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KR 11/15/2017 - Bleed Phantom (95.7.KR) Translation

Nov 15
- Vahr (真理), Fabulous

Patch 95.6.KR features a new Assassin spinoff - Bleed Phantom, added storyline, Dark Mist Nest, Guilin Festival, game QoL changes, Tier 2 Legendary, Medea to Calypso tuners, PvE balance changes, the Vernon Costume, and more.

The original patch notes from EYEDENTITY can be found here

: Finished translating, except for the event which has been omitted.

Bleed Phantom

Bleed Phantom will be detailed in this blog post

Main Quest

Chapter 7: Those Who Oppose

Hiriendel conspires to seize Merca. The city of Merca is at its greatest crisis. Another opportunity arises for half-souls. After preparing a counterattack, will your cohorts make the first step in changing the fate of the world?

  • Quest can be found at Priestess of Darkness: Mocha
  • Location: Heart of Merca
  • Prerequisites: Complete [Full Game] quest from Chapter 21: New Power
  • Required Level: Lv 95

T/N: That’s very odd ordering of chapters…

Dark Mist Nest


Rumors of a demonic tree began to spread.

What was that?

A murky and creepy sound came from the woods… the forest was dark and covered with fog. It was a mysterious natural object that appeared in a zone of neither day nor night. An adventurer will arrive to clean out the forest.

“The Tree of Life has fallen.”

Even though the tree is alive and well in Arundel, the life of Ferdeles is gone. The ghastly trees grow bigger and more disfigured.

The dark forest fog is clearly created by her. I look onwards at the dark clouds of mist that are spreading, awaiting a hero to stop her.


Entry Saint’s Haven > Garden of Eternity (Lv 95) > [West] Dark Mist Nest Gate
Party Size 1 - 4
Clear Limit 1x (Normal, Hardcore, Hell)
Revives Unlimited (Normal), 3x (Hardcore), 1x (Hell)
Entry Quest [Lv 95][Nest] Trees in the Mist

Guilin Festival

T/N Korea event. This flavor text part is purely Google Translated

The earnest earnest life: The beginning of the earnest festival

The plant was full of golden apple scent.

Now, only Mori inspiration is lonely.

“I do not have enough hands. The young people have all gone to the city. “

Morrie inspired me to look at an empty garden. Then, a long time later, the knee struck.

“Yes. Open the festival! “

Guilin Festival Mori inspired a huge festival and opened a festival! Rumor has it that a golden apple tree is a commodity … Please visit once and check it out!

How it Works

  1. Go to Saint’s Haven Farm Manager Mory and buy a sealed box
  2. Purchase seeds of target items from Farm Manager Mory
  3. Grow and harvest items to craft target items!
  4. When the target item is made, open a sealed box!
  5. Acquisition step-by-step in a special library (current character only)

Progress Information

Rewards are given out at the completion of each of the 5 stages of the sealed box.

Insert list of various plants here


  1. Title + Sealed Enrichment Box Stage 2 (Farming)
  2. Enchanted Tree Swing + Box Stage 3
  3. Hat Costume + Box Stage 4
  4. Green Tree Swing + Box Stage 5
  5. Golden Apple Tree Swing


Content is permanently available.

Changes and Additions


  • When clearing a stage, the “make room” message box will be removed (post-clear time reduced by 10 seconds)
  • When a Dimensional Rabbit appears, you can click on it earlier (interaction wait time reduced by 7 seconds)
  • Activation cooldown of the Dimensional Rabbit reduced (cooldown between clicks reduced by 2 seconds)

Abandoned Marina

  • Removed the unnecessary system messages about quest NPCs

Forest of Illusion/Old Kaeron Urban District

  • Improved movement/navigation

Secret Underwater Cavern

  • Improved character collision in the cave entrance


  • When clearing a nest, the “make room” message box will be removed (post-clear time reduced by 10 seconds)

Guardian Nest

  • Improved the starting area left warp pad
  • Gates open faster
  • Gate 3 starting delay reduced

Slayer Test Site

  • Starting delay reduced
  • Spawn animation of certain monsters reduced (Korbugi, Alicanto, Bacchus)

Catch the Golden Goblin

  • Party buff on entry removed
  • Fixed issue where the monster won’t spawn in phase 5
  • Blessed buffs and Hot Spring buffs will now work in this stage


Tier 2 Legendary Equipment

  • Newly added Tier 2 Legendary Equipment!
  • You can upgrade your +20 Tier 1 Legendary equipment to +0 Tier 2 legendary.

