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KR 03/07/2018 - Labyrinth (95.11.KR) Translation

Mar 07
- Vahr (真理), Fabulous

Patch 95.11.KR features Labyrinth, Garden of Time & Space Revamp, Rebellion Plate Quest, Sniper changes, Rebellion Enhancing Stones, FD linearization, PVP changes, and more.

The original patch notes from EYEDENTITY can be found here.

For context, Dev K made a few blog posts leading up to this patch:

: Translation completed.


Its sudden appearance puzzled everyone.
I witnessed it. I rubbed my eyes but the afterimage was still burned in

Unexplainable nest…

A terrible disaster that divides space is coming to the Garden of Eternity
We call this a disaster.
It is “Labyrinth”

The Labyrinth has spread out in all directions to create disaster.

Changes due to Labyrinth

  • The capacity (?) of the Garden changed greatly
  • Some content has been merged or removed
  • Portal appearance throughout the game has been changed

Labyrinth System

UI changes

  1. Difficulty selection dropdown
  2. Entry information
  3. Skill Guide Effect enabled/disabled (T/N: I believe this refers to Hazard Indicators). Skill guide effect is disabled from Floor 21+

  • Select difficulty by pressing the button
  • Difficulties are unlocked as you clear the previous difficulty

Difficulty Expansion

  • There are now 55 difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard, master, abyss, and labyrinth 1-50)
  • The higher the difficulty, the higher the HP and ATK, and better rewards

  • Initially, Easy and Normal are available (unlock the rest by clearing these)
  • Skill Guide Effect is enabled from Easy to Lab 20 and disabled after
  • Entry restrictions are based on the Party Leader
  • Clear completion/difficulty unlock applies even in a party (T/N This probably means you can “boost” someone without having to clear all the levels before, so a Lab 30 player can carry a Lab 5 player and they’ll both unlock Lab 31 if they clear)
  • The unlocked entry difficulty is on a per-character basis for all nests (T/N So clearing any one Lab 30 will unlock Lab 30 on all Lab Nests)

Party Size Adjustment

  • The strength of the monsters increases for each party member calculated at the start
  • Changes to party size after portal entry are not accounted for
  • Applies to all difficulties
1 1x 1x
2 2x 1x
3 3x 1x
4 4x 1x

Labyrinth System Content

Nest of Division

  • Volcano Nest
  • Guardian Nest
  • Mist Nest
  • Kairon Nest

The labyrinth system only applies to the above 4 nests

Level Lv95+
Party Size 1-4
FTG 300
Revive Limit 1
Additional Revives 5 (Flower of Hope)
Location St. Haven > Garden of Eternity > Southeast “Nest of Division” gate
Quests [World] The Garden of Eternity is strange, [World] Ominous Sign


Nest Monster Changes

Key changes at a glance!

  1. “There is no invincibility!”
    • There are no more iframes on unique monster skills, except for monsters that are always iframed
    • What is a unique monster skill? For example, Ruuga’s lava seed skill. T/N Basically what most of us call “mechanics”
  2. “Let’s spend some time together!”
    • Monsters cannot use unique skills for a certain amount of time after starting combat (some exceptions apply)
  3. “All monster compatriots are equal”
    • Monsters of the same stage across nests are about the same difficulty (e.g. VN Lavanock (final boss) is approximately KN Capt. de Luke (final boss))

Volcano Nest

Gate 1 - Angry Ruuga

  • Reduced the time before the lava seeds explode
  • Countdown begins 5s before seeds explode
  • When Ruuga falls under 40% HP, fisting attack is buffed
  • Ruuga no longer rushes into the lava

Gate 2 - Degenerate Gem Stalker

  • Fixed issue where combat did not start if you were moving at high speed

Gate 3 - Divine Kranos

  • Kranos no longer summons flame chillers immediately after the “vinegar” attack (T/N: I forget the actual name so we’ll just use the odd name)

Gate 4 - Phoenix Lavanock

  • You have other worries while hiding behind Crocodile Defenders besides the breath!
  • The defenders are no longer displayed on the minimap
  • Lavanock will no longer knock you back
  • The more party members, the more times Lavanock will use the flying assault attack

Guardian Nest

Gate 1 - Frog Magician Auger

= When Auger uses subversion, the number of real Augers increases depending on the party size

  • The frequency of attacking frog legions has been reduced

Gate 2 - Fury Spirit

  • Removed the barmech (1 safe zone rest poision tiles)
  • Reduced the total time that poisionous tiles are activated
  • Poision mark(?) will only deal damage upon detonation

