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KR 09/14/2017 Developer K Diary Translation

Sep 15
- Vahr (真理)

Deveoper K has put up another post.


Internally, there aren’t many assets for Irene, even though she isn’t an old NPC or us unable to make plans for new development. The art team is working hard on making new art assets for Irene, the above being one of them.

Expected Developments

Free Skill Allocation

When you learn a skill, the gold fee will be eliminated, and SP will be adjusted so that you can put points in more freely. The development plan is out and the feature is in development, and will be great once completed.

Skill Effect Transparency

Add a function to make transparent not only party effects but also your own skill effects. You can adjust the opacity and set it appropriately to not obstruct your field of view without removing the effect. Some effects are not yet affected by the option, so we are improving and testing.

Chuseok Events

Like most games, the department responsible for events is not the developer, but [Management]. So when the event’s overall compensation level is set, you approach it carefully by asking [Will there be a problem in economic balance and [Moral]]?

In fact, this event will occur as it did last year. Last week, the development team was actively promoting the event level. I am preparing it to be a next-generation event, although I will have to push the data into next week’s builds because I prepared late.

Event Compensation Draft

Since many of you will enjoy time with family and enjoy the holidays, it is a better idea to have the full-scale events after Chuseok. If you go, please enjoy it and bond with your family.

Event Content: Play in-game content to get rewards

Rewards: One Golden Goblin Admission Ticket, 100k Slayer Points, and Super Holiday Earrings

Super Holiday Earrings

No stats, can apply an offensive and defensive gem. An exceptional type that does not currently exist in the game. I want it to be a top-tier accessory that does not exceed Genesis, for those motivated by endgame farming.

Basic stats: Cannot be traded / Can be unstamped / Unstamp up to 3 times

Although it is a limited edition item, it is something that anyone on the Korean server can participate in, so we put a restriction on trading.

Recognition of previous events? (Details may change)

Forum Atmosphere

The forum atmosphere has improved a lot since I started working. I am very thankful. Some of you may still that it is a demonstration activity, but it is an activity that requires a great deal of mental effort. Please understand that the voice of concern is part of a larger situation of those who support it. I hope you’ll have a positive outlook.

I hope that there will be more people working on the forum. In fact, if you look at the forum only a few minutes, you’ll see really old and hardcore players are not shown on the forum. For example, crystal points have been out for a while, and people who make [Regency House] have acquired a lot of crystal points to buy it. I am curious as to what kind of thoughts you have while playing, and would like to hear your opinions on direction.

Naturally, there are some bad patches. I’m trying to make all of you happy through games, but in reality, we’re like regular people like you, so we may sometimes have inadequate decision making or lack of development. I think that my role in this situation is worse than when I’m able to laugh in a joyful atmosphere, but I come to work with determination that I can fix every patch.

Having a Good Day

Yesterday afternoon, I took a bicycle ride in Tanchon, and the weather was so great my stress was relieved.

I think that I would be happy if I could improve, and I would like the atmosphere of the development team to improve too.

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