Unique to Legendary Added

  • Added the ability to tune Tier 2 Unique to Tier 1 Legendary
  • Upgrade +20 Tier 2 Unique into +0 Tier 1 Legendary

Added Tuners

Added rarity and tier tuners for Lv 95 equipment, available for crafting via the blacksmith.

Item Input Output Crafting Cost Crafting Materials
Equipment Tuner - Tier 1 Calypso to Tier 2 Calypso +20 Tier 1 Calypso +0 Tier 2 Calypso 1,000g 100 Quality Garnet, 200 Spaera
Weapon Tuner - Tier 2 Medea to Tier 1 Calypso +20 Tier 2 Medea Weapon +0 Tier 1 Calypso Weapon 5,000g 50 Quality Garnet, 200 Spaera, 10 Advanced Weapon Stones
Armor Tuner - Tier 2 Medea to Tier 1 Calypso +20 Tier 2 Medea Armor +0 Tier 1 Calypso Armor 5,000g 50 Quality Garnet, 200 Spaera, 25 Advanced Armor Stones

Item Stacks

Various items can now be stacked to 999, including:

  • Slayer mode admission ticket
  • Dragon scales
  • Rune Dragon Wraths
  • Treasures (artite, emerald, etc)
  • Octagonal water
  • Memory fragments
  • Goddess sadness
  • Crafting materials
  • Some crops and seeds
  • Bait
  • Fish


Fixed items dropping that affect continuous playing or are not used.

Skill Plates

Location Change
Lv95 Abyss Dungeons Removed from the Dimensional Rabbit
Treasure Dungeon Removed from the Dimensional Rabbit

Gladiator Enhancement Plates

Location Change
Volcano Nest (Hardcore) Removed from reward chest
Guardian Nest (Hardcore) Removed from reward chest

Dimensional Crystal Shards

Location Change
Lv95 Abyss Dungeons Removed from the Dimensional Rabbit

Main Quest Rewards

  • Quests have been changed to earn Crystal Points when clearing the last quests of a chapter
  • Crystal Points cannot be earned when quests are skipped
Chapter Crystal Points
1 2,500
2 2,500
3 2,500
4 2,500
5 2,500
6 3,500
7 3,500
8 3,500
9 3,500
10 3,500
11 5,000
12 5,000
13 5,000
14 5,000
15 5,000
16 7,000
17 7,000
18 7,000
19 7,000
20 7,000
21 10,000
22 10,000

Cash Extraction

  • Magic/Rare/Epic costume armor and accessory extraction has been added
  • Crystal Points can be obtained
Part Magic Rare Epic
Helmet 500 11,000 35,400
Body 700 14,000 45,400
Pants 600 13,000 42,000
Gloves 400 8,000 27,000
Shoes 400 8,000 27,000
One-piece 2,100 43,000 -
Necklace 200 11,000 16,000
Earring 200 11,000 16,000
Ring 200 11,000 16,000
Wing 300 18,000 27,000
Tail 300 18,000 27,000
Decal 300 18,000 27,000
Spirit 300 18,000 27,000
  • Weapon extraction has not changed
  • You cannot acquire crystals when extracting weapons

Daily Mission Rewards

  • Rewards for the 7 Daily Missions Cleared Daily Mission has changed
  • Instead of 200 Crystal Points, a Daily Mission Pouch is rewarded which normally grants the same 200 Crystal Points
  • Bleed Phantoms get additional 5,000 Crystal Points during the event

Growth Guide - Talismans

  • Changed the acquisition conditions for the Growth Guide Talisman section

Server Storage

  • Slayer Equipment Pouches can now be server storaged
  • Server storage fees drastically reduced (10 copper)


  • The maximum number of items in the multi-purchase window has been changed to be the maximum number of items you can purchase instead of the maximum stack size and will be the default value in the entry box
  • For instance, if you can only afford 3 of an item, the new max will be 3
  • If you have sufficient funds or materials, the maximum will be as before

Crystal Shop

  • The Crystal Shop has been moved from [Trader Pania] to [Crystal Shop Helper Czerny]