Gate 3 - Dux Arxis

  • Battle starts faster
  • Shield reactivation has been reduced
  • Countdown is shown 10s before shield reactivation
  • No longer does super jump attack when shield is destroyed
  • Mages are now attackable immediately on spawn

Gate 4 - Ignacio

  • fixed issue when Ignacio dies but relics remain

Gate 5 - Guardian

  • At all difficulties, Guardian will use the Bind skill
  • When solo, the skill is changed

Mist Nest

Gate 1 - Crow

  • Once all switches are active, the center switch can be activated regardless if the crow is watching or not

Gate 2 - Wraith

  • When the stalker is summoned, the wraith teleports to the center of the battlefield
  • Stalker’s HP increases with party size

Gate 3 - Chain Wind Hill

  • Opening time reduced
  • Strong Winds now deal damage more suited to their name
  • Wind will cease after cleansing the hill

Gate 4 - Mist Queen

  • When the Wraith creates a stalker, it will move to its spawn location
  • Stalker’s HP increases with party size

Kairon Nest

Gate 1 - Dancer Rubina

  • Water fog cactus strength reduced

Gate 2 - Gustos

  • Fixed ice prison
  • Damage increased during ice prison

Gate 3 - Salta Dor

  • No longer knocks you back when he creates a whirlwind

Gate 4 - Capt. de Luke

  • If you successfully maneuver the cannon, you can return to the beach immediately
  • Guided shots will not fly in certain directions
  • Fixed misc skills not working in certain attack patterns

Achievements and Titles

  • New achievements and titles have been added. Some old achievements and titles can no longer be acquired

Nest Rewards

  • New Labyrinth difficulty has been opened
  • Rewards have been reorganized
  • Each time the Labyrinth level increases, rewards increase
  • Certain items are obtainable above a certain level
  • After Lab 20, unique gem fragments will be dropped

More nests (TKN, PKN, GN, SDN) coming soon!

Garden of Time & Space Revamp

Monolith Invasion

T/N Of course.

When it started, that crack
That crack, grew to a place that should never be split

The Monolith.

There are many guests who are not welcome
In the sanctuary sustained by sacrifice

It is a warrior, a dragon
Accustomed to solo combat, wave after wave

“Come on, trash!”

Integration of the Garden

  • Due to the Labyrinth, the Gardens have merged into one, resulting in structural changes

  1. Beginner’s Cerberus Nest
  2. Slayer Nest
  3. Green Dragon Time Attack Nest
  4. Nest of Division
  5. St. Haven
  6. ?
  7. Dark Banquet
  8. Hero’s Battlefield
  9. Rune Dragon Nest
  10. Red Dragon Guild Nest
  11. ?

Content to be Removed


  • Manticore
  • Archbishop
  • Daidalos
  • Desert Dragon
  • Red Dragon
  • Ice Dragon


  • Prof K
  • Granom
  • Deep Sea Sea Dragon


  • Limit Break Nests



There’s a quest. Grab it after Lv95 from Remote Quest window or Elisah. What more do you want?

Rebellion Crest

[WARN] Extreme dimension detected
[REPORT] A problem has occurred. Data collection ended
Press any key to continue to switch to Manual mode
[SYS] Press any key to continue.

Waiting for Manual mode...

System update... [52%] ▶ [100%]
Lebria refinement system... [ready!]

Accept Quest NPC

  • The new system has been updated on Future Chat 3S which detected the new dimension
  • Acquire the power to confront it with the updated functionality
  • Quests can be done through “Space Information Collector Future Chat 3S” in St. Haven
  • Quests will be added continuously according to the update cycle of Future Chat 3S
  • Must be Lv95


First Run

Ultimate Rebellion Crest v1.00

Final Damage: 500
  • Accept the first quest [Rebellion Crest (1)] at Future Chat 3S to start
  • This powerful crest is the first quest reward
  • If you wish to awaken the latent power in the crest, proceed to the next quest

Second Run

  • From the 2nd quest onwards, you will receive an “Update Package” that will upgrade your crest
  • Follow the quest step by step to challenge the update
  • Each Update Package corresponds to a specific version. If the version does not match, it is a system error.
  • *Please be careful to not destroy the package for your current version


T\N: To save my fingers I’m omitting the updater version number. Use your head to figure out which one you need (hint, the next version number)

Version FD Required Updater
v1.00 500 v1.01
v1.01 550 ..
v1.02 600 ..
v1.03 650 ..
v1.04 700 ..
v1.05 750 ..
v1.06 800 ..
v1.07 900 ..
v1.08 1,000 ..
v1.09 1,100 ..
v2.00 1,200 Unable to update (will be patched later)
  • To complete the quests, you need [Rebellion Superior Stone]. The required amount increases gradually

T/N: Lebria system will be explained in a later section

Crest Number Required Stones
1 800
2 910
3 920
4 930
5 940
6 950
7 960
8 970
9 980
10 990
11 1,000

Black Mara Storyline Revision

Same as all the previous dark class story revisions.

