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09/05/2018 - Corruption Corridor (95.17.KR) Translation

Sep 05
- Vahr (真理), Fabulous

Patch 95.17.KR features Corruption Corridor, Granom Trial Nest, Nest Rankings, a variety of class balancing, and more.

The original patch notes from EYEDENTITY can be found here.

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Corruption Corridor

  1. One on one combat against powerful monsters. New content for acquiring the strongest equipment the Goddess has to offer.
  2. Several events occur during the battle. Don’t miss the bonuses!
  3. Defeat powerful monsters and collect your own special equipment
  4. In these battles, you can fight alongside your mercenaries. Choose your mercenaries and team up!


  1. The Garden of Eternity, at the base of the St. Haven statue, opens to a new area: Tribal Watchtower
  2. A gate was created from the Tribal Watchtower to the Corruption Corridor
Entry Lv Lv95+
Party Size 1
Entry Pass Corridor Map
FTG 300 upon entry
Entry Limit Unlimited
Difficulty Normal, Master, Abyss
Revives 1, 10 w/ Flower of Hope
Location St. Haven > Tribal Watchtower > Corruption Corridor

Corridor of Corruption Store

  • [Corridor of Corruption] related shops have been added
  • Shop is located in the Tribal Watchtower
  • You can purchase items related to the Corridor of Corruption and the Twilight Goddess
Item Cost
Corridor Key 1,000 Rebellion Points
Corridor Map Corridor Map Fragment (Tradable/Untradable) x5

Corridor Map

  • Required to enter
  • Obtain by trading 5 fragments
  • Fragments come in tradable and untradable variations
  • Obtain by chance from Lv95 abyss dungeons, Labyrinth, Nucleus, and Maze nests
  • Tradable fragments are rare
  • Untradable fragments are more common the higher the difficulty of content
Location Source
Lv95 abyss dungeons Gold and Silver Dimensional Rabbits
Labyrinth Clear chest
Nucleus and Maze Clear chest

Corridor Key

  • To open the Twilight Goddess box that can appear upon clearing [Corruption Corridor], a key is required
  • Obtain by chance from the gold clear chest in Lv95 abyss dungeons, Labyrinth, Nucleus, and Maze nests


  • You can obtain [Tear-soaked Leaves], [Goddess’s Twilight Box], and [Corridor Treasure Key]
  • Higher the difficulty, greater chance of obtaining
Item Description
Tear-soaked Leaves Future exchange item
Goddess’s Twilight Box You can acquire equipment that has skill effects
Corridor Treasure Key Key required to open the Twilight Goddess Box

Goddess Equipment

  • Goddess Equipment can be obtained from the new “Corruption Corridor”
  • Goddess Equipment has special skill effects
  • Goddess Equipment is not class-specific, but the class must be able to use the named skill
  • We will continue to iterate on Goddess Equipment and skills


  • When Frost Chaos hits, if the monster’s HP is under 50%, additional damage will be applied in proportion to its missing HP
  • Sweet Circle (???) gains 30% additional damage when critting
  • Hitting Firewall has a chance to increase your action speed by 10% for 10s. 30s cooldown.

Granom Trial Nest

  • Entry pass can be purchased once a week
  • Entry pass is different from Trial Kairon Nest
  • Rebellion point reward is the same
  • Trial Kairon Nest’s crystal point rewards have been reduced by 50%. Obtain the remaining 50% from Trial Granom Nest
  • In the future, Trial Nests will only open on certain days (Kairon Sun/Wed/Fri, Granom Sat/Tue/Fri)


Entry Lv Lv95+
Party Size 6
Difficulty Lab 1-50
Clear Limit 1/week (not shared with Kairon)
Entry Ticket Trial Nest Ticket (Granom). Purchase from Garden of Eternity Dragon Scale shop (Misc)
Revives 0, 5 w/ Flower of Hope

New Trials Torment You!