  • Items have been added
  • To check the appearance of the costume ticket, check the [Package] - [Package of Memories] in the Cash Shop
Item Cost (Crystal Points)
Talisman of Abundance (1 day) 35,000
Wedding Costume 2016 Exchange Ticket 300,000
Summer Costume 2016 Exchange Ticket 300,000
Vampire Costume 2016 Exchange Ticket 300,000
Galaxy Travelers Costume 2016 Exchange Ticket 300,000

Pandora Box Improvements

  • It was difficult to recognize winning items, so improvements have been made
  • Winning items are marked with a yellow border
  • UI is otherwise the same as before

Extracting Greedy Rune Dragon Equipment

  • The rewards obtained from extracting Greedy Rune Dragon equipment has changed
  • It has been changed to refund the crafting amount

T/N: It appears that it refunds the wraths used to craft, and then more if it was enhanced. I’ll have to check via datamining when the patch hits and will add a note here with the result.

Level Main/Offhand Weapons Helm/Body/Pants Gloves/Shoes
0 7 5 3
1 7 5 3
2 7 5 3
3 7 5 3
4 7 5 3
5 8 6 4
6 8 6 4
7 9 7 5
8 11 9 7
9 13 11 9
10 15 13 11
11 15 13 11
12 15 13 11
13 15 13 11
14 15 13 11
15 15 13 11


Special Tooltips

  • When receiving an item from the Special Storage, fixed an issue where the remaining duration was not updated immediately upon acquisition
  • We have changed the description to make it easier to recognize the items in the Special Storage reception

Additonal Entry Tickets

  • Daily purchase limit increased from 3 to 4


  • The damage that a player can deal has been doubled
  • This increases the damage limit that players with high attack power reach, which can lead to higher damage output

T/N This may refer to the current hard cap of 100% bonus attack from skills/passives/status effects, which many classes (such as Sniper and Lunar Knight/Moonlord) are able to reach

Slayer Mode and Slayer’s Test Site

  • Earn 80 guild EXP from clearing Slayer Mode or Slayer’s Test Site

Skill Balancing PVE

Translated by Fabulous


Make It Rain

  • Damage increased from 180% to 431%.
  • Cooldown increased from 0s to 25s.
  • Bullets are no longer needed for this skill.

Chemical Warfare

  • Damage increased from 1862% to 3272%.
  • Cooldown increased from 0s to 18s.
  • Bullets are no longer needed for this skill.

Quack Shock

  • Damage increased from 521% to 1026%.


  • Damage increased from 1449% to 2124%.

Bullet Barrage

  • Damage increased from 367% to 440%.
  • Bullet consumption increased from 6 to 10.

Shooting Star


  • Damage increased from 321% to 869%.
  • You no longer get pushed backward while using this skill.

Lock and Load EX

  • Cooldown reduction for Lock and Load increased from 3s to 5s.

Make It Rain EX

  • Damage increase changed from 50% to 100%.

Class Mastery I

  • Damage increase changed from 5% to 15%.
  • Ammo generation rate increased from every 4s to every 2s.

Class Mastery II

  • Damage increase changed from 5% to 15%.
  • Cooldown of Make It Rain EX INS increased from 1s to 25s. The cooldown is separate from Make It Rain EX.

Summon Buster

  • Cooldown decreased from 42s to 32s.

[Awakened Passive] Biochemical Experiment

  • Damage increase for Chemical Warfare changed from 30% to 100%.

Developer’s Comment

  • We are planning to significantly reorganize Shooting Star’s skills because there is a problem with her current skill setup. After considering her performance, we decided to balance her damage first. Her Awakening presented issues with bullet consumption, and it was difficult to measure a skill’s value versus its bullet consumption. As such, skill rotations became harder and bullets were only used on Splash and Bullet Barrage. We have adjusted the damage and cooldown of her main skills, so skill rotations should be more intuitive now.

Gear Master

Chainsaw Quackum

  • Damage increased from 2479% to 3930%.

Gigaton Quack

  • Damage increased from 3672% to 8138%.

Kami-quackum EX

  • Damage increase changed from 30% to 100%.

Class Mastery II

  • Damage increase changed from 5% to 25%.


  • Cooldown decreased from 45s to 30s.

[Awakened Passive] Mechanic Mode

  • Action speed increase changed from 10% to 20%.

Developer’s Comment

  • Like with Shooting Star, we are balancing Gear Master’s damage first. We have significantly increased the damage of Gigaton Quack due to the risks during charging and difficulty in attaining full hits. In addition, we have increased the action speed in [Awakened Passive] Mechanic Mode to reduce the delay after skills.

