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KR v949 Patch Analysis

Jun 05
- Vahr (真理)

Datamined info from KR’s patch. Read the patch notes here.

A list of files that were patched can be downloaded here

  • Updated with KR minor patch for a few fixes

Datamining in progress WIP

Forest Dragon Nest

Map IDs 14761 and 14762

Entry: Labyrinth F50 only

Trying to get HP values is very very difficult. Will revisit

All monsters: 0% ele resist

Loading Screens







Boss BGM (Common)

Dragon BGM

Monster Dump

ID Name EN Name AI ActorID Model
507508 가시 돋친 넝쿨 나무 Thorny Vine 95lv_ForestDragon_Gate2_Thron.lua 1000909 Link
507509 가시 돋친 넝쿨 나무 Thorny Vine 95lv_ForestDragon_Gate2_Thron.lua 1000916 Link
507510 가시 돋친 넝쿨 나무 Thorny Vine 95lv_ForestDragon_Gate2_Thron.lua 1000909 duplicate
507511 가시 돋친 넝쿨 나무 Thorny Vine 95lv_ForestDragon_Gate2_Thron.lua 1000916 duplicate
507514 포레스트 드래곤 하이렌델 Forest Dragon Hierendel 95lv_ForestDragon.lua 1000911 Link
507519 포레스트 드래곤 하이렌델 Forest Dragon Hierendel 95lv_ForestDragon.lua 1000911 duplicate
507527 고대도시의 수호자 미디르 Protector of Ancient City Midir 95lv_ForestDragon_Gate4_Giant_Guardian_.lua 1000924 regular guardian model
507531 욕심 많은 밤밤이 Greedy Night Bambami 95lv_ForestDragon_Gate2_Spittler_Dark.lua 1000928  
507532 하이렌델의 어린 나무 토르테 Hierendel’s Young Tree Tourte 95lv_ForestDragon_Ent_Gray_Boss.lua 1000929  
507540 카스미나의 활짝 피어난 크리퍼 Kasamina’s Bloated Creepers 95lv_ForestDragon_Ghoul_Blossom.lua 1000954  
507541 하이렌델의 굴복자 데키우스 Hierendel’s Fallen Decius 95lv_ForestDragon_Gate3_AOD_Fighter.lua 1000934 Link
507564 높은 가지의 어둠 숲 토르테 Dark Forest High Branch Tourte 95lv_ForestDragon_Ent_Gray_Boss.lua 1000935  
507581 하이렌델의 애완버섯 카얌파 Hierendel’s Pet Mushroom Kayampa 95lv_ForestDragon_Gate1_HalfGolem_Green_Abyss.lua 1000655  
507583 하이렌델의 무희 라미나 Hierendel’s Dancer Lamia 95lv_ForestDragon_3Gate_Lamia_Boss_HardCore.lua 1000939  
507584 하이렌델의 무희 라지나 Hierendel’s Dancer Lamia 95lv_ForestDragon_3Gate_Lamia_Boss_HardCore.lua 1000939  

Forest Dragon Size Comparison

From left: Red Dragon Pether, Rune Dragon Mamon, Forest Dragon Hierendel



Clear Drops




  • Dragonfly accessories shown below - THESE ARE NOT CASH ITEMS
  • Each party member also gets 30 Dragonfly Scales

Intermediate Rewards

Stage Reward
1 2x Dragonfly Scales
2 Oak’s Blossom Pouch (Can trade in wrath shop)
3 4x Dragonfly Scales

Dragonfly Equipment


Dark Avenger Sword


Dragonfly Hunter Earrings

Dragonfly Hunter Necklace

T/N: Equip penalty: Reduces crit by 20%

Dragonfly Hunter Ring

Tier 3/4 Calypso

Rebellion Point costs are not yet supported in Minerva. Sorry!

Tier 3 Weapon

D/N: The orange crystal is the GDN Accessory Tuner made from Kalahan’s hair

Tier 4 Weapon


Legendary Calypso Tuner now tunes the following:

  • T2 +20 Medea -> T1 Calypso
  • T1 +20 Calypso -> T2 Calypso
  • T2 +20 Calypso -> T3 Calypso
  • T3 +20 Calypso -> T4 Calypso

Legendary Mercenary Exploration Rewards

Crest Pouch

Rates not available in client.

Legendary Gem Pouch

Rates not available in client.

Goblynn’s Favorite Box Updated

Forest Dragon Equipment Models

Just doing warrior, since these have been shown at a conference before.


Forest Dragon Accessory Set






Uistring diff available here

Full uistring file available here


  • Mentions of Trial Nests (Kairon, Sea Dragon, Granom, Prof K, Typhoon, Mist)
  • “Guild Member X has disconnected” message
  • “Friend X has disconnected” message
  • FDN has a lot of system messages

New Lencea Tree Skills?

  • [Awakening Passive] Meteor Pole
  • [Awakening] Rising Horn
  • [Awakening Passive] Flame Infusion
  • Fatal Stinger EX
  • Mentor Fantastic EX (모멘터리 판타즘 EX)
  • Extreme Twister EX
  • Splitter EX
  • Galestep EX
  • Fatal Stinger
  • Crystal Shooter
  • Crystal Lance
  • Injury Cure
  • Lance Mastery
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Lancer Force
  • Meteor Pole
  • Rising Horn
  • Blunt Slash
  • Brandy
  • Faring Step
  • Thrust
  • Blaze Strike
  • Landcrush
  • Radical Charge
  • [Awakening Passive] Radical Charge
  • [Awakening Passive] Battle Sense - Land Grid
  • Heroic Charge
  • Heat-up
  • Bang & Smash Instant
  • Counter Flare EX
  • Landcrush EX
  • Horn Raid EX
  • Bank & Smash EX
  • Iron Lance EX
  • Counter Flare
  • Braveheart
  • [Awakening] Fatal Stinger
  • [Awakening Passive] Frostbite
  • [Awakening] Blunt Slash
  • [Awakening] Brandy
  • [Awakening Passive] Frost Infusion
  • [Awakening] Frosty Cross
  • [Awakening Passive] Frosty Cross
  • [Awakening Passive] Battle Sense - Avalanch
  • Blizzard Shot
  • Crystal Maker
  • Icy Blast
  • Mentor Fantastic (모멘터리 판타즘)
  • Frosty Cross
  • Extreme Twister
  • Splitter
  • Gale Staff

Dragonfly Skill Effects?

  • Ping Pong Shot EX (Dragonfly)
  • Big Mecha Bomber EX (Dragonfly)
  • Jin Atomic Blade (Dragonfly)


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