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NA 11/16/17 - Hidden Changes Patch 95.3.NA

Nov 15
- Vahr (真理)

These are the changes made that are not mentioned on the official NA patch notes that I’ve datamined or observed.

This is the first patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.3.NA and mostly corresponds to Patch 95.3.KR but also includes some portions of Patch 95.4.KR (namely Oracle Elder, epic enhancing, some skill fixes).

More things may be added (especially to the bug/error list) as we find them.

You can comment, submit additional reports, or ask questions on the NA Forum Thread (when I put it up). As always, you can reach me on Discord as well in any of the major Dragon Nest Discords.

In order to maintain accuracy and keep things up to date, please do not repost information in bulk and instead link to the blog section.

Work in Progress



Nightmare points were NOT reset.

Daredevil Faire

Daredevil Fair daily mission has been fixed to use the actual dungeons instead of memory dungeons.


Cash Equipment

Many epic grade hero cash accessories can now be traded. 1 listing each.

Cash Equipment Server Storage

Unchanged, except for the following that can no longer be server storaged:

  • Lucky Blue Courier Bird (Growth Spirit)

Karma’s Contract

Appears to be unobtainable (haven’t been able to find anywhere that you can obtain it).

RuDNL to Calypso

Tuner reward has been kept.

RuDNL Enhancing

RuDNLs still cannot be enhanced past +10.

Conversion Weapons

Conversion Weapons have been added.

(yes that’s a Divinitor item viewer no its not public (yet))

Lv95 Talismans

Able to be guild storaged.

Epic Lv95 Talismans

Data for Lv95 epic talismans has been added, but cannot be acquired.



  • F12 return to field/town option missing

Best Hero Tournament

  • Max clear count increased from 2 to 31.
  • Clear screen broken

Dark Banquet

Dark Banquet has been replaced with a broken version of Dark Banquet Hall for All. Requires an entry pass, but some of the data for the map is invalid and there’s no way to obtain a pass.

Lv 95 Dungeons

Monster variants (e.g. explosive, speedy, Golden Goblins) now spawn.

Slayer Nests

Slayer Nest and Slayer Test Site clear dungeon IDs have changed (further investigation later)

Slayer Archbishop Nest entry data fixes.

Manticore Nest

First boss no longer grants clear achievement or guild EXP.

Hansel and Gretel

Event map data added.

Kairon Nest

Kairon Nest Abyss, Hardcore, and Hell map entries have been added to the map table (obviously not available).

Green Dragon Nest

Reboot Green Dragon Nest Hell map entries have been added to the map table (obviously not available).

More information here.



Lunar Knight

  • Class Mastery III Moon Blade Dance EX has been fixed to not fizzle on uneven terrain as often (now lifts you off the ground). Still has a few problem spots in RuDN Gate 2 and 3, but at least you can now use it more often than not.



  • Charitable Zap God Brand detonation coefficient reduced from 480% to 300% (to match tooltip)


  • Cure Relic can now be cast while airborn, knocked down, or attacking (can cancel other skills), etc. (PvE/PvP)


  • PWR changed to FTG
  • Empowerment changed to Fatigue
  • Fixed Korean text on Slayer Test Site clear
  • Instances where “Increases” is improperly capitalized has been fixed
  • Injection awakening tooltip is in English now

New Misc Changes

FileTable Referenced Files

These are new entries in FileTable.dnt. The files may not be present in the files yet but they have been assigned an ID already.

Kairon Nest

FID Filename
53302 95lv_KaironNest_2Gate_IceShot.act

Lencea Awakening

FID Filename
52765 Lencea_EvilPunisher.act
52708 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake6.act
52707 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake5.act
52706 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake4.act
52705 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake3.act
52704 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake2.act
52703 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake1.act
53245 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake_Check6.act
53244 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake_Check5.act
53243 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake_Check4.act
53242 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake_Check3.act
53241 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake_Check2.act
53240 Lencea_EvilPunisher_Awake_Check1.act

Bleed Phantom

FID Filename
53356 Assassin_PassAway.act
53355 Phantom_BloodArmor.act
53323 Title_Bleed.env
53297 As_Crook_BLEEDPHANTOM.act


FID Filename
53304 Npc_Vernika_Stand.act
53303 Npc_Vernika_Down.act
53301 Vernika_BursterCall.act
53300 Vernika_AlpacaRush.act
53296 Item_Tatoo_Vernikas.dds
53295 Cash_Tail_Vernikas.act
53294 Cash_Tail_Vernikas.ani
53293 Cash_Tail_Vernikas.skn
53292 Cash_Wing_Vernikas.act
53291 Cash_Wing_Vernikas.ani
53290 Cash_Wing_Vernikas.skn
53281 Cash_Spirit_Vernika_C.ani
53280 Cash_Spirit_Vernika_C.act
53279 Cash_Spirit_Vernika_C.skn
53278 Cash_Spirit_Vernika_B.ani
53277 Cash_Spirit_Vernika_B.act
53276 Cash_Spirit_Vernika_B.skn
53275 Cash_Spirit_Vernika_A.ani
53274 Cash_Spirit_Vernika_A.act
53273 Cash_Spirit_Vernika_A.skn
53269 NPC_Top_Vernika.dds
53268 NPC_Body_Vernika.dds
53234 NPC_Vernika_Player.act
53233 Npc_Vernika_Player.ani
53232 Npc_Vernika_Player.msh
53231 Npc_Vernika_Player.skn
53230 NPC_Vernika_Skill_Player.act


53236 Npc_child_kasmina.skn
53235 Npc_child_kasmina.msh
53234 NPC_Vernika_Player.act
53233 Npc_Vernika_Player.ani
53232 Npc_Vernika_Player.msh
53231 Npc_Vernika_Player.skn
53230 NPC_Vernika_Skill_Player.act
53228 Npc_child_kasmina_Head_Talk.dds
53227 Npc_child_kasmina_Head_Flicker.dds
53226 Npc_child_kasmina_Head.dds
53225 Npc_child_kasmina_Body_Mask.dds
53224 Npc_child_kasmina_Body.dds


FID Filename
53354 Npc_Velskud_Wsuit.skn
53357 AsaiWorrior_Boss_Lim.act
53299 Academic_AwA_ElementalFlare.act
53282 Vehicle_Pig_Cat.skn
53258 DragonSycophant_Puni_BlackDragon_SMR.act
53248 HalfGolem_Iron_Min.act
53246 Ogre_Red_JJO.act
53239 EQ_Halloween_VampireQueen.dds
53238 EQ_Halloween_Human.dds
53237 EQ_Halloween_Vampire.dds
53250 Cash_SapphirerRing.act
53249 Cash_SapphireEarRing.skn


  • Dark Banquet is replaced with an invalid version of Dark Banquet Hall for All and requires a pass that we cannot obtain
  • Best Hero Tournament return to lobby is broken (reported only, personally unverified)
  • Character slot expansion scroll missing from cash shop
  • Karma’s Contract is unobtainable
  • Using Overwhelm or Thrust Force as a Guardian removes action speed buff effects. The status effect remains on the bar but the effect does not apply.
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