Changes & Additions

Lv 95 Equipment


  • With the appearance of Labyrinth and the unification of enhancing stones, they have been replaced with “Rebellion Enhancing Stones”
  • Number of quality garnet and quality life-giving essence required for enhancing has not changed
  • You can no longer extract Lv95 equipment (In future updates, Calypso Tier 2 will be changed to allow for extraction)

[Epic] Neris

In addition to the common changes:

  • 50% reduced gold cost when enhancing
  • Gold prices during enhancement redistributed
  • 0-20 does not require Rebellion Enhancing Stones
Level Main/Offhand Weap Helmet Body Legs Gloves/Shoes
1 00g 45s 00c 00g 10s 50c 00g 21s 00c 00g 16s 50c 00g 06s 00c
2 00g 63s 00c 00g 14s 70c 00g 29s 40c 00g 23s 10c 00g 08s 40c
3 00g 88s 20c 00g 20s 58c 00g 41s 16c 00g 32s 34c 00g 11s 76c
4 01g 19s 20c 00g 27s 78c 00g 55s 57c 00g 43s 66c 00g 15s 88c
5 01g 54s 79c 00g 36s 12c 00g 72s 24c 00g 56s 76c 00g 20s 64c
6 02g 01s 23c 00g 46s 95c 00g 93s 91c 00g 73s 78c 00g 26s 83c
7 02g 81s 72c 00g 65s 73c 01g 31s 47c 01g 03s 30c 00g 37s 56c
8 03g 94s 41c 00g 92s 03c 01g 84s 06c 01g 44s 62c 00g 52s 59c
9 05g 32s 45c 01g 24s 24c 02g 48s 48c 01g 95s 23c 00g 70s 99c
10 07g 98s 68c 01g 86s 36c 03g 72s 72c 02g 92s 85c 01g 06s 49c
11 10g 78s 21c 02g 51s 58c 05g 03s 17c 03g 95s 34c 01g 43s 76c
12 15g 09s 50c 03g 52s 22c 07g 04s 43c 05g 53s 48c 02g 01s 27c
13 21g 13s 29c 04g 93s 10c 09g 86s 20c 07g 74s 87c 02g 81s 77c
14 25g 35s 95c 05g 91s 72c 11g 83s 44c 09g 29s 85c 03g 38s 13c
15 29g 92s 42c 06g 98s 23c 13g 96s 46c 10g 97s 22c 03g 98s 99c
16 34g 71s 21c 08g 09s 95c 16g 19s 90c 12g 72s 78c 04g 62s 83c
17 46g 86s 14c 10g 93s 43c 21g 86s 86c 17g 18s 25c 06g 24s 82c
18 63g 26s 29c 14g 76s 13c 29g 52s 27c 23g 19s 64c 08g 43s 50c
19 85g 40s 49c 19g 92s 78c 39g 85s 56c 31g 31s 51c 11g 38s 73c
20 102g 48s 58c 23g 91s 34c 47g 82s 67c 37g 57s 81c 13g 66s 48c

[Unique] Medea

In addition to the common changes:

  • 50% reduced gold cost when enhancing
  • Gold prices during enhancement redistributed
  • 0-20 requires 1 Rebellion Enhancing Stone

