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KR 01/05/2017 - Developer K Diary Translation

Jan 05
- Vahr (真理), Fabulous

Developer K has put up a new post.

Translated by Fabulous, edited by Vahr

Dev K Diary Machina

Here I am.

What are you doing? Are you eating well?

I wrote the patch preview late this month. No matter how busy I am, I will not miss it.

If I fail, I’ll even include ‘Back Notes’~

[Content] Content for the Influx of New Users - Memories Nest

  • In the future, I will avoid using the term “content rehash.” I am sorry for repeating this word so much.
  • We are taking a new approach to this, starting with Cerberus Nest.


  • Basically, Hero’s Battlefield and most PvE content have three clears a week.
  • Rather than provide weekly admission, the nest requires a [Party Type Entry Ticket].
  • Only one party member needs to have a ticket for the party to enter.
  • Therefore, party members only need to support you.

Getting Tickets

  • At level 95, you will receive 3 Cerberus Nest Tickets.
  • Currently, you cannot acquire these tickets through other means.
  • Therefore, if you are looking to do Cerberus Nest, you should look for a party called [Just Hit Cap]?


  • Only the party leader can obtain the rewards, and the nest should drop equipment for newly capped players to settle into the game.
  • Currently, the [Exchange Value] of the equipment will be minimal to reduce any intrusive effects.
  • Supporting party members cannot obtain the equipment, but they get [Community Points] regardless of the weekly point restrictions.


  • I hope that you will help players experience parties and understand how the game system works
  • Because the Legendary Tier 2 season has been somewhat persistent, we want to develop the [Epic Section].
  • I want you to help me. If you see a Cerberus Dungeon in the party tab, please help them out.

Additional Details

  • If the content is equalized, it will be less burdensome on party members to support you, and the ticket system reduces the pain in creating a party. We’ll see what happens.
  • If Memories Nest receives good feedback, then I will allow the [Party Admission Ticket] to drop in other places, and I will reward [All Users] again with something good. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

T/N: Dev K literally actually a weeb.

[Balance] Hero Level Revamp & Expansion

  • The hero level is a good system that offers basic growth after max level, but I thought that we had balanced the numbers so conservatively that the growth rate was not great. To be honest, the hero level system in 2017 was a bit difficult.
  • I have changed the hero level system so that you can experience steady growth. The plan is to increase the hero level to 1000, and double hero level growth to 2-3 levels a day. However, the current content is incomplete, so I updated it to half of the planned number of levels.
  • I think the stats per level were counterintuitive. I have changed the damage to increase by 100 per level, so that once you hit level 1000, your damage will have increased by 100,000.
  • I plan to add more content that will strategically raise the hero level.


  • The hero level is not meant to be a strategic or selective growth factor; rather, it it meant to provide basic growth for game content.
  • With Hell nests, even if you fail, at least your hero level goes up… if you think that’s okay.
  • New players entering in the middle of a cap should not feel like the hero level is an insurmountable wall.
  • I balanced the numbers to prevent this. I will check on it later.

What about existing levels?

  • Existing hero levels will continue growing relative to the current level. The goal is to preserve the amount of time invested into your hero level, but not everything can be preserved, since the stat gains are better than before. Please understand.

Current Issues

  • Since the stats increase by the same amount regardless of class, Crusader benefits the most. Please note that we will improve this aspect in the next patch.

Dev K Diary January Costume

January Costume: Silk Set

PVP Changes

  • Since when did your interest in PVP grow so much? Was it because of the postponement of this patch? I’m a little worried that it won’t be worth the wait. Let me talk about the PVP changes.

Ladder Reward Removal

  • The distinction between ladder rewards and colosseum rewards has been a long-running issue, and one of my personal goals. Ladder rewards that are related to gear are not valuable to PVP players who care about a fair game. Mixing the two rewards is counterintuitive, and does not benefit anyone.
  • In January, we are removing ladder rewards and using colosseum rewards for all of PVP.

Ladder Point Acquisition

  • The weekly point acquisition will remain as-is. You have to play ten games a week and those ratings are converted into ladder points with a 1:1 ratio on Saturday morning.
  • In addition, if you play more than ten matches, you gain a small amount of points per win and 200 points each day.
  • I have changed the maximum number of ladder points that you can have to 20,000.

Ladder Store

  • The two main things that you can purchase are a Magical Girl set and Slayer equipment.
  • The Magical Girl set is an epic costume, and epic costumes are going to be upgraded soon. Each piece costs about 4,000 points, and the ability to purchase it does not depend on your ladder rank.
  • If you play ten matches per week with a 1500 rating, you can probably buy one piece every three weeks.
  • Slayer equipment costs the same as the Magical Girl set. However, you must have a gold rank to purchase it. Having a gold rank means that you have begun to enjoy and adapt to PVP.

PVP Balance Schedule

  • I have not been able to prepare a PVP balance patch for January, but I will earnestly begin all of this in February. We will have balance patches during the first half of the year, and prepare for Dragon Nest World Championship during the second half.

What other modes do you play in the colosseum?

  • First of all, the most free mode is ladder, and I think that should be the standard for PVP. As such, I have done ladder changes first. I will focus on the other battlefields and modes later.
  • To be honest, I do not think that getting PVE players to do PVP is much of a patch, but it is good to have people in the battlefield, colosseum, and ladder. I am coming up with modes other than ladder that you can enjoy someday.

I have to attend an important dinner after work.

If I do not drink too much, I will come back and write more.

We have one more important aspect to cover - stage reward changes.

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