  • New trials have been introduced to both nests
Name Effect
Trial of Frost Instantly frozen
Trial of Curse Prevents healing
Trial of Embers Need to spread apart from allies
Trial of Thunder Lightning strikes
  • Trial of Plague has been made stronger

Nest Rankings

  • Nest Rankings only track Trial Kairon, Trial Granom, Green Dragon, and Forest Dragon nests
  • Ranking is determined based on the difficulty cleared and clear time
  • Updated between 7 and 9 AM every day
  • Your personal records are updated in real-time on your menu
  • Up to 1,000 players are shown for each map in the ranking, and you can inspect the equipment and skillset used for that entry
  • Rank is reset upon class changing

Changes and Additions

Enhancing of Dragonfly and Goddess Equipment

  • A new enhancing type has been added
  • The new enhancing type has a chance to destroy, but it has higher growth potential
  • The new enhancing type requires less cost than existing tiered enhancing
  • New enhancing type applies to Dragonfly and Goddess equipment
Level Rate Penalty Cost LP Lapis Can use Jelly
1 100%   310g 600 1 No
2 95%   310g 600 1 No
3 90%   310g 600 1 No
4 82%   310g 600 1 No
5 75%   310g 600 1 No
6 68% -1 310g 600 1 Yes
7 60% -2 310g 600 1 Yes
8 52% -3 310g 600 1 Yes
9 45% -4 310g 600 1 Yes
10 38% -5 310g 600 1 Yes
11 33% Destroy 310g 600 1 No
12 31% Destroy 310g 600 2 No
13 29% Destroy 310g 600 3 No
14 27% Destroy 310g 600 4 No
15 25% Destroy 310g 600 5 No
16 22% Destroy 310g 600 6 No
17 20% Destroy 310g 600 7 No
18 18% Destroy 310g 600 8 No
19 15% Destroy 310g 600 9 No
20 12% Destroy 310g 600 10 No

Labyrinth Nests

  • (T/N Hero?) EXP gain increase per floor increased

T/N Table is every 5 for brevity

Floor Rate Bonus
Easy 100%
5 172%
10 232%
15 313%
20 432%
25 571%
30 771%
35 1,041%
40 1,405%
45 1,897%
50 2,562%

District 2 Division Nests


  • Some monster HP has been adjusted

Typhoon Krag Nest

  • Galand the Gardener’s whirlwind speed increased
  • When Typhoon Krag is charging up, you no longer take damage in the safe zone

Professor K Nest

  • The laser beam in the arch reactor room knockback increased

Sea Dragon Nest

  • Mmmagma’s defense is increased while he gathers power
  • Crrrash rises faster to prepare for a fatal explosion
  • Crrrash gains defense when preparing to explode

Changes to all Division Dungeons

  • Main reward item in all has been changed to Lapis


  • Some changes to daily mission rewards
  • Clear Gusts of Construction once now rewards 200 crystal points, 500 community points, and 10 roulette tickets

Lv95 Tier Equipment


  • Gold and rebellion point costs from Neris to T3 Calypso changed
  • Rate changed to 80% success across the board (excluding T3 Calypso +11, stays at 100%)
  • Rebellion points from extraction have been adjusted accordingly

Dev comment

Conventional tier equipment enhancing was designed to start cheap and grow more expensive at higher levels of enhancement.

This was done to throttle the growth in stats from enhancing using cost.

However, in the long term, as new tiers are released and the barriers of enhancing are lowered, there has been an issue where the enhancing cost does not reflect the growth in stats, contrary to original intentions.

In order to correctt his, the cost of enhancing (gold and rebellion) has been gradually increased throughout the entire tier equipment. We have designed it to meet the needs for each level of growth.

Also, with the removal of Golden Goose benefit (50% enhancing cost reduction), we have applied it to new enhancing cost.

In addition, beyond the 50% reduction, the total gold cost to reach +20 T3 Calypso has been reduced by 15%, reducing the burden.

Although improvement was made with these changes, there is an increase in costs in low tier equipment.

This may be a hit in the short term, but the costs overall are reduced.

