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NA 5/10/18 - Hidden Changes Patch 95.9.NA (Updated 5/17/18)

May 09
- Vahr (真理)

These are the changes made that are not mentioned on the official NA patch notes that I’ve datamined or observed.

This is the 9th patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.9.NA and mostly corresponds to the remaining changes in Patch 95.9.KR.

More things may be added (especially to the bug/error list) as we find them.

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Some of the notes below are not changes per-se, but rather for ease of confirmation.

Patch was from v687 to v692.

Processing patch data…

5/17 Maint Patch

  • Egypt costume fixed
  • Various MIDs fixed (delta here)

Unable to Start Game

Many users have reported after patching that they are unable to launch the game. This is due to XIGNCODE failing to start (god knows why, its a flaming pile of shit) due to compatibility issues with certain builds of Windows.

Potential fixes include:

  • Rolling back recent Windows updates (NOT RECOMMENDED) - works for a handful of people
  • Rolling back XIGNCODE files (download them from this page) - seems to work for most people even without rolling back Windows. Thanks Mara!
  • Waiting until EYEDENTITY figures it out and releases a fix

Raw Diffs

I’m providing raw diffs for people to investigate further if they wish.

Type Link
Patched Files Link
UiString.xml Link



  • Sealed Chests no longer have an MID
  • Guild EXP tooltips no longer have an MID
  • Few instances of Saint’s Haven changed to Saint Haven
  • DPS meter right click menu items no longer have an MID
  • “Armor Tunver” fixed to “Armor Tuner”
  • Effect transparency options in System menu no longer have an MID
  • Goddess Title Coupons no longer have an MID
  • Legend Weapon Tuners no longer have an MID


  • Text for new content (expected)
  • TODO


  • Guardian skills have MIDs for descriptions (a LOT)
  • Hero EXP is MIDs
  • Special Server Storage is an MID



Rune Dragon to Lv95 Tuners

Confirmed removed: can no longer be purchased. They still work, however.


Legendary Weapon Tuner

Confirmed: Now supports changing to weapons/offhands of different classes. Only mainhands can be turned into mainhands, and offhands into offhands.



  • Egypt Costume models missing


  • Various maps have had their FTG adjusted (usually increased)

Misc Bugs

  • Hero’s Battlefield does not drop the correct number of Shadow Cubes
  • Memory Dungeons do not drop the correct number of Shadow Cubes
  • Guild Red Dragon Nest Hardcore quest is startable but Guild Red Dragon Nest Hardcore does not exist
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