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NA 10/19/17 - Hidden Changes Patch 95.2.NA

Oct 19
- Vahr (真理)

These are the changes made that are not mentioned on the official NA patch notes that I’ve datamined or observed.

This is the first patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.2.NA and mostly corresponds to Patch 95.2.KR.

More things may be added (especially to the bug/error list) as we find them.

You can comment, submit additional reports, or ask questions on the NA Forum Thread (when I put it up). As always, you can reach me on Discord as well in any of the major Dragon Nest Discords.

In order to maintain accuracy and keep things up to date, please do not repost information in bulk and instead link to the blog section.



  • You can now teleport to Brother Elijah


Dark Banquet

Entry limit increased to 7 per week.


Chaos Crests

There are 2 sets of Chaos Crests given by the Daredevil Faire shop, 3 of those sets do not contain the FD plates and the 4th does.

Corrected from previous, I accidentally copy-pasted the wrong ID while datamining

Greedy Rune Dragon Equipment

Enhancement materials and stat values have changed. These only apply to +11 and above.


You can no longer enhance RuDNLs above +10. Attempting to do so requires an informative item (in Korean, of course) which helpfully tells you to go get Lv95 Calypso.

탐욕의 환룡 강화 안내

95레벨 장비가 추가되며 레전드 등급의 탐욕의 환룡 아이템을+11강 이상 강화할 수 없습니다. 이전에 강화된 아이템들은 정상적으로 사용하실 수 있습니다.

which translated, says

Guidance on Enhancing Greedy Equipment

Level 95 equipment is added, and you can not enchant legendary-grade Greed Items to or above +11. Previously enhanced items can be used normally.


Stats for +11 and above for certain items have been boosted.

This list is incomplete


Level STR/AGI/INT Old New
11 2,798 4,070
12 3,265 4,748
13 3,731 5,426
14 4,198 6,105
15 4,664 6,783



Crow Storm and Chain Star changes from last patch reverted.



† indicates change introduces another bug or other issue related to change

  • Various strings for content we know we’re getting (Slayer, Halloween, etc)
  • PWR changed to FTG
  • Saint’s Haven has been renamed to Saint Haven
  • Rare Item discovery text (“X discovered a Rare item inside an Egg: Y”) changed to “X discovered a Rare item: Y”
  • Expedition Crests have been renamed to Special Enhancement Crests
  • Dragon Jade changed to Dragon Gem†
  • “apocalypse” changed to “Apocalypse” everywhere†
  • Justice Crash changed to Falling Angel
  • Warranty renamed to Karma’s Contract
  • Various LvXX texts replaced with Lv.XX
  • Item Converters changed to Item Tuners
  • Temple Knight Elizer changed to Brother Elijah
  • Novice Hero (enhancement stones, etc) changed to Crude Hero
  • Calypse (Lv95 legendary) changed to Calypso

New Misc Changes

FileTable Referenced Files

These are new entries in FileTable.dnt. The files may not be present in the files yet but they have been assigned an ID already.

Cash Items and Costumes

  • Cash_Spirit_Merlion
  • Vehicle_Trader

Kairon Nest

  • Lamia_KaironNest.act
  • 95lv_KaironNest_2Gate_IceLocal.act
  • 95lv_KaironNest_2Gate_IcewallSummon.act
  • HideMonster_KaironNest.act
  • IceWall_KaironNest.act

Mist Nest

  • 95lv_Mistnest_Clawwolf_Linedrive.act

Bleed Phantom

  • Assassin_DrawBlood_A.act


  • Npc_Vernika_Head_Surprise.dds
  • Npc_Vernika_Head_Pain.dds



Dark Avenger

Dark Avenger EX (B)

5% critical chance removed (still present on tooltip but skill effect changed from 0.05 to 0 for state effect 251 INCR_FINAL_CRIT_PROB%


  • General Jade has been renamed to General Gem
  • Eyes: Dark Jade (contact lens) changed to Eyes: Dark Gem
  • Beautiful Jade Earrings changed to Beautiful Gem Earrings
  • “apocalypse” changed to “Apocalypse” everywhere
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