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NA v653 - Reboot Green Dragon

Nov 20
- Vahr (真理)

Some data entries have shown up in the North America tables indicating another new upcoming nest: Reboot Green Dragon Nest, and indicates that this will be an 8-man raid.

There’s also some items that have shown up which I’ll get to later.

Please note that all this info is preliminary and subject to change and interpretation.

: Updated with Developer K notes.

Time Attack

This Reboot Green Dragon is a time attack nest for new accessories. More information can be found on Fabulous’s translation of the Dev K notes (linked within).


The following rows have been added:

Map ID Map Name ID Tool Name Entry Constraint ID
14893 1000122922 Hell_LM_G_DragonNest_BossA_RE 14891
14892 1000122922 Hell_LM_G_DragonNest_2A_RE 14891
14891 1000122922 Hell_LM_G_DragonNest_1A_RE 14891


Constraint ID Min Level Party Min Size Party Max Size
14891 95 5 8

SEA Strings

Found some text strings on SEA v271.

그린드래곤 네스트 TimeAttack
Green Dragon Nest TimeAttack
그린드래곤 네스트 TimeAttack에서 얻을 수 있는 특별한 사연이 담긴 악세서리입니다. 그린드래곤 네스트 TimeAttack에서 얻은 재료 교환을 통해서도 획득할 수 있습니다.
Green Dragon Nest is an accessory with a special story that you can get from TimeAttack. It can also be obtained through material exchange obtained from Green Dragon Nest TimeAttack.
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