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KR 01/15/2018 - Ladder Point Calculation & Other Content Under Review

Jan 15
- Fabulous

Developer K has put up a new post.

Deveoper K Diary

Ladder Point Acquisition Formula

I said that the conversion of ladder ratings to points would be 1:1, but that ended up being wrong. I am sorry. The development team had a lot of work to do while confirming the existing plan.

I have checked the calculations, and it is about a 30-40% lower conversion rate, so I will reduce the ladder store prices in February.

I have disclosed the formula here.

  • Multiply the rating by 0.34, then add 450.
  • 0.34 is applied to reduce the deviation between high and low ratings, by making their impact 34%.
  • With this formula, it seems that even with a rating of 0, you can at least get 450 points.
  • This is a reasonable formula, and it is nice to see a smooth upward curve.
  • To be honest, I do not know why 34% is the best number, but the graph looks nice that way…

Since it is annoying to calculate, I have attached a table. (T/N: Left is rating, right is points.)

01/15/2018 Ladder Points Table

Ladder Bug

  • The [Bubble Data Error] bug for Barbarian will be fixed during this week’s maintenance.
    (T/N: Not sure what this means. 바바가 래더에서 마공에 원킬나는 버그는 [버블 데이터 오류]고 이번주 점검때 수정할듯.)

Green Dragon Accessories Boost

  • There was a trend in players who tried Green Dragon Nest, but I did not consider the boost because of this trend. I looked at the gear of the players from the first clear. I realized that the rewards were weaker than the accessories of the players who could clear in the first place. In fact, when I looked at the data, I found that the participation rate of players who were geared enough was very low.

FTG When Leveling

  • I am making progress with the balancing of gold drops and the number of clears for level 95 Abyss dungeons. I assumed that the percentage of basic FTG was too low, so I raised the base FTG. I thought that the sudden 95% change in FTG consumption for Abyss dungeons was inconsistent, so I adjusted the FTG consumption of all stages.
  • In the process, I seemed to have raised the FTG consumption for lower-level dungeons, and as a result, there is a limit on how many dungeons you can clear while leveling. Unfortunately, I need to change the coding, so I cannot do anything for this maintenance. I will fix this soon, possibly next week.

VIP Package

  • I am sorry that I did not address this first, but I had to tidy up some loose ends before getting to this part of the bulletin. Before talking about the specific changes, I need to talk about how VIP is being used.
  • The VIP package was originally more expensive than it is now. Did you have about 9,000 won [$8.46 USD, $10.52 CAD, $10.61 AUD]? The discount policy keeps it at 4,900 won [$4.60 USD, $5.72 CAD, $5.79 AUD]. Besides the basic benefits, the free 30 Pandora’s Box [Dragon Egg/Gacha-Box/Dragon Box] made it worthwhile to purchase. It was honestly a ridiculous deal.
  • One of the other problems is that VIP is harmful to the value of direct Pandora’s Box purchases (the prices of key items from them are falling), and only some hardcore players are putting those items on the market. Average and casual players do not care about VIP, and hardcore players also have VIP on too many alt characters.
  • Starting in February, I will remove Pandora’s Box and sell the VIP package as an item with only its gameplay benefits, estimated at 2900 won [$2.72 USD, $3.38 CAD, $3.42 AUD]. In the future, I will sell the daily Pandora’s Box benefits as a separate item (planning a Crystal Shop payment method).
  • In the future, I should avoid purchase methods that undermine the value of Pandora’s Box, to ensure that purchases meet your needs. This should increase the satisfaction from directly purchasing a Pandora’s Box.

Honestly, I would not say that I am reasonably changing the billing model for players. I would like to increase sales by constructing a payment model that charges different amounts based on players’ needs. I intend to increase the satisfaction of players who buy things with their own money. I cannot deny them when they say, “I have money.” I am sorry.

I’m heading off to work.

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