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Bleed Phantom (95.7.KR) Details

Nov 15
- Vahr (真理)

The Assassin gains a bloody brother with his new spinoff class - Bleed Phantom.

Read the rest of the patch notes here

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Creation is the same as usual.


  • The taking-over by Blood Phaser

I met another ‘me’

Sometimes deep in my body

The howling of famine is heard

I will not be left behind, lost by time

I will not give in to the power of my destiny

With a promise to be kept,

Now, on my way up

I lay down new footprints on the path I walk

  • The Phantom is a self-contained class that takes the power of a fallen, and can awaken to a Bleed Phantom to absorb the full power of the darkness


The Phantom has gained tremendous poiwer by gaining a strong fallen. It is specialized in close-combat using the power of the darkness in your body and of your own physical body. You can quickly track and attack your enemies.



Move forward quickly wielding your weapons. You can also use [Special Attack] while dashing.


Use a quick slash to the enemies in front. At levels 6 and 11, an additional cooldown is saved.

Phantom Drive

Rush forwards and break the enemy. Recover 1 second of cooldown for every attack hit.

Lethal Touch

Concentrate the forces of darkness, then explode them, causing great damage to enemies in front.

Class and Skill Overview

  • Phantom is a “close warrior” class that is strongly influenced by STR, AGI, and PDMG.
  • Dash and movement skills allow you to quickly chase your enemy and quickly exit the battle
  • Skill-oriented, strong in 1v1 combat, able to stop and avoid attacks at dangerous moments, allowing you to proceed with battle actively

Core Skills and Gameplay

  • [Phantom Drive], the flagship skill, can regain its own cooldown on hit, effectively defeating a large number of enemies
  • While using attack skills, [Vaporize] can be used to avoid enemy attacks and gain a favorable position with increased movement speed
  • Use [Phantom Call] to jump to [Mark]ed enemies

Bleed Phantom

  • Transform into a Bleed Phantom that overcomes the power of darkness with the amusement of the fallen
  • While transformed, the attack power of main skills and actions are increased


Bleed Phantom (Transform)

Explode your inner darkness, consume 5% of your max HP, and transform into [Bleed Phantom].

When you transform, gain 20 bubbles and restore the cooldown of [Flagship Skills].

While transformed, [Flagship Skills] are greatly enhanced and every use of a [Flagship Skill] consumes one bubble.

Shadow Overdrive

Gather the power of darkness and gain benefits for passing through an enemy. At the right moment, strike with [Regular Attack].

Usable up to 3 times while the button is pressed.

Blood Armor (Passive)

Obtain [Blood Armor] by striking [Blood Draw]. Grants a 15% HP shield.

Class and Skill Overview

  • Bleed Phantom transformation requires no special conditions, but at the expense of HP.
  • While transformed, the attack power of the main skills are increased and actions increased, making it possible to play more forcefully and comfortably.

Core Skills and Gameplay

  • Transforming regains the cooldown of flagship skills, but consumes HP, so you have to be careful
  • Steal blood from bleeding enemies to use as shields to avoid nasty situations
  • While transformed, the main skills are further strengthened, adding additional strikes or adds aerial aspects, making the gameplay flow more smoothly


  • Starts as Phantom as per usual for spinoff classes
  • Cannot class change
  • Special reward items received upon arrival in town after the tutorial
  • Assassin skills will use gold to learn, but the Phantom and Bleed Phantom skills cost no gold to learn


Rewards can be obtained for leveling a Bleed Phantom to Lv 95 between Nov 16 and Nov 30.

You will receive an event compensation package (costume) on Dec 7.

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