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KR 10/18/2017 - Lencea Awakening (95.6.KR) Translation

Oct 18
- Vahr (真理), Fabulous

Patch 95.6.KR features Lencea awakening, new Dark Banquet, Ancient Elemental Talismans, Awakening and Dark class voiceovers, more character slots, Halloween events, Circus costume, and more.

The original patch notes from EYEDENTITY can be found here

: Finished translating, except for the Halloween Event which has been omitted.

Lencea Awakening

Lencea Awakening will be detailed in this blog post

Dark Banquet Hall for All

A long, peaceful dimension is broken by the chaos of the Abyss. The oldest of the poisons dwelling within the Goddess - darkness. All of the darkness in the world exists in the gap between dimensions. They had their own banquet. The nightmare of the Goddess intensifies as the banquet recurs.

“Please crash their banquet!”

Entry Information

Level Lv 93+
Party Size 1-2
Weekly clear limit 7
Revives 0
Entry Ticket Banquet Hall Admission Ticket

The Admission Ticket can be purchased from Templar Elijah in front of the Garden of Eternity in St. Haven. Limit 1 purchase per day, 1 ticket per day, expires after 1 day.

Guide Quest

Remote Quest > [Lv93] Banquet Hall for All



Challenge the highest level possible to earn more rewards.


  • HP and MP are restored after each level cleared
  • Dead player is revived when a boss level is cleared
  • When all players are dead, the level is failed
  • Player stats are equalized
  • Mercenaries and potions cannot be sued


Stages in bold are boss stages.

Floor Stage(s)
1 Goblin Chapel or Hobgoblin Factory
2 Ghoul-Skeleton Hallway or Ancient Weapon Treasury
3 Dimension Defenders or Mirror Statue
4 Shrine of Fallen Warriors
5 Holyland of the Asai or Traitor Cedric’s Stand
6 Abandoned Runes of Elf Forest or Orc Dance Party
7 Arena of Fallen Warriors
8 Executor’s Trap or Follower’s Hideout
9 Contaminated Elena’s Ghost or Goblin vs Minos
10 Dark Elven Canyon or Black Stronghold Gate
11 Haven of Fallen Warriors
12 Tacitus’s Invitation


Treasure boxes are awarded at the completion of the boss stages on 4F, 7F, 11F, and 12F.

  • The number of cube fragments dropped varies
  • The number of party members does not affect the minimum or maximum amount of cube fragments that an individual can get
  • 12F Reward Box drops the Dark Stone as well as a low chance of a Golden Goblin Coin.
Floor Reward
4F 2-9 Ancient Cube Fragments
7F 5-20 Ancient Cube Fragments
11F 10-50 Ancient Cube Fragments
12F 15-80 Ancient Cube Fragments, Dark Stone, Golden Goblin Coin

Dark Banquet Shop

  • Speak with NPC Templar Elijah for the Dark Banquet Cube Fragment Shop
Item Price
Cube of Ancient Elements 10 Ancient Cube Fragments
Ancient Elemental Enhancement Talisman 30 Ancient Cube Fragments
Dark Banquet Admission Ticket 1 copper

Ancient Elemental Enhancement Talismans

  • Ancient elemental talismans are available from the Dark Banquet Shop
  • All four elements are available on the talisman, starting at 0.5%
  • Use [Cube of Ancient Elements] to increase the elemental energy of the talisman.
  • Each cube increases the elemental attribute by 0.1% and is consumed after use
  • The maximum elemental attack on the talisman is 5%

Changes and Additions

: Changes and Additions section completed.

Store Improvements

  • Names of stores now use the name of the points that they use
  • Gateway of Erosion shop has been merged with the Dungeon Point store

Table omitted due to being super obvious

Nest Point Store

  • Items have been changed
  • Evolution hammer pieces for old equipment have been removed from the shop
  • Lv95 unique and legendary gem stat reassignment tuner has been added

General Tab

Item Price (Nest Points) Requirements Notes
Spaera 500 Lv95+ Weekly limit removed
Rare Monster Card Pouch 500    
Epic Monster Card Pouch 1,000    
Legendary Weapon Converter 6,000 +2,000g Lv90+  
Engraving Extractor 1,000 Lv95+ Weekly limit removed
Light Cube 500    

Dragon Gem Tab

Item Price (Nest Points) Requirements Notes
Crude Brilliant Gem Fragment 800 Lv95+  
Crude Brilliant Gem Core 17,000 Lv95+  
Legendary Dragon Gem Converter 10,000 +1 Legendary Gem Core Lv95+  
Legendary Dragon Gem Converter 10,000 +50 Legendary Gem Frags Lv95+  
Unique Dragon Gem Converter 4,000 +5 Unique Gem Cores Lv95+  
Unique Dragon Gem Converter 4,000 +200 Unique Gem Frags Lv95+  

Dungeon Point Store

  • Items have been changed
  • Evolution hammer pieces for old equipment have been removed from the shop
  • Gateway of Erosion shop has been added under the [Erosion] tab.

