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KR 12/7/2017 Developer K Diary Translation & Blog Announcements

Dec 07
- Vahr (真理), Fabulous

New Developer K post and some blog-related updates.

Developer K

Translated by Fabulous

Deveoper K has put up another post.

Dev K Diary: GDN

Green Dragon Nest Time Attack (8-man)

It has been a long time since our last challenging content, Rune Dragon Nest. I have used an old dragon, but have adjusted its damage, attacks, and rewards, so that it feels new yet nostalgic.

What is Time Attack?

There is a time limit in each stage, so it requires more skill than existing challenging content. You can farm top-grade accessories.

Challenging for all Calypso users

Although it is only one nest, it is meant to be accessible to a majority of players. Each stage has its own difficulty and rewards.

The first stage can be cleared by players with Calypso Tier 1. The stages become progressively more difficult, and the final stage can only be cleared by the best geared players in the game.

Dev K Diary: GDN Accs

Rewards: Unique & Legendary Accessories (but beginner level)

Each stage drops crafted gear rather than the crafting materials, in order to increase the sense of reward.

Since the crafted gear makes the nest easier, it has a unique drop rate to make the nest worthwhile to farm.
Translation Note: 완제품 확률 드랍으로 인해서 컨텐츠 수명이 짧아지는 부분은 [고유 드랍 탈것]을 제공하여 파밍 지속성을 보 완하였습니다.

New Resurrection System: Flower of Hope

The difficulty of endgame content has typically been controlled through resurrections. Restricting the number of resurrections is an easy solution to balancing content, but acts as a barrier to enjoyment by reducing actual playtime.

I hope that our new item, [Additional Resurrection - Flower of Hope], can alleviate the decrease in playtime in endgame content, such as Hell mode, through the principle of cost risk. If you use all the resurrections allowed for your content, you can use the Flower of Hope to revive again. However, I do not want players to clear content through constant resurrection. Therefore, in some difficulties, including stage 5, there will be an increased risk for party wipes, which limits reckless resurrections. We will observe this system and make adjustments as needed.

How to obtain the Flower of Hope

You can purchase one for 5000 nest points, or through the cash shop for 300 won.
Translation Note: $0.27 USD, $0.35 CAD, $0.36 AUD

I will keep an eye on the methods of acquisition to maintain the cost risk.

The Resurrection Method

Like before, basic resurrection in nests requires a resurrection scroll, and if you cannot use this, then you will be able to revive with the Flower of Hope.

The Flower of Hope will be allowed in most content, and for some challenging content, the death penalty will be applied for all party members.

Dev K Diary: Miracle Jelly

Miracle Jelly

This content is similar to the Hit the Golden Goblin stage, except this time, with jellies.

Because the drops are less valuable than gold, the entry tickets will drop more frequently.


  • Added it as a way to acquire jellies in-game to satisfy the increasing demand.
  • Reinforce rewards for repeatedly playing regular content.

Slayer Testing Grounds

Shortened the entry and exit delays.

Changed to 4x mode, which is the equivalent of four runs, where you fight 12 bosses and use four runs worth of FTG.


  • We noticed that players became increasingly stressed from wasting their time repeatedly running this content.
  • Since is is structurally impossible to restart the stage immediately after clearing, we have changed it to 4x mode.

Improvement of Battlefield Training Ground

Increased golem’s HP by 10 times.

Cooldown reset (Grapefruit) revives the golem.
Translation Note: 스킬 쿨 초기화[자몽]면 골렘 재생성

Shard of Will applies.

DPS Message Notifications From Bosses

There was no space in the UI to include this when I first developed it, and I thought that consuming Grapefruit would impact the user.
Translation Note: Grapefruit is the cooldown reset item from Yum-A-Tron.

Since the UI is configured such that the user must check their DPS manually, it is very inconvenient when you constantly want to check your DPS.

We have improved this so that a system message alerts you of your DPS whenever you use skills.

Dev K Diary: DPS Meter

Skill Effect Transparency

There are ten levels of transparency. You can set your effects and party effects separately.

There are some bugs where it does not apply to some effects, but you should still be able to play comfortably for the most part.

Skill Balancing

  • Black Mara and Crusader buff
  • Blood Phantom buff
  • Shooting Star nerf

PVP Rewards Revamp

This has been delayed to next month. Sorry!

The pre-season will be from December to January. We will apply the new rewards system in January.

Removal of ladder rewards, unified arena rewards, removal of vitality stat, unified arena currency
Translation Note: “removal of vitality stat” is a liberal translation (근성 스탯 폐지). Literally “removal of muscular stats.” It could be a typo.