Tier 1

Level Main/Offhand Weap Helmet Body Legs Gloves/Shoes
1 04g 80s 00c 01g 12s 00c 02g 24s 00c 01g 76s 00c 00g 64s 00c
2 06g 72s 00c 01g 56s 80c 03g 13s 60c 02g 46s 40c 00g 89s 60c
3 09g 40s 80c 02g 19s 52c 04g 39s 04c 03g 44s 96c 01g 25s 44c
4 12g 70s 08c 02g 96s 35c 05g 92s 70c 04g 65s 70c 01g 69s 34c
5 16g 51s 10c 03g 85s 26c 07g 70s 52c 06g 05s 40c 02g 20s 15c
6 21g 46s 44c 05g 00s 83c 10g 01s 67c 07g 87s 03c 02g 86s 19c
7 30g 05s 01c 07g 01s 17c 14g 02s 34c 11g 01s 84c 04g 00s 67c
8 42g 07s 01c 09g 81s 64c 19g 63s 27c 15g 42s 57c 05g 60s 94c
9 56g 79s 47c 13g 25s 21c 26g 50s 42c 20g 82s 47c 07g 57s 26c
10 85g 19s 20c 19g 87s 81c 39g 75s 63c 31g 23s 71c 11g 35s 89c
11 115g 00s 92c 26g 83s 55c 53g 67s 10c 42g 17s 00c 15g 33s 46c
12 161g 01s 29c 37g 56s 97c 75g 13s 94c 59g 03s 81c 21g 46s 84c
13 225g 41s 81c 52g 59s 75c 105g 19s 51c 82g 65s 33c 30g 05s 57c
14 270g 50s 17c 63g 11s 71c 126g 23s 41c 99g 18s 39c 36g 06s 69c
15 319g 19s 20c 74g 47s 81c 148g 95s 63c 117g 03s 71c 42g 55s 89c
16 370g 26s 27c 86g 39s 46c 172g 78s 93c 135g 76s 30c 49g 36s 84c
17 499g 85s 46c 116g 63s 28c 233g 26s 55c 183g 28s 00c 66g 64s 73c
18 674g 80s 38c 157g 45s 42c 314g 90s 84c 247g 42s 80c 89g 97s 38c
19 910g 98s 51c 212g 56s 32c 425g 12s 64c 334g 02s 79c 121g 46s 47c
20 1093g 18s 21c 255g 07s 58c 510g 15s 17c 400g 83s 34c 145g 75s 76c

Tier 2

Level Main/Offhand Weap Helmet Body Legs Gloves/Shoes
1 08g 64s 00c 02g 01s 60c 04g 03s 20c 03g 16s 80c 01g 15s 20c
2 12g 09s 60c 02g 82s 24c 05g 64s 48c 04g 43s 52c 01g 61s 28c
3 16g 93s 44c 03g 95s 14c 07g 90s 27c 06g 20s 93c 02g 25s 79c
4 22g 86s 14c 05g 33s 43c 10g 66s 87c 08g 38s 25c 03g 04s 82c
5 29g 71s 99c 06g 93s 46c 13g 86s 93c 10g 89s 73c 03g 96s 26c
6 38g 63s 58c 09g 01s 50c 18g 03s 01c 14g 16s 65c 05g 15s 14c
7 54g 09s 02c 12g 62s 10c 25g 24s 21c 19g 83s 31c 07g 21s 20c
8 75g 72s 62c 17g 66s 95c 35g 33s 89c 27g 76s 63c 10g 09s 68c
9 102g 23s 04c 23g 85s 38c 47g 70s 75c 37g 48s 45c 13g 63s 07c
10 153g 34s 56c 35g 78s 06c 71g 56s 13c 56g 22s 67c 20g 44s 61c
11 207g 01s 66c 48g 30s 39c 96g 60s 77c 75g 90s 61c 27g 60s 22c
12 289g 82s 32c 67g 62s 54c 135g 25s 08c 106g 26s 85c 38g 64s 31c
13 405g 75s 25c 94g 67s 56c 189g 35s 12c 148g 77s 59c 54g 10s 03c
14 486g 90s 30c 113g 61s 07c 227g 22s 14c 178g 53s 11c 64g 92s 04c
15 574g 54s 56c 134g 06s 06c 268g 12s 13c 210g 66s 67c 76g 60s 61c
16 666g 47s 26c 155g 51s 03c 311g 02s 07c 244g 37s 34c 88g 86s 30c
17 899g 73s 84c 209g 93s 90c 419g 87s 79c 329g 90s 41c 119g 96s 51c
18 1214g 64s 68c 283g 41s 76c 566g 83s 52c 445g 37s 05c 161g 95s 29c
19 1639g 77s 32c 382g 61s 37c 765g 22s 75c 601g 250s 02c 218g 63s 64c
20 1967g 72s 78c 459g 13s 65c 918g 27s 30c 721g 50s 02c 262g 36s 37c

[Legendary] Calypso

In addition to the common changes:

  • 50% reduced gold cost when enhancing
  • Gold prices during enhancement redistributed
  • 0-20 requires the same amount of Rebellion Enhancing Stone, depending on the piece
  • Success rate adjusted between +8-+20
  • The success rate gradually reduces as the enhancement level increases

