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NA 12/14/17 - Hidden Changes Patch 95.4.NA

Dec 14
- Vahr (真理)

These are the changes made that are not mentioned on the official NA patch notes that I’ve datamined or observed.

This is the 4th patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.4.NA and mostly corresponds to the remainder of Patch 95.4.KR that we hadn’t received previously.

More things may be added (especially to the bug/error list) as we find them.

You can comment, submit additional reports, or ask questions in the various Discords I am in (just tag or DM me).

In order to maintain accuracy and keep things up to date, please do not repost information in bulk and instead link to the blog section.

There’s like nothing in this patch, wtf. ED at least give me something to work with here (and, yknow, PROPER Christmas events!?!?)


Dungeons and Nests


  • FTG consumption of certain dungeons dropped to 0
  • Certain dungeons no longer require FTG to enter

Explosive Mobs

  • No longer invincible and can be attacked (carried over from v95.8.KR)

Battle Training Ground

  • Shard of Will now applies

Cerberus Nest

  • Drop tables updated (future content).

Best Hero Tournament

  • No longer can drop Ultimate Theano gear

Dark Banquet

  • Removed from Dark Banquet Entrance portal map set
  • Portals between each stage of Dark Banquet have been invalidated

Garden of Eternity Lv95

  • Dark Banquet entrance portal (properly) disabled
  • Added a portal to map 47009 (unknown)

Slayer Test Site

  • No longer requires FTG to enter (will still consume)

Slayer Nests

  • Requires FTG to enter (fixed)


2017 Christmas Double Box

Notable contents include:

  • Pegasus Exchange Coupon
  • Ready-for-Winter Ruby Spirit
  • Warm Winter’s Night Wings/Tail/Decal

Pool of 66 items possible.

Slayer Shards and Tickets

  • Tradable Slayer Shards now have a distinct icon from untradable ones
  • Slayer Shards now stack to 100 (both types)
  • Slayer Mode Entry Tickets now stack to 100

Items in Shops

  • Hero EXP potion purchase required level increased from 93 to 95
  • Added minimum level 95 purchase requirement to Spaera

Two-Tone Hair

  • New Two-Tone Hair added to Cash Shop for most classes


  • Season 11 and 12 added
  • Season 11 runs from Dec 14 0:00 2017 to Jan 3 23:59 2018
  • Preseason 12 runs from Jan 4 0:00 2018 to Jan 10 23:59 2018
  • Season 12 runs from Jan 11 0:00 2018 to Jan 31 23:59 2018
  • Preseason 13 runs from Feb 1 0:00 2018 to Feb 7 23:59 2018

Velskud Transformation

  • Skillset changed
  • Hit coefficients reduced


No class changes.



  • Elder Oracle changed to Oracle Elder
  • 2017 Christmas Double Dragon Egg



  • Typo in 1000113450, “Cassie’s Phostcard” (Postcard?)
  • Typo in 1000113454, “Casise’s Store” (Cassie)

New Misc Changes

FileTable Referenced Files

These are new entries in FileTable.dnt. The files may not be present in the files yet but they have been assigned an ID already.

Kairon Nest

FID Filename
53531 95lv_KaironNest_4Gate_Bolt.act
53528 95lv_KaironNest_4Gate_FireWave.act
53527 95lv_KaironNest_4Gate_FireGround.act
53392 95lv_KaironNest_2Gate_RotateProjectile.act
53382 95lv_KaironNest_2Gate_GravityShot.act

Other files aren’t really interesting.


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