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Lencea Awakening (95.6.KR) Details

Oct 18
- Vahr (真理)

The Lencea awakens with the arrival of Patch 95.6.KR.

Read the rest of the patch notes here

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Expose Weakness Adjustment

In addition to to the Expose Weakness system which depended on chance, there is now a way to proactively Expose Weakness through energy management.

Also, we increased the duration of the mark to reduce the sense of urgency.

Evil Punisher (Active)

A skill that discovers two spirits in the dimensional chaos

Evil Spirits will explode if they are near an enemy. Those that do not explode can be removed by the Dragoon. When all Evil Spirits are removed, a [Justice] buff is applied and provides a strengthening effect.

Biofrost (Active)

Channel rainbow power, strike the enemy, and leap into the air, striking once again

Unlike [Spinning Skills], [Expose Weakness] does not disappear but is replaced by [Expose Weapon] which has a longer duration.

[Awakening Passive] Hornet’s Touch

Allows you to attack through additional inputs even if you do not succeed in counterattacking after using it

When an attack strikes an enemy, gain [Energy]. Gain up to 5 [Energy] per skill, up to a cap of 10.

[Awakening Passive] Scar Maker

Increase attack power and range to allow Dragoon to move more

Buff duration increased, so you can use the effects of Scar Maker even if you leave its range.

[Awakening Passive] Spinning Takedown

When successfully inputting with accurate timing, swing once more for more damage

Additionally, when the accurate additional input fails, a portion of the cooldown is refunded. In other words, increase the sense of gain when you succeed and decrease the sense of loss when you fail.

[Awakening Passive] Headbutt

When using Headbutt, you might just use your entire body

Has a chance to mark an enemy’s [Weak Spot]. Headbutt has no cooldown, so you can use it while your other skills are on cooldown.


“Explosion Window”

T/N Google has some of the WEIRDEST terms

Valkyrie has been changed to be more active.

After throwing piercing spikes, if a monster moves out of the way before it explodes you’re out of luck. But with the new [Flag Sign] skill, you can redirect the skill to a desired position now.

In addition, the magic power of Valkyrie has been changed to an explosion-capable form, further increasing power.

Flag Sign (Active)

Place the family flag down to designate a target, and if there is am Angelic Spear nearby, it will fly there and explode

However, instead of exploding magic afterimages with [Sleeping Hand] or [Poking Beehive], it is easier to hit but does slightly less damage. The flag will explode after some time for additional damage.

Angelic Spear (Active)

A skill that shoots a HUGE magic spear with a pair of wings made of magical energy forwards

As you penetrate your enemies and make multiple hits, you can do even more damage to huge enemies.

Also, if you use [Flag Sign] while [Angelic Spear] is in flight, the spear flies at the marked position and explodes. If the wing strikes an enemy, [Enemy Focus] is applied.

[Awakening Passive] Arcane Focus

Changed to a multi-target attack

As well as being able to hit multiple targets, you can now debuff a large number of enemies at the same time.

[Awakening Passive] Will Maker

While under the effect, all magic afterimage skills are strengthened

[Hovering Blade EX] can be used continuously.

[Awakening Passive] Poking Beehive

Enable movement immediately after firing the skill

Also, the spear is kept longer than before and can be detonated via [Flag Sign].

[Awakening Passive] Fling

Press normal attack while on the ground to do TONS OF DAMAGE by rolling forward

The number of hits, the range, the damage dealt, and the rush speed will increase depending on how long you hold down the regular attack button.

Skill Balancing

Credits to Echelos of NA for doing these


Skill Old% New% Notes
Hornet’s Touch     Max level reduced to 12. No change in damage at max rank
Forceful Bounce 1,707% 3,313%  
Stab Tug 1,518% 2,936%  
Twirling Chop 3,463% 6,827%  
Twirling Thrust 1,105% 2,612% Cooldown reduced to 20s
Leap 10,799% 16,148%  
Backflip Pierce 300% 441%  
Charging Sweep 4,500% 8,899%  
Class Mastery I     [Weakpoint] duration increased to 4s
Class Mastery II 12% ATK 25% ATK Passive bonus increased
Class Mastery III +700% +1,000% [Deep Pierce] damage bonus increased


Skill Old% New% Notes
Lingering Swing 59.5% 109%  
Spear of Light 1,080% 2,059% Cooldown increased from 11s to 14s. Casting speed increased
Piercing Spike 528% 1,006% Cooldown increased from 11s to 15s
Double Somersault 3,108% 6,117%  
Circle of Spears 284% 368%  
Twirl Trance 1,415% 2,730%  
Champagne 7,979% 11,919%  
Vengeance from Above 5,362% 7,994%  
Class Mastery II 5% ATK 25% Light Passive bonus changed
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