Tier 1

Part Rebellion Enhancing Stones
Main/Offhand Weapon 56
Helmet 13
Body 26
Legs 21
Gloves/Shoes 8
Level Success Rate
1 100%
2 100%
3 100%
4 100%
5 100%
6 100%
7 100%
8 95%
9 90%
10 85%
11 80%
12 75%
13 71%
14 67%
15 63%
16 59%
17 55%
18 51%
19 47%
20 44%
Level Main/Offhand Weap Helmet Body Legs Gloves/Shoes
1 33g 00s 07g 70s 15g 40s 12g 10s 04g 40s
2 46g 20s 10g 78s 21g 56s 16g 94s 06g 16s
3 64g 68s 15g 09s 30g 18s 23g 71s 08g 62s
4 87g 31s 20g 37s 40g 74s 32g 01s 11g 64s
5 113g 51s 26g 48s 52g 97s 41g 62s 15g 13s
6 147g 56s 34g 43s 68g 86s 54g 10s 19g 67s
7 206g 59s 48g 20s 96g 41s 75g 75s 27g 54s
8 289g 23s 67g 48s 134g 97s 106g 05s 38g 56s
9 390g 46s 91g 10s 182g 21s 143g 16s 52g 06s
10 585g 69s 136g 66s 273g 32s 214g 75s 78g 09s
11 790g 68s 184g 49s 368g 98s 289g 91s 105g 42s
12 1106g 96s 258g 29s 516g 58s 405g 88s 147g 59s
13 1549g 74s 361g 60s 723g 21s 568g 24s 206g 63s
14 1859g 69s 433g 92s 867g 85s 681g 88s 247g 95s
15 2194g 44s 512g 03s 1024g 07s 804g 62s 292g 59s
16 2545g 55s 593g 96s 1187g 92s 933g 37s 339g 40s
17 3436g 50s 801g 85s 1603g 70s 1260g 05s 458g 20s
18 4639g 27s 1082g 49s 2164g 99s 1701g 06s 618g 57s
19 6263g 02s 1461g 37s 2922g 74s 2296g 44s 835g 06s
20 7515g 62s 1753g 64s 3507g 29s 2755g 72s 1002g 08s

Tier 2

Part Rebellion Enhancing Stones
Main/Offhand Weapon 91
Helmet 21
Body 43
Legs 34
Gloves/Shoes 12

Success rates and gold costs are identical to Tier 1

Lv95 Item Crafting

The item crafting window has been rearranged to improve crafting and enhancing of various items.

We have been working to reorganize and integrate parts of previous equipment and item crafting.

Weekly Missions

  • New weekly missions have been added for Labyrinth
  • Rebellion Points, which can be obtained as a reward, can be used to purchase Rebellion Enhancing Stones from the blacksmith.
Mission Reward
Clear VN 10x 20 RP
Clear GN 10x 20 RP
Clear MN 10x 20 RP
Clear KN 10x 20 RP

Party Compensation

  • Mission conditions and points for party reward content have been adjusted with Labyrinth and weekly FTG adjustment (1,500 -> 3,000)

Homeless Box

  • The mission has been changed
Mission Purchase Cost Reward
Clear 70 daily missions 7,000 Stage Points 10,000 Crystal Points
”” 7,000 Nest Points ””
”” 30,000 Free Adventurer Points ””
”” 30,000 Royal Court Points ””
”” 10,000 Golden Goose Points ””
”” 10,000 Wonderful Points ””
”” 30,000 Nightmare Points ””
”” 800 Ladder Points ””
  • Weekly purchase limit removed
  • Lv95 Nest and Treasure Dungeon missions removed
  • You can only carry one box at a time
  • 7 day time limit removed


Crystal Point Shop

  • Added 30-day Shard of Will, costing 100,000 Crystal Points

Community Point Shop

  • Added Lv95 restriction to certain items

PvP Ladder Shop

  • Items over 1,000 Ladder Points prices reduced by 30%, to match Ladder Point acquisition rates

Final Damage

  • The calculation formula for FD to FD% has been changed to match all other stats (aka Linear growth)

(T/N: Old in blue, new in red)


  • Slayer no longer drops faction gifts
  • Reward box for time limit event changed: Normal: 50 Slayer Points, Master: 100 Slayer Points, Abyss: 150 Slayer Points
  • Lost Goblin event now only drops admission tickets

Unique/Legendary Tuners

  • Tuners have been merged
Tuner Materials Gold Usability
Equipment Tuner - Unique 15 Quality Garnet, 15 Spaera 100g Tier 1 Neris to Tier 1 Medea, Tier 1 Medea to Tier 2 Medea
Equipment Tuner - Legendary 50 Quality Garnet, 100 Spaera 2,500g Tier 2 Medea to Tier 1 Calypso, Tier 1 Calypso to Tier 2 Calypso

