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07/04/2018 - July Patch Developer Notes

Jul 04
- Fabulous

Developer K has put up a new post.

Hi Dragon Nest Players~

Since you just read the notes from the Taiwan conference, I will jump straight into the July update. I will explain the key points.

Split Earth of Construction

Hmm… Although the name still says “Construction,” I will refer to it as “Split Earth.” It is basically a prototype of the World Revamp that I mentioned in the last developer notes. During the second half of the year, when the World Revamp update happens, the Labyrinth system will be applied to all dungeons in the game. Right now, however, I am sick of Kairon Nest and think it will be better for you to play on the prototype stages rather than Kairon all the time. And of course, I will take your feedback into consideration to improve the revamped dungeons every month.

Split Earth

Basically, a total of nine revamped stages are open on rotation each day of the week, and there are only two difficulties: the 15th and 30th floors. It can easily kill you like in the old days, because I have excluded the effect of its HP calibrating for the number of players in your party. The rewards change everyday and rotate between [Lapis Lazuli], [Ally EXP Juice], and [Alliance Points]. Finally, the FTG consumption is 600. If you can clear the 30th floor easily, you will find that it is more efficient than spamming Kairon Nest.

I will put forth my best effort to revise this content in a way that reflects your feedback every month.

Complementary Labyrinth

I mentioned in my last note that I have prepared two Labyrinth updates. I did not mean to introduce them both as content, but oh well. As the name suggests, there are two types of content: [Boosting Ticket] and [Labyrinth Challenge]. Let me explain my rationale~

Nucleus of Split Earth (Boosting Ticket)

I think that Labyrinth requires too many clears. Labyrinth is boring; there is no expectation, excitement, or challenging content. From an employee standpoint, I cannot stand having to clear 15 times every day. ㅠㅠ

However, this is merely my opinion, and you may think differently. Some might think that the current Labyrinth is not enough, and others might feel the same way that I do. This is not just conjecture; it is a phenomenon that occurs in most games.

The Nucleus of Split Earth is a ticket that is easy to use with limited playtime. Sherny sells it for 5000 Crystal Points. If you buy this and go to the Split Nest portal, you will consume 4 times the FTG and go through a random Labyrinth nest, after which you will receive 4 times the rewards. Basically, think of it as skipping three nests for 5000 Crystal Points. The cost of the ticket should not take away too much from people who play Labyrinth normally, and should not be too burdensome on those with limited time like myself.

The development team believes that the proper price is 5000 Crystal Points, but I will observe the data and adjust it as needed.

Please don’t think that I am thinking of selling Crystal Points. ㅠㅠ

Trial Nest (Labyrinth Challenge)

One of the problems with Labyrinth is that is a contradictory system that is challenging yet requires repeated clears. To address this problem, I have created the Trial Nest.

In fact, none of the 4-player Labyrinth stages are challenging. It is obvious when you look at the repetition and rewards. Trial Nest follows the existing Labyrinth layout, but applies the [Trial Nest] system, which was done with 6 players. It is not tied to FTG; its clear limit is one to minimize stress, and it is 20 to 40 times as challenging as the existing Labyrinth.

Older players know that the [Trial] system and 6-person setup is well-suited for new and exciting challenges. Although the old dungeons are used, the gameplay feels better.

Oh. Trial Nest can only be played once per week, anyways, so I will add one nest to it every month and expand its contents. There are two things you can expect from a Trial Nest.

Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, I want you to test your limits once a week with this challenging nest. Secondly, even if you have not done all of your nests for the week, you should still feel a sense of constant growth from this nest. Furthermore, the Trial of Plague may make the healer position more coveted.

Gust of Construction

As everyone knows, people do not buy the [Stone of Construction] very much because its effects are not that great compared to the cost it takes to obtain it. I have greatly upgraded its effect, and will make sure that it applies to the Split Earth and Trial Nests to increase its usage. If this still does not make things better, then I will fix it.


A penguin pet that you will meet soon

Goblynn’s Fav Box

This box will be removed as a drop on August 1st. I do not intend to remove it completely, since it is good for beginning players. However, I want to review the components of [Advanced Intermediate Dragon Gem Core], so I will remove that and review the box’s contents.

Summer Wings

Cool wings to celebrate the summer

Pandora 2.0 (Dragon Egg/Gacha Box)

I have revamped the Pandora Box. Improving the Pandora system requires care. First of all, I upgraded accessories to unique grade this month. To ensure fairness and avoid [Pay to Win] accusations, it does not offer a huge boost in stats; just about 1% damage per piece. Furthermore, I changed the number of purchase [Unique Wing/Tail/Decal] to 0 for quality assurance.

The biggest change in the Pandora system is a point system to get the items you want. If you fail to roll the item you want, you can purchase it with [Pandora Points], which hopefully lessens your sense of failure. If you do not need the item at the moment, you may also purchase other items that you need.

2018 Event NPC: Andreas


The appearance of a new person: story details coming soon


These updates may seem insignificant, but please read these developer notes. I am a bit embarassed this month because I brought back Lencea, an old class.

I had a lot of things eating away at me while I prepared the update. However, I did not want to be too lazy and wanted you to have a good look into the development. It has been hot lately, so please watch your health and play safely~

Although we are not a godly game yet, I am still working hard. See you next month for the next developer notes~

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