Advanced costumes and intermediate equipment can be acquired through weekly missions.

We hope that all players can enjoy PVP content without any inconvenience, discomfort, or stress.

Rare Mercenary Boxes

Number of keys required to open a box reduced from 5 to 1.

Added talisman crafting materials to the box rewards.

Introduction of Gear Score System

Each equipment, except cash items, has a rating.

The higher the rating, the more powerful the equipment.

In your stats window, you can see the total rating of your character’s gear.


  • We plan to expand this system to an integrated scale for comparing equipment.
  • We will then introduce minimum rating requirements for specific content.
  • This will stop unreasonable boss behavior, and prevent bots from attacking with naked characters.

Increase the Base Damage of Calypso

We have modified the upgrading process so that you damage is preserved when you upgrade from Medea Tier 2 to Calypso. This increases the base damage of Calypso Tier 1 and 2.

Enhancement Stones

Changed the drop rate for [Expert Hero’s Weapon Enhancing Stone] and [Veteran Hero’s Armor Enhancing Stone].

Can now be placed in server storage.

Decreased the purchase price in the crystal store.

Improved Weapon Converter

You can now change your weapon to a weapon of any class. This is different from what I wrote when I was in bed, sorry.
Translation Note: Developer K comments a lot on the forums, so he must have made an erroneous statement at some point.

Winter Costume

Dev K Diary: Winter costume

Cash Shop Changes

Calypso Server Storage: 30,000 won. Due to structural problems, we currently only support Legendary gear. This will be improved in February.
Translation Note: $27.30 USD, $34.98 CAD, $36.39 AUD

New Resurrection Stone: 300 won
Translation Note: $0.27 USD, $0.35 CAD, $0.36 AUD

Slayer Drop Rate Increase Potion: 4000 won
Translation Note: $3.65 USD, $4.67 CAD, $4.83 AUD

Dev K Diary: Cherny

Cherny, who is in charge of crystal points, has been moved next to the Marketplace.


Stacking capacity has increased for titles, fishing, farming, and cooking materials.

Increase in level 95 masonry.
Translation Note: Your guess is as good as mine (95 용옥 상향)

Improved Slayer mode.

Improved enhancement hammers.


I have been so busy that I cannot sleep. I am running around like Kiwi.

We are going to have a meeting in the Philippines tomorrow.

If I go to Japan, I will leave for a week, but starting next week, I would like a little free time.

I am sorry that I have written so much about the patch, and for the delay in posting this.

It may seem like a bad patch, but I prepared hard for this month as well.

I’ll be fine~

Blog Announcements

In the very near future (aka after my final exams and graduation from university in a week), we will have a new contributor to the blog!

Fabulous of North America has been doing a great job translating class balance and bugfixes in his Google Docs document. However, Google Docs is a pretty poor publishing platform both for the publisher and readers, and so Fabulous will be moving his translations over to the blog and contributing directly to patch note translations!

This will require a few changes to the blog, mostly on the technical side, as right now the blog is set up for single authorship. Hopefully I can get this finished before the next KR patch notes arrive.

Timeline Pages

In addition to the technical changes so that Fabulous can actually get his stuff posted here, I will also be introducing timeline pages that will allow us to aggregate changes over time. These timeline pages will be pinned and will be updated with every change in centralized place to reflect changes introduced with each patch.

This way, if you wanted to see the changes to Paladin over the course of Lv95 cap, you would go to the Class Updates timeline, filter by class, and the full glory that is the lack of Guardian buffs cough devs buff Guardian pls cough will become very evident to you. Timeline entries will link to their containing Patch Note Translation page as well, if you want to see more context.

Future Work

Some of you may already be aware of the Divinitor DN Reference Site. This site is intended to be an easy to use, thorough reference for various aspects of DN.

This site is currently undergoing massive amounts of work and a closed beta test, although the General > Stats page is publically available for you to calculate your FD, crit, crit damage, and defense stats.

The reference site will eventually support other regions besides NA, historical patches, and patch deltas, meaning that it will be possible to link to something as it existed for a given patch, and will accompany the blog in providing information.

Since everyone loves screenshots, here are some work in progress shots of the Item Reference (things are subject to change). This is not a Gear Simulator.

Enhancement detail

Tuner items

Item variants

Future features include filling the remaining gaps (such as crafting), implementing a powerful search, procurement specifics (e.g. what dungeon/monster drops the item - more than the item tooltip indicates), and 3D view.

Hopefully I can get the items page publically available once more features are implemented (such as multiple regions) as well as necessary improvements to the server backend (which currently runs on a heavily modified version of my datamining tool with a HTTP REST API tacked haphazardly on the side which does NOT scale very well).

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