T/N: I omitted the Goddess Titles from this table. Those have not been changed

General Tab

Item Price (Dungeon Points) Remarks
Goddess Sadness 1,500 Weekly limit removed
Dragon Gem Transformer (Lv90-93) 100 +20g  
Light Cube 1,000 +5g Limit 9/wk, Lv95+
Exploration Key 300 Lv95+

Erosion Tab

Item Price (Dungeon Points) Remarks
Hobgoblin Monster Card 500 +3g Weekly limit removed, Lv95+
Monster Nucleus 500 Lv95+
Greater Monster Nucleus 2,000 Weekly limit removed, Lv95+
Flame Wellspring Pouch 1,500 Weekly limit removed, Lv95+

Nightmare Point Store

  • Items have been added
  • Gateway of Erosion shop has been added under the [Erosion] tab. T/N: Did they accidentally copy-paste?
Item Cost (Nightmare Points) Requirements
Talisman Piece 800 Lv95+
Talisman Essence 17,000 Lv95+

Crystal Point Store

  • [Weak Slayer’s Energy Pouch] has been added, costing 10,000 points.

Party Rewards

Conditions and rewards have changed.

Developer Comments

In the world of Dragon Nest, we have reorganized the party rewards so that you can enjoy helping each other! Also, by changing the reward system to [Community Points], you can now pick what items to buy!

Basic Conditions

Task Reward (Party Points)
Clear dungeon (2-4 people) 80
Clear nest (2-4) 250
Clear raid (5-8) 400
Clear slayer mode (2) 80

Cumulative Conditions

Task Reward (Party Points)
Three person dungeon clear 100
Four person dungeon clear 200
Three person 4-man nest clear 100
Four person 4-man nest clear 200
Dungeon New/Returning Hero Bonus (2+) 150
Nest New/Returning Hero Bonus (2+) 250

Community Points

  • Earn 10,000 Community Points every week by earning 10,000 Party Points during the week.
  • Party Points reset weekly, but Community Points do not reset but cap out at 50,000 points.

Community Store

  • Available at Stashy
  • Purchase the items you want directly
  • You can purchase [Goddess Tear Hat] from the old Goddess Lament and Battlefield point stores through this store!
Item Price (CP)
Epic Talisman Essence 5,000
Epic Dragon Jade Core 5,000
Spaera 500
Advanced Garnet 500
Epic Weapon Enhancement Stone 150
Epic Armor Enhancement Stone 150
Unique Weapon Enhancement Stone 2,250
Unique Armor Enhancement Stone 2,250
“Output is attached to the nose” Hat (Permanent) 10,000
Autumn Sky Hat (Permanent) 10,000
“Output is attached to the nose” Hat (3 Day) 800
Autumn Sky Hat (3 Day) 800

T/N I have NO idea what that nose output hat is


Beggar’s Box

  • You can receive a sealed box item through the shop or as a drop.
  • To open it, certain conditions must be met
  • Achieve the condition within a certain time, open the box, and earn [Crystal Points]!


Sealed Loaf - Sealed Box Store

  • [Beggar’s Box] can be purcahsed using various points, with different opening conditions. Each box when used lasts 1 day, and you clear it within 7 days.

Developer Comments

There are various points in Dragon Nest. Some can’t be properly utilized depending on your adverturing style. We have opened up a sealed box shop to take advantage of those points to buy a Beggar’s Box and add new challenges! Also, users who do not have spare points can acquire them through drops in specific nests and dungeons.

Condition Reward (Crystal Points) Price
[Forest of Illusion] clear 50x 10,000 7,000 Dungeon
Guardian Nest (HC) clear 12x 10,000 7,000 Nest
[Abandoned Marina] clear 50x 10,000 10,000 Friendship (Free Adventurer’s League)
Volcano Nest (HC) clear 12x 10,000 10,000 Friendship (Royal Court)
[Hidden Underwater Cave] clear 50x 10,000 5,000 Daredevil Faire
[Ancient City Ruins] clear 50x 10,000 25,000 Nightmare
Stay online for 30 hours 10,000 800 Ladder

Volcano Nest (Normal)

  • You can obtain [Lost Lover’s Box] from the gold stage clear chest (random chance).
  • Must be cleared within 3 days and has different conditions than [Beggar’s Box]
Condition Reward (Crystal Points)
[Kairon Beach] clear 15x 2,000
Volcano Nest (Normal) clear 5x 2,000
Guardian Nest (Normal) clear 5x 2,000

Kairon Island Abyss Dungeons

The abyss dungeon monsters have had their difficulty reduced.

