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KR v938/942 Hidden Content

May 09
- Vahr (真理)

There’s a bit of interesting stuff in the most recent KR patch, so I’ll be datamining it a bit.

A list of files that were patched can be downloaded here

Minor Update 942

  • Added two text strings, one about quest progression the other is a world announcement for enhancing
  • Sorceress action file changes
  • Map entry fixes
  • Shop update?
old 938
new 942
Deleted Rows

Added Rows
140446 [[
    특정 퀘스트를 진행 중이거나 완료 이후에 통과할 수 있습니다.
140447 [[
    %s님께서 +%I64d %s 강화에 성공하셨습니다.

Modified Rows


  • 2018 Golden Weapons
  • Conversion Costumes enhancing to +8
  • Lily Set
  • New UFO mount
  • Black Rose Set
  • Granom Set
  • Tier 3 and Tier 4 tier text
  • Female Warrior Transform
  • Sacred Light Weapons
  • New Daredevil Faire Goblin stage?
  • Sacred Blue Light Unicorn mount
  • “Forest Dragon Nest” text officially in (not news, but its finally “in”)

The raw UiString.xml differences can be downloaded here

FileTable Referenced Files

These are new entries in FileTable.dnt. The files may not be present in the files yet but they have been assigned an ID already.

Lencea 2nd Branch

  • Lencea_Skill_1st_KNIGHTESS.act
  • Lencea_Skill_2st_AVALANCHE.act
  • Lencea_Skill_2st_RANDGRID.act

Forest Dragon

Raid Data

  • 95lv_ForestDragon_1Gate_Blossom_Green_User.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_1Gate_Darkmatter.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_1Gate_Poisonbubble.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_1Gate_Poisonbubble_state.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_1Gate_Poisonwall.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_1Gate_StoneHail2.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_2Gate_Darkeye1.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_2Gate_Spittler_DarkBall.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_5Gate_ChangeSeed.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_5Gate_FlyChaser.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_DoubleBomb.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_Parched.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_Superarmour.act
  • 95lv_ForestDragon_Throw_Poison.act
  • DRAGON NEST_BGM_ForestDragon_Boss.ogg
  • DRAGON NEST_BGM_ForestDragon_Stage.ogg
  • FD_A_GlassStoneWall_01.ani
  • FD_A_GlassStoneWall_01.skn
  • FD_A_GlassStoneWall_02.act
  • FD_A_GlassStoneWall_02.ani
  • FD_A_GlassStoneWall_02.skn
  • FD_A_StoneWall.act


  • Forest Dragon Unique and Legendary armor and weapons


  • Granom Set
  • “Mitoo” Set
  • 2018 Light Set
  • Graduation Helmet
  • Blue Horn Set?


  • Added map 13044: “녹음의 정원(하이렌델의 옛 거주지)” “Garden of Memories (Former Residence of Hiriendel)”, internal name “ForestDragon_Event”
  • Added map 228, “Developing”, internal name “Skill_Test_Map”
  • Map 1126 renamed from “Garden of Memories” to “An Old Garden”


Forest Dragon

  • FD_magic_cloud
  • FD_A_GlassStoneWall_02
  • FD_N_ThornVine02
  • FD_N_ThornVine01
  • FD_wave
  • FD_N_NarrowSpineflowerA
  • FD_A_Gate01
  • FD_Portal01


(Not comprehensive, there’s a lot of changes and its hard to separate the noise from the goods)

Lv95 Sealed Gem

Enhancement data is missing from this KR build.


  • Can only be attached to the head armor.
  • There is a risk that items will be destroyed if reinforcement fails at all hardening levels.
  • Item protection magic jelly can not be used
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