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KR 02/08/2018 - Community Points Acquisition Research

Feb 13
- Fabulous

Developer K has put up a new post.

For those who are unaware

Community Points System Revamp

On October 19 2017, we incentivized party play through the introduction of Community Points. If you earned 10000 weekly points and purchased a Crude Luminous Dragon Gem Core, you could make 1500 gold when the baseline price was 500 gold. The dungeon and quest gold rewards were significantly upgraded, and earning 1500 gold from clearing 25-35 stages did not seem like a problem.

Dragon Nest Playtime Competition

Immediately after the update, some players decided to earn Community Points quickly through repeatedly clearing the Battle Dragon Nest dungeons. Battle Dragon Nest is different from a typical dungeon. You need to clear it 25-35 times to reach the weekly 10000-point limit. I was aware of this phenomenon, but did not take action because it was not as much of a problem as rewards from actual content.

The Controversy - One Player On Multiple Computers

Even before it became controversial in Korea, I knew about the phenomenon of playing with multiple computers. However, this is not a big problem because it still hinges on playing the game. With overseas servers, the issue of playing on multiple computers falls under the jurisdiction of the publishers. Therefore, the common viewpoint is that playtime based on [Direct Play] is not subject to sanctions. Naturally, I do not think that anyone will dispute this point.

Results Confirmed by Gameplay Data

When we looked at players who played on four accounts for Battle Dragon Nests from November 29 to February 7, we determined that 27 accounts had high repetitive play counts. During that three-month period, there were about 5396 plays on each account. In total, these accounts released about 9543 Crude Luminous Dragon Gem Cores into the economy.

Penalty & Follow-Up

The gameplay logs showed that the accounts logged in every day from the same IP addresses. However, we have no reason to believe that these accounts violated our Terms of Use.

Is 1 person-4 computers normal?

There is no reason to identify these players as malicious. Howver, I agree with the majority of people that 4-computer play should be avoided in Dragon Nest. In the future, it will be necessary to limit repetitive 4-computer play. As more patches come for new players, we should more carefully consider the factors that cause players to enter [Obsessive Play Patterns].

Course of Action

To easily acquire Community Points, it is best to repeatedly play lower-level content, but this was not our intention with regards to making the game enjoyable. Therefore, the next patch will introduce several mechanisms to limit this and make the game more enjoyable. This means reducing the efficiency of playing on multiple accounts, rather than adjusting the rewards. This should avoid hurting players who enjoy playing normally.


The Terms of Use exist to provide players with better service, and exert considerable influence to maintain an enjoyable game environment. Therefore, they should be used carefully and accurately, and not be invoked upon subjective values or emotional grounds. We always take your opinions into consideration, and there is no doubt that Dragon Nest will have better service when we conduct it upon precise principles and standards.

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