We have made this cost reorganization cautiously and will be making adjustments as needed.

We will try to satisfy as many users as we can in the future.

Thank you.

  • Detailed enhancing information

T/N Gomena-SIKE. No way. Nuh uh. Not transcribing all those tables. Go check items on Minerva or DNGearsim yourself

Scylla Equipment

  • To compensate for removal of Golden Goose discount, all enhancing gold costs have been reduced 50%

T/N Yep skipping this table too, use Minerva or dngearsim or just go “wow, 50% off, great!

Goblynn’s Fav Box

  • Minor item and rate changes

Merc Exploration

  • Added an icon for the preferred mercenary for a mission in the main list
  • Preferred mercenaries will automatically be sorted at the top of the selection list
  • The clickable area to select a mercenary for exploration has been expanded to the entire card instead of just the checkbox
  • Clicking on a mission in progress will allow you to cancel the mission. Gold will not be refunded and the mission will return to the list
  • Mission result waiting period reduced to 1 second

Improved Tuner Option Selection

  • If there is only one possible result item, it is automatically selected and you can press the accept button without needing to select the single item
  • If there are multiple items, no item will be selected by default

Improved Event Album

  • If there is no mini-game in progress, the event window (hotkey V) minigame tab is hidden
  • Irene is the default artbook list in the Event Album tab

Easy Duration Icon

  • Added a “quick alert” icon to easily track timed/duration items (pets, skill level up crest, crest expansion, talisman expansion, etc)
  • Icon is next to minimap (clock icon)


  • You can now CC freely between all lencea classes


  • Improved guild member login messages
  • Made login and logout messages consistent

Golden Goose

  • Effect removed
  • Existing benefits will be converted according to this chart
Membership Level Reduction per Day
Bronze 2
Silver 4
Gold 6
Platinum 8
VIP 11

2nd Password

  • You now enter your PIN after selecting server instead of after character selection
  • You no longer need to enter your PIN when switching characters


Equipment Book

  • Goddess equipment added


  • Gold is now considered in crafting limits
  • Defaults to max craftable amount

Calypso Equipment

  • +20 T2 Calypso no longer extracts to wellsprings (now to points)

Chat Rooms

  • You can only create chat rooms while in town

Skill Balancing (PVE)

Translated by Fabulous


Dash Kick

  • Cooldown set to 7s starting from level 6.


Class Mastery II

  • Added Dash Kick and Dash Combo damage increases.

Lunar Knight

Moon Blade Dance

  • Damage decreased from 984% to 851%.

Smash X

  • Damage decreased from 26883% to 23000%.


Fury of the Owl

  • Changed additional critical damage to additional damage on critical hits.
  • Developer’s Note: With 9 different party buffs, I think there are some caveats to party composition. As such, I’ve replaced the Archer’s buff, which has been considered unimportant, with Assassin’s useful buff.


Guided Missiles EX

  • Changed Fatal Guide generation from on critical hits to a 90% chance per hit.



Class Mastery II

  • Damage increase changed from 15% to 12%.

Ice Witch

Ice Barrier

  • HP of barrier changed from 198% of magic attack to 15% of max HP.
  • Duration increased from 60s to 80s.

War Mage

Arcane Overdrive

  • Damage increase changed from 15% to 10%.

Chaos Mage

Gravity Rush

  • Clarified the damage of explosions from Balls of Gravity in the description.

Focus Gravity

  • Clarified that the damage of explosions from Balls of Gravity come from the skills that generated the Balls of Gravity.
  • Developer’s Note: The description has been clarified. The actual damage is unchanged.



Gatling Quacker

  • Reload speed of Machine Gun reduced by 30%.

Frost Quacker

  • Reload speed of Ice Arrows decreased from 7s to 3s.

Cannon Quackum

  • Animation effects of Cannon Tower, Mechanic Cannon, and Class Mastery III (Air Shot) have been reduced.
  • Reload speed of Cannonballs reduced by 35%. Cooldown removed.