Rebellion Stones

  • New [Rebellion Enhancing Stone] has been added
  • Collect [Rebellion Points] and buy stones from the blacksmith (1 point = 1 stone)
  • The existing Enhancing Stones can no longer be used and can be exchanged at the blacksmith (1x Legendary Weapon Stone or 3x Legendary Armor Stone = 1 Rebellion Stone)
  • Existing tooltips changed
  • The existing enhancing stones can no longer be purchased or obtained
  • Goddess Sadness pouches modified to remove stones, changed Hero EXP Pot from 500 HXP to 10,000 HXP, and increase chance of Lv95 plates
  • Guild Tablet Rewards modified: Tablet 4 adds 7 Spaera and Tablet 5 adds 10 Spaera

Goblynn’s Box

  • Contents changed
Item Quantity Rate
Unique Dragon Gem Core 1 0.2%
90% Legendary Enhancing Hammer 1 0.3%
50% Legendary Enhancing Hammer 1 0.4%
Harmony Cube 1 1%
Harmony Cube 3 0.6%
Harmony Cube 5 0.3%
Time Cube 2 5%
Time Cube 5 2%
Time Cube 10 1.1%
Rarestone (1,000g) 1 0.6%
Rarestone (5,000g) 1 0.3%
Unique Dragon Gem Fragment 1 3%
Unique Dragon Gem Fragment 5 1%
Crude Dragon Gem Fragment 1 6%
Crude Dragon Gem Fragment 3 3%
Crude Dragon Gem Fragment 20 9%
Crude Dragon Gem Fragment 50 3%
Crude Dragon Gem Fragment 100 1%
Crude Talisman Essence 1 6%
Crude Talisman Essence 3 3%
Crude Talisman Essence 20 9%
Crude Talisman Essence 50 3%
Crude Talisman Essence 100 1%
6 Rebellion Points 6 28.2%
8 Rebellion Points 7 11%
12 Rebellion Points 12 1%

Green Dragon Time Attack

  • As per monthly nerf, HP reduced to 70% of release HP

Dungeon EXP Lv90+

  • There has been an unintentional slowdown in the level up rate due to the decrease in the number of daily runs of pre-95 dungeons after the FTG changes
  • Therefore, EXP of Heart of Merca dungeons has been upgraded to gain more EXP as FTG consumption increases

Dungeon HP/ATK Nerfs

  • Monster HP for Normal and Master difficulties halved
  • No Abyss changes
  • Applies to: Vulcanus Swamp, Red Wasteland, Black Lake, Abandoned Marina, Forest Center, Abandoned City, and Secret Underwater Cave

Cerberus Nest Legendary Gold Pouch

If you left it to your pet to pick up the legendary gold pouch in Cerberus Nest, you probably mistakenly left before acquiring the pouch.

In order to make it easier to not forget, the item has been downgraded to unique grade. No other changes made to the item besides its grade.

Equipment Durability

  • Items durability no longer drops when killing monsters, only upon death
  • Repair costs increased at Lv95
  • After 25 deaths, the durability will be 0 (each death reduces item durability by 1/25th)

Hero EXP

  • Added Hero EXP gain to Slayer Nests and Slayer Testing Ground
Nest Normal Hard Abyss
Manticore 1,000 1,500 2,000
Archbishop 1,000 1,500 2,000
Daidalos 1,000 1,500 2,000
Slayer Testing Ground - - 200
Slayer Testing Ground x4 - - 800

T/N: Archbishop and Daidalos table rows are misaligned in the original patch notes (Normal is listed twice), but it is assumed that they are the same as Manticore

Additional Entry Ticket Removal

  • Stashy no longer has the Additional Entry Ticket shop
  • No tickets will be awarded in the daily mission

T/N: The nests that the tickets work for (VN, GN) no longer have weekly clear limits; therefore this item is no longer necessary

Miracle Jelly

  • Miracle! Jelly Jelly admission ticket [Miracle Jelly] will no longer drop

Hero’s Battlefield

  • Rewards have been changed
  • Exchanged dragon gem fragments for talisman pieces
  • Gold is same as before
Rank Spaera Quality Garnet Title
1 20 20 1
2 15 15 0
3 10 10 0
4-10 7 7 0
11-100 5 5 0

Fledgeling Nest Clears

Due to the nest reorganization with Labyrinth, the Fledgling bonus will no longer be available. Therefore, the right click menu option to view nest clears has been disabled.

T/N: The bottom option which allows you to see clear counts/fledgling bonus. Also note the system does not work on NA

Enhancing Hammers

  • Enhancing Hammers now list the usable equipment on the tooltip

Ladder Schedule

Schedule has been adjusted to provide more opportunities to participate in ranked ladder and gain ladder points.

