  • “Lagendia” replaced with “Althea” (which is more correct but the correct name is “Altera”)†
  • “Transprot” replaced with “transport” in the Mechanic opening
  • “Charge Bolt” replaced with “Righteous Bolt”†
  • “Line Drive” replaced with “Frenzied Charge”
  • “Biochemical Missile” replaced with “Chemical Warfare”
  • “Mecha Duck” replaced with “Quackum Crash”
  • “Lightning Strike” replaced by “Stuck by Lightning”†
  • “Edged Fan” replaced by “Fan of Blades”
  • “Devastating Howl” replaced by “Hovoc Howl”†
  • “Flame Road” replaced by “Hot Rod”
  • “Specter of Pain” replaced by “Specter of Torment”
  • “Tracking Arrows” replaced by “Guided Missiles”
  • “Double Somersault Kick” replaced by “Somersault Dance”
  • “Mixed Infection” replaced by “Poison Pop”
  • “Merka” replaced with “Merca”
  • Exploding Palm EX skill description formatting fixed
  • Inferno’s skill description changed to state “Critical Resistance” instead of “Fire Resistance”
  • “Foot Stomp” replaced by “Stomp Shuffle”
  • “Leap Over” replaced by “Twister Kick”
  • “Parrying” replaced by “Parry”
  • “Remote Dungeon Exploration” replaced by “Mercenary Exploration”
  • “Switch Gravity” replaced by “Switch Gravity Well”
  • “Spinning Cut” replaced by “Spinning Takedown”
  • “Beyond Time” replaced by “Fast Forward”
  • “Finish Attack” replaced by “Coup de Grace”
  • Fox costume items now properly have a space in the description
  • “job change” replaced by “specialization”
  • “Mecha Duck” replaced by “Quackum”
  • “Poison Break” replaced by “Toxic Spill”
  • “Mind Breaker” replaced by “Mind Snapper”
  • “Overhit” replaced by “Pressure Burst”
  • Alfredo Awakening description’s Korean text has been corrected†
  • Garden of Eternity names have been changed from “Lv90”/”Lv93” to “Lv. 90”/”Lv. 93”
  • “Foot Stomp” replaced by “Stomp Shuffle”
  • “Air Shove” replaced by “Aerial Parry”
  • “Squall Flaker” replaced by “Squall Spin”
  • “Legend Rune Dragon” replaced by “Legendary Rune Dragon”
  • “Howl Charging” replaced by “Empowering Howl”†
  • “Ring Strike” replaced by “Strike Ring”
  • “Dinamic Laser” replaced by “Dynamic Laser”
  • “flick” properly capitalized to “Flick”
  • “Dinamic Voltex” replaced by “Dynamic Voltex”
  • “Suddne Spanner” replaced by “Sudden Spanner”
  • “Electron Spanner” replaced by “Electric Spanner”
  • “Dinamic Vulcan” replaced by “Dynamic Vulcan”
  • Plasma Ball description capitalization fixed
  • “Nulty” changed to “Norfe” in quest lines -BowieSage
  • Various Korean strings translated to English

New Misc Info

Slayer Skills

Slayer Skills have appeared in the NA client for some classes. Most do not have descriptions.

Some or all of these have been found previously however its worth noting for completeness.


Dark Avenger

  • Grave Slash
  • Avenger’s Fury
  • Dark Avenger
  • Destructive Swing
  • Fatal Impact


  • Punishing Swing (A)
  • Punishing Swing (B)
  • Crash Mode
  • Assault Crash
  • Imapct Wave


  • Whirlwind
  • Demolition Fist
  • Frenzy
  • Overtaker
  • Impact Punch

Lunar Knight

  • Crescent Cleave
  • Halfmoon Slash
  • Moon Blader (A)
  • Moon Blader (B)
  • Imapct Wave


  • Line Drive
  • Hacking Stance
  • Hyper Drive
  • Side Dodge
  • Heavy Slash



  • Flash Kick
  • Swift Attack
  • Willow Kick
  • Air Pounce
  • Cyclone Kick


  • Twin Shot
  • Furious Winds
  • Somersault Dance
  • Hurricane Uppercut
  • Punch Smash


  • Magic Arrow
  • Swift Shot
  • Rapid Shot
  • Cyclone Harpoon
  • Cannonade


  • Arrow Barrage
  • Charged Shot
  • Sylph’s Aid
  • Camouflage (A)
  • Camouflage (B)



  • Magma Ball
  • Flame Burst
  • Fire Wall
  • Ignite
  • Fire Burst

Ice Witch

  • Glacial Field
  • Ice Cyclone
  • Ice Cold Field
  • Chilling Mist
  • Glacial Spike

Chaos Mage

  • Gravity Well
  • Gravity Rush
  • Gravity Crush
  • Summon Comet
  • Dark Nova

War Mage

  • Shock Wave
  • Nine Tail Laser EX
  • Linear Ray EX
  • Energy Blast
  • Laser Ray

FileTable Referenced Files

These are new entries in FileTable.dnt. The files may not be present in the files yet but they have been assigned an ID already.