Skill Balancing PVP

Translated by Fabulous


Make It Rain

  • Cooldown increased from 0s to 25s.
  • Bullets are no longer needed for this skill.

Chemical Warfare

  • Cooldown increased from 0s to 25s.
  • Bullets are no longer needed for this skill.

Bullet Barrage

  • Bullet consumption increased from 6 to 10.


“First World Competiton” event.

Cash Shop

Vernon Set

Costume will be sold as the November regular costume.

  • Package contains all 5 armor pieces
  • Purchase period: Nov 16 to Dec 14
  • Cannot be purchased individually

For more pictures, see the patch notes

Vernon W/T/D/Growth Spirit

Available in Dragon Eggs.


Bleed Phantom Outerwear Costume

  • Bleed Phantom exclusive
  • Package: 2 armor (helmet and one-piece) and 2 weapons
  • Purchase period: Nov 16 to Dec 14
  • Cannot be purchased individually

Pandora Box

Contents will change.

Twilight Weapons

Dropped from Draagon Eggs.

For more pictures, see the patch notes

Blood and No Tears Mount

Package of Memories Tab

You can preview at the Package of Memories in the Cash Shop. The Package of Memories can be bought from the Crystal Shop.

Cash Gesture Shop

You can purchase gestures directly from the Gestures tab.

Pet Supplement

A new Pet Supplement package is available. [Special Pet Drink] is a new item that can jump a Lv 1 epic pet to Lv 50.

Limited time sale: Nov 16 to Dec 14



  • Added missing plants to the Oracle Elder Tutorial
  • Fixed a graphical hole that seems to have been drilled in Saint’s Haven
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong message was displayed when you had an unrelated quest in the Abandoned Marina



Class Mastery II (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which the INS was triggered.



  • Fixed a problem in which you could not use Fatal Guided Missiles and Enhanced Cyclone Harpoon when repeating a stage.

Ice Witch

Chilling Mist EX

  • Fixed a problem in which it removed enemy buffs.

Black Mara

Class Mastery III

  • Fixed a problem in which the linked Insult did not work.


Frost Quacker (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which the movement speed debuff did not apply.


Good Vibrations EX (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which it did not heal HP.

Shooting Star

Alfredo Overdrive

  • Fixed a problem in which the animation was different from its effect.

Dark Summoner

Class Mastery I

  • Added key skills to the tooltip.


Piercing Spike (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which it could not be used in the air.


[Awakened Passive] Hornet’s Touch

  • Fixed a problem in which the cooldown reduction effect did not work.


  • Fixed a problem in which if you were hit during the rising motion, you stayed in the air.


Angelic Spear

  • Fixed a problem in which the skill effects remained when in use.

Class Mastery III

  • Fixed a problem in which using Twirl Trance EX in a certain way caused enemies to fly into the air.


  • Fixed Point Store name mismatch
  • Removed the Goddess’s Grief shop from the rogue Pope merchant


  • Fixed issue where some characters will slide off-screen if you wait long enough at character select
  • Fixed cursor mode not activating when CTRL is pressed in the overview window
  • Fixed issue where the menu did not appear when the menu button was clicked

Growth Guide

  • Fixed issue where acquisition location for Lv93 Chaos Crests was not deleted
  • Fixed issue where Lv95 Chaos Crest name was incorrectly displayed
  • Fixed issue where there was no acquisition location for special accessories


  • Fixed issue where Tier 2 Medea weapons had no repair fee
  • Volcano Nest River Liberation Fragments (Normal) can be sold to NPCs
  • Fixed issue where using a Circus Gauntlet as a warrior and then turning into a ghost displayed the incorrect effect
  • Fixed issue where acrobat armor costume displayed as a cleric piece, and displayed abnormally when using a specific gesture
  • Fixed an issue that part of the Circus equipment for Machina appeared transparent depending on the angle when the knuckle gear was equipped
  • Fixed an issue where the contents of the blacksmith were missing from the equipment book
  • Fixed an issue where the Dragon Scale Shop did not appear on the talisman tooltip acquisition list
  • Fixed an issue where the daily task did not appear on the Light Cube tooltip acquisition list
  • Fixed an issue where the Skill Crest (Chemical Missle) tooltip displayed the wrong crest information
  • Fixed an issue where the mount display window displayed strangely while shooting fire
  • Fixed an issue where a mount effect was not displayed
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