In order to adjust the schedule before annual ladder ranking, the standard schedule of 11 seasons will still apply for 4 months.

  • Regular Season schedule from 2 months to 3 months
  • Pre-season schedule from 2 weeks to 1 week
  • Evening ladder open time from 19:00 to 18:00

Rapid Item Pickup

  • Pressing and holding F while in combat mode will rapidly pick up items

Cash Shop Functionality

  • Remove All added to preview
  • Zoom range of preview expanded
  • Gestures can be previewed



  • Skill crests no longer require materials (altheum, diamonds, etc)
  • Enhancing crests under Lv95 no longer require materials (altheum, diamonds, etc), but gold cost will be increased 1.5x

Weekly FTG

  • Increased from 1,500 to 3,000

Box/Pouch Items

  • Opening time reduced

Battle Dragon Nests

  • Max 1 player


  • Enhancing time reduced
  • We decided to shorten the duration so that you can enhance faster

Unused Items

  • Tooltips of unused materials and other items have been changed

Class Balancing (PVE)


Piercing Shot

  • Damage increased from 360% to 630%.


Charged Shot

  • Damage increased from 1109% to 1900%.

Aerial Chain Shot

  • Damage increased from 166% to 236%.

Rain of Arrows

  • No longer a projectile. Instead, it has a wide spread and the arrows fire in front of you.
  • Number of arrows reduced.
  • Damage increased.


Lucky Shot

  • Additional damage for critical hits reduced from 75% to 50%.


  • FD increase removed.

Charged Shot EX

  • Windshot moved to Siege Stance EX.

Siege Stance EX

  • Windshot added.
  • Damage increase for Siege Stance removed.
  • Windshot Damage: 5000% at Siege Stance level 1, and additional 1000% per Siege Stance level

Rain of Arrows EX

  • Removed the additional input.
  • Number of additional arrows increased to 10.

Class Mastery II

  • Redesigned to enhance Tumbling Shot.
  • Damage of Tumbling Shot increases by 10 times.
  • Generates 1 Wind Arrow when it hits an enemy.

Class Mastery III

  • Redesigned to enhance Piercing Shot and Siege Stance.
  • After using Piercing Shot, the action speed of Siege Stance increases by 3 times for 4 seconds.


  • Cast time decreased.
  • Cooldown increased from 24s to 60s.
  • Duration decreased from 10s to 6s.
  • Generates 10 Wind Arrows upon use.
  • Action speed increase of Windshot changed from 2x to 3x.

[Awakened Passive] Siege Stance (Aim)

  • Siege Stance is no longer cancelled when using Charged Shot or Rain of Arrows.
  • Aerial Chain Shot still cancels it.

[Awakened Passive] Siege Stance (Accumulate)

  • Wind Arrow generation removed from Aerial Chain Shot.
  • Recovery of Charged Shot cooldown reduced from 2s to 1s.
  • Recovery of Rain of Arrows cooldown increased from 1s to 2s.

[Awakened Passive] Piercing Shot

  • Damage increased by 10 times.
  • Cooldown increased from 9s to 20s.
  • Bleeding duration decreased from 60s to 20s.
  • Bleeding damage increased from 800% to 1600%.

Class Balancing (PVP)


  • The skill has been removed from all classes except Warrior.

Damage Changes

  • The damage of all offensive skills for the following classes have been changed.



  • All Lenceas
  • All Kalis


  • Phantom, Bleed Phantom


  • Windwalker



  • Light Bringer



Rain of Arrows

  • No longer a projectile. Instead, it has a wide spread and the arrows fire in front of you.
  • Number of arrows reduced.


Charged Shot EX

  • Windshot moved to Siege Stance EX.

Siege Stance EX

  • Windshot added.
  • Damage increase removed.

Rain of Arrows EX

  • Removed the additional input.
  • Number of additional arrows increased.

Class Mastery II

  • Redesigned to enhance Tumbling Shot.


  • Cast time decreased.
  • Duration decreased from 10s to 6s.
  • Generates 10 Wind Arrows upon use.
  • Action speed increase of Windshot changed from 2x to 3x.

[Awakened Passive] Siege Stance (Aim)

  • Siege Stance is no longer cancelled when using Charged Shot or Rain of Arrows.
  • Aerial Chain Shot still cancels it.

[Awakened Passive] Siege Stance (Accumulate)

  • Wind Arrow generation removed from Aerial Chain Shot.
  • Recovery of Charged Shot cooldown reduced from 2s to 1s.
  • Recovery of Rain of Arrows cooldown increased from 1s to 2s.