  • General monster HP: -40%
  • Boss monster HP: unchanged
  • All monster damage: -50%

Abyss difficulty is a farming time where you can obtain reinforcement materials via Neris equipment to prepare for nesting.

However, users who have already capped level have told us that the time taken to clear is significantly longer than master difficulty due to the frequent deaths due to high damage dealt and high monster HP. It takes a long time and is not easy to find a party to make things easier, so we decided to reduce the difficulty of Abyss to provide more comfortable gameplay.

However, the boss HP will remain the same, so that you can become accustomed to nest monsters.



  • Tooltips have been added to the display/stat title checkboxes in the list

Descriptions and Colors

  • Added information about which title collection book rewards are available
  • Titles display their display color in the menu
  • Some titles have gained a color

New Voice Lines

New voice lines have been added to the following:

  • Awakening skills and passives for: Gladiator, Lunar Knight, Barbarian, Destroyer, Sniper, Warden, Tempest, Wind Walker, Pyromancer, Ice Witch, War Mage, Chaos Mage, Guardian, Crusader, Saint, Inquisitor
  • Various skills for: Dark Avenger, Silver Hunter, Arch Heretic, Black Mara


Dark Characters

Dark Characters can now be created at any time

Character Slots

  • Default open slots per account increased from 14 to 16
  • Maximum number of characters increased from 34 to 36

Halloween Event

Omitted due to time constraints.

Cash Shop

For more images and information, please go to the original patch notes

Circus Costume

The October Halloween Season costume is the Circus Costume. Regular shop costume

Dark Class Exclusive Costumes

Dark class release costumes are available for all dark classes at all times.

Tangled With Madness Set


The decal has a special effect when you tumble




Premium VIP Coupon (30 Day) left unchanged.


50% discount event ended.



  • Volcano Nest and Guardian Nest: Fixed incorrect Nest Point drop rate


  • Nightmare: Fixed “Stellar Spell” event not triggering



Forward Thrust EX

  • Fixed a problem in which a specific skill prevented activation of the additional attack.


Guided Missiles EX (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which the CD was incorrect.


Air Pounce

  • Fixed a situation in which the damage was higher than intended.


Class Mastery III (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which you could use Twin Shot in the air.

Silver Hunter

Class Mastery III (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which Magic Arrow could be used in the air.


Hot Rod EX

  • Fixed a problem in which some hits missed.

Black Mara


  • Fixed a problem in which it did not work.


Class Mastery III

  • Fixed a problem in which the additional damage debuff from Blessed Sign was different from the tooltip.

[Awakened Passive] Holy Burst

  • Fixed a problem in which relics summoned near the enemy would hit more than once.

[Awakened Passive] Grand Cross

  • Fixed a problem in which the damage on the tooltip was incorrect.


Magma Monument EX

  • Fixed a problem in which occasionally some damage was lost when using bubbles.

Ray Mechanic

Generation Field

  • Fixed a problem in which the damage of Dynamic Laser and Ray: Atomic Blade were incorrect.

Dark Summoner

Shattering Hand

  • Fixed a problem in which the character fell slowly after using Chain Claw in the air.
  • Fixed a problem in which you could not activate Chain Claw with Jump in the air.


Typhoon Ewiniar

  • Fixed a problem in which your Second Turn stacks disappeared.

Blade Dancer

[Awakened Passive] Chakram Flurry

  • Fixed a problem in which the debuff did not apply.

Oracle Elder

Chain Rush

  • Tooltip changed from “can be used during all skills” to “all skills except for Feather Step and Dash.

Oracle Elder

  • Skill name changed to “Oracle Elder Transformation”


  • Golden Goblin Coin: Fixed incorrect display issue regaring dimensional rabbits
  • Enhancement Stones: Fixed incorrect display issue regarding enhancement


  • Fixed issue where you could receive an invitation while a Pandora’s Box reward window was active
  • Fixed issue where the gauge visual was missing when the potential was between 1-3% on the Pandora’s Box information page


  • Fixed issue where using a plate during party invite disabled the item
  • Fixed issue where the wrong hair color was applied when using and coloring two-tone hair to certain Oracle Elder hair
  • Fixed equipment book missing chaos expedition plates
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