Cash Items and Costumes

  • EYEDENTITTY Anniversary Hats
  • Sheriff Costume Set
  • Lencea Awakening Costume
  • Machina Awakening Costume
  • 2017 Halloween Event Bat Pet
  • 2017 Halloween Event WTD Set
  • Vernika Costume Set
  • 2017 Autumn Gold WTD Set
  • Ostrich Mount
  • Ladybug Event Helmet
  • Fullmoon Spirit

Assassin Spinoff

  • As_Bleed_phantom_Crook.skn
  • As_Bleed_phantom_Scimitar.skn
  • As_Bleed_phantom.skn
  • Assassin_Skill_2st_BLEEDPHANTOM.act
  • Assassin_Skill_1st_PHANTOM.act
  • Phantom_PainKiller.act
  • Phantom_BloodSign.act
  • Phantom_BleedPhantom.act
  • Phantom_Bleeding.act
  • Assassin_SpeedyCutCM3.act
  • Assassin_ShadowOverDrive3.act
  • Assassin_ShadowOverDrive2.act
  • Assassin_ShadowOverDrive1.act
  • Assassin_TOPSuffering.act
  • Assassin_DeathCome.act
  • Assassin_BloodSign.act

Kairon Nest

  • RhinoManChief_KaironNest.act
  • Apocalypse_Black_KaironNest.act
  • Sandworm_KaironNest.act
  • Lizardman_Flag_KaironNest.act
  • Creep_KaironNest.act

Forest Dragon

  • HideMonster_ForestDragon.act
  • 95lv_PorestDragon_Creeper_GreenSoot_2nd.act
  • 95lv_PorestDragon_Creeper_GreenSoot.act

Lencea Awakening

  • Lencea_AngelicSpear_Wing_Shoot.act
  • Lencea_AngelicSpear_Spear_Shoot.act
  • Lencea_PokingBeehive_EX_Combo_Shoot.act
  • 95lv_PorestDragon_Creeper_GreenSoot_2nd.act
  • 95lv_PorestDragon_Creeper_GreenSoot.act
  • Lencea_EvilPunisher.act
  • Lencea_ScarMaker_Awake.act
  • Lencea_PokingBeehive_Awake.act
  • Lencea_ArcaneFocus_Awake.act
  • Lencea_SlippingHand_EX_Combo_Shoot.act
  • Lencea_PiercingSpike_EX_Combo_Shoot_PVP.act
  • Lencea_PiercingSpike_EX_Combo_Shoot.act

Mist Nest Revival

  • segyesu_boss_Remake.act
  • clawwolf_Boss_Changed_Remake.act
  • clawwolf_Boss_Remake.act
  • Wraith_MistNest_Remake.act
  • Ent_Mist_Remake.act


  • Wisp_CharmPattern.act
  • HideMonster_NotargetLook_CharmPattern.act
  • Shark_Summon.act
  • Shark_Ground.act
  • ChampPattern1Sub.act


Added Mist Nest Reboot, “27_BJG” (2, 3, 4), HT_Nest, Hit the Golden Goblin, and ForestDragon maps entries.

See here for more info.

Bugs and Other Issues


  • Unable to enter Lv 95 dungeons if out of FTG.


  • Chaos Mage Gravity Rush bugfix reverted (its bugged again) -Echelos
  • Spirit Dancer Illusion Dance no longer buffs Awakened Whirling Dervishes -SkitzoRoy
  • Awakened Illusion Dance applies Class Mastery II in PvP -SkitzoRoy


  • Side quest at max level bonus reward is still Garnet. Probably should be Polished Garnet? -Bishoujou



  • “Kalahan” changed to “Karahan”
  • “holy bolt” replaced with “Paralyze Bolt” in all instances not related to Paralyze Bolt (skill). E.g. Smite skill description (1000004024, 1000060030)
  • “shockwave” replaced by “Shock Wave” in all instances not related to Shock Wave (skill).
  • “Altera” replaced by “Althea”
  • “Stuck by Lightning” should be “Struck by Lightning”
  • Smite EX skill description incorrectly uses “Damage per Stuck by Lightning” instead of “Damage per lightning bolt”
  • “Hovoc Howl” should be “Havoc Howl”
  • “Dark Nova” replaced by “Dark Nave” in MID 1000094668
  • Alfredo Awakening (MID 1000112901) misspelling, should read “Enhanced as [Awakened Skill].”
  • Specter of Torment EX description (MID 1000113314) misspells Torment as “Troment”
  • Empowering Howl EX description misspells “Empowering” as “Empoweing”
  • Achievement for clearing RuDN practice misspells “Nest” as “Neset” (MID 1000117466)
  • A lot of the new content strings reference Rubinart, Geraint, and other non-NA localized names.
  • Kaeron referenced as “Chiron”
  • “Calipso” should be “Calypso”
  • Capitalization issues due to text replacements (numerous)

Missing Text


Skill Class MID Issue
Struck by Lightning Cleric 1000119300 Missing (MID)
[Awakened] Stance of Faith Guardian 1000112842 Missing (MID)
[Awakened] Grand Cross Saint 1000114699 Missing (MID)


NPC Text MID Issue
Priestess of Darkness Mocha Lv 93 Daily Quest at Forest of Illusion N/A ”[Daily]” tag is in Korean
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