  • FD increase removed.


Fatal Guide

  • Now generated upon hits, rather than critical hits.

Ward of the Spirits

  • Duration increased from 15s to 30s.



  • Cooldown increased from 60s to 70s.

Swift Attack

  • Cooldown increased from 30s to 35s.

Wind of Recovery

  • Recovery decreased from 0.2% to 0.1%.


Dark Summoner


  • Cooldown increased from 30s to 35s.

Ascending Phantom

  • Cooldown increased from 15s to 18s.

Spirit Dancer

Dusk Hunter

  • Cooldown increased from 11s to 15s.

General Dawnblade

  • Cooldown increased from 22s to 25s.




  • Additional fire damage reduced from 15% to 5%.

Class Mastery I

  • STR/AGI increase reduced from 10% to 5%.

Light Bringer

Outbreak EX

  • 3s cooldown reduction added.
  • Damage increase of the last slamming attack changed from 30% to 50%.

Strike Ring EX

  • Damage increase changed from 30% to 50%.

[Awakened Passive] Piercing Star

  • Damage increase changed from 20% to 200%.

[Awakened Passive] Illusory Chakra

  • Damage increase changed from 20% to 100%.

Chakra Grip

  • Cooldown reduced from 12s to 10s.

Unseen Art

  • Cooldown reduced from 45s to 35s.




  • Cooldown increased from 40s to 45s.
  • Damage decreased from 1600% to 740%.

Evil Punisher

  • Damage decreased from 800% to 420%.


Flag Sign

  • Cooldown increased from 15s to 25s.
  • Damage when summoned decreased from 90% to 41%.
  • Explosion damage decreased from 900% to 410%.
  • Angelic Spear damage decreased from 1000% to 700%.

Angelic Spear

  • Cooldown increased from 40s to 50s.


Starter Escape Mission

  • Some missions have been rewarded
  • Rewards will be paid between Mar 08 and Apr 05


March Attendance event.


  • Fishing event ended
  • Valentines events ended
  • New Year event ended, New Sun Essence will no longer drop

Cash Shop

Hanbok Costume

  • 2 piece (helmet, 1 piece)
  • 2 weapons (mainhand and offhand)
  • 100,000 Crystal Points
  • Combo only

White Lily Set

Lucky Slayer Amulet

Sale ended

Petal Exchange

  • Exchange petal ticket sizes to purchase more than 1 at the same time

Community Point Hat

  • [Flower on my Head] added
  • [Stress and Torture] removed (T\N That’s the plunger I think)

Scout Costume Adjustments



  • Pet EXP gain fixed
  • Abandoned Marina: Fixed issue where boss was unable to start battle
  • Kairon Abandoned City: Ogres now appear in an orderly 2 rows
  • Secret Underwater Cave: Fixed issue where the door would open late at the first worm gateway


  • Mist Nest Gate 4: Fixed issue where the weakness fog effect was difficult to see




  • Fixed the tooltip.


Preview Images

  • Fixed the preview images for Rapid Shot, Rapid Shot EX, Swift Shot EX, and [Awakened Passive] Swift Shot.


Divine Judgement

  • Fixed a problem in which the max level was incorrect.

Heart of Glory

  • Fixed a problem in which the cooldown was incorrect.


Class Mastery III

  • Fixed a problem in which this activated in PVP.


Toxic Spill EX

  • Fixed a problem in which you could still cure with Special Attack.

Oracle Elder

Class Mastery III

  • Fixed a problem in which Rising Gust did not work.


[Awakened Passive] Vengeance from Above

  • Fixed a problem in which the normal version appeared instead.


Strike of the Martyr

  • Fixed a bug in which the Barrier effect did not apply after use.


Kidney Blow INS

  • Fixed a problem in which this did not generate Steam.
  • Fixed a problem in which this did not apply the effects from Ducking.

[Awakened Passive] Ducking

  • Fixed a problem in PVP in which its tooltip was applied incorrectly.

[Awakened Passive] Overclock

  • Fixed a problem in which it applied an invincible effect when used with skills that grant Barrier.


  • Graphics on the Scout costumes have been improved (see Cash Shop above)
  • PvP Magical Knight Costume graphics improved
  • Improved Machina’s Transcendent Suit
  • Fixed issue where numbers were displayed on Hero EXP potions
  • Fixed issue where certain plates displayed a deleted skill message


  • Removed Irene’s Gift from the VIP coupon item description in the shop
  • Fixed issue where Machina icon was missing from character select
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