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KR 03/06/2018 - Labyrinth Part 1 Feedback: Stat Gap

Mar 05
- Fabulous

Developer K has put up a new post.

Developer K’s Diary

Although it feels kind of late to post this, before introducing Labyrinth Part 2, I want to address the feedback from Part 1 and the so-called “stat gap.”

Labyrinth Introduction Part 1 Feedback

  • I carefully read over your comments on Part 1. You started talking about how it was the end of Dragon Nest Korea, etc… I was so sad to think that my introductory essay spawned a shitstorm on other topics because of my poor diction. I should write more carefully. I like to say that “thinking is easy, writing takes wit.”

Concerns About the Stat Gap

  • Actually, no matter what game you play, there is a huge difference in play gap between players. You can roughly imagine that the play gap is big, but when you actually look at the indicators, you will feel that it is beyond your wildest imagination.
  • Until now, I have introduced measures to reduce the deviation in stats between players. The basic stat curve has been calibrated to demonstrate a sense of growth as the normal stats increase. Daily and weekly missions offer special rewards for basic play, so that there is not as much of a difference between someone who plays for one hour and someone who plays for three hours. All the systems that you feel are restrictive, like the FTG system that restricts the continuous use of a character, are designed to narrow the gap between players.
  • In other words, to reduce the stat gap, we are working backwards. A sense of limitation is inevitable in all aspects, such as purchases, rewards, and growth. In a way, it makes sense to control the stat gap in a game where some people play for one hour and others for ten hours. As such, I think that “stat gaps” and “play limits” cannot coexist and I have to maintain a proper balance between them.

Growth Direction of Dragon Nest

  • As long as it is an online game with the goal of long-term service, I think that the driving force behind it should be growth and rewards. Even if you bring up great console games like Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Zelda, etc., can you play them consistently for three years just because they are fun to play? Or even six months? In any game, it is necessary to make it fun to play, but live-service games are forced to keep the game alive through growth and rewards. Although the growth gap between players can be referred to as a stat gap, in a way, they are a result of legitimate play, which should feel rewarding.

Growth Cap

  • The gear cap per character is expected to remain the same for now. There are quite a few players who have reached Tier 2, so I will maintain the feeling that you have “graduated,” at least until the Tier 3 update. If there are many players who have barely reached Tier 2, introducing Tier 3 will make it feel like an endless cycle. Since tier-graduated players need Enhancement Stone and Hammer sinks, I will add these in the March and April patch.

After Growth Cap

  • As I just mentioned, there is a growth cap. I want players to pursue a goal aside from growth, so I will supplement guild content. Players who reach the gear cap should feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when contributing to the guild. It is also a good idea to let players engage in noncombat content like cooking and fishing, but there is still a lack of noncombat content in Dragon Nest.

Solutions for the Stat Gap

  • Since the tier system already exists, I will address the stat gap by increasing the amount of equalized content that everyone can enjoy together. We plan to keep the stat gaps in 8-man dragon nests, but other than that, the content should be equalized or less dependent on stats. We will balance the stat-dependent content with equalized content.

Three-Sentence Summary

  • Once we increase the gear cap, stat gaps will occur, but motivation is the most important thing and I do not see it as a problem right now.
  • The existing stat gap can be solved by balancing equalized content with non-equalized content.
  • When I remove the limit, if you cap your gear, I will add guild content to make you feel rewarded.


  • It feels like the new year barely started, but it is already March. Time flies by too quickly. This past year has been crazy, and not everything has gone according to plan, but I feel a great sense of pride and reward as each patch gets better than the last. The development team will try harder to continually evolve Dragon Nest. Fighting!
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