Gear Master

Chain Saw Tower

  • Range for 20% damage increase changed from 1.3m to 2.6m.
  • Mechanic Chainsaw changed to fire at the ground in the direction of the crosshair, which increases the range.

Gigaton Quack

  • Use Special Attack to increase its damage.
  • Charge Level 2: 30% increase with Normal Attack (3 quackums) or 130% increase with Special Attack
  • Charge Level 3: 60% increase with Normal Attack (6 quackums) 210% increase with Special Attack
  • This allows for different attacks (Normal/Special) for different situations.

Class Mastery II

  • Use Special Attack to fire Gigaton Quack INS with the damage increase. Before, you did not have to press anything to fire the INS. Now, you have to press a button.

Class Mastery III

  • Recoil from Mechanic Cannon reduced.

[Awakened Passive] Quackum Crash

  • After summoning Quackum Crash, you can continue summoning even if you hold down Normal Attack.

[Awakened Passive] Gravity Grenade

  • Cooldown decreased from 14s to 12s.


Soul Eater

Spirit Creeps EX

  • Elemental defense reduction changed from 5% to 2%.

Summon Totem

  • Elemental defense reduction changed from 5% to 2%.

Blade Dancer

Windcall Twirl

  • Damage increase changed from 20% to 30%.
  • Duration increased from 12s to 20s.

Spirit Dancer

Illusion Dance

  • Damage increase changed from 20% to 30%.
  • Duration increased from 12s to 20s.



  • Changed additional damage on critical hits to elemental damage buff.


Guillotine Cross

  • Camera unlocked.
  • Can use Tumble more quickly after casting.
  • Chain range increased by 100%.
  • Dart range increased by 20%.

Bleed Phantom

Bleed Phantom Enhancement (A)

  • Elemental damage increase changed from 10% to 5%.



[Awakened Passive] Martial Spirit

  • Damage increase changed from 15% to 12%.


Class Mastery II

  • Light attack increase changed from 20% to 25%.




  • Removed ability to increase defense.


Class Mastery I

  • Added damage increase.


Class Mastery II

  • Damage increase changed from 20% to 15%.

Pressure Release (Defense)

  • Defense increase changed from 10% to 30%.

Skill Balancing (PVP)


Chaos Mage

Gravity Rush

  • Clarified the damage of explosions from Balls of Gravity in the description.

Focus Gravity

  • Clarified that the damage of explosions from Balls of Gravity come from the skills that generated the Balls of Gravity.
  • Developer’s Note: The description has been clarified. The actual damage is unchanged.


Gear Master

Cannon Quackum

  • Animation effects of Cannon Tower, Mechanic Cannon, and Class Mastery III (Air Shot) have been reduced.


Chuseok Events

  • Obtain a [Holiday Gift Package] by staying logged in for 30m a day (9/22 - 9/29)
50x Jelly
10x Magnifying glass
5x Pandora potions
3x Blue birds
1x 5x revive scrolls

Board Game Season 4

Literally the same

Cash Shop

Native American Costume


T/N another re-release




Machina Animal Costume


Maple WTD






Purple Leon Ring, Earrings, Necklace






September Community Point Hat - Red Fox



  • Pandora Points shop moved to Cherny
  • Fixed Velskud package obtain issues
  • Some non-tradable cash items have been changed to be server storagable




  • Fixed issue where players weren’t being revived automatically
  • Fixed issue where if you died while moving zones you could not enter the next gate

District 1 Nests

  • Bondage pattern at Guardian now properly removes buffs
  • Fixed issue where you were not healed after clearing a certain gate in Mist nest

District 2 Nests

  • Fixed issue where certain attacks in TKN did not proceed properly
  • Fixed issue where certain summons in PKN did not summon properly

Forest Dragon Nest

  • Gate 1: Fixed issue where debuffs were incorrectly applied at the blue flower
  • Gate 2: Fixed some blemishes (T/N okay I couldn’t understand this one)


  • Something about docking staff encroaching I’m literally so tired rn I can’t translate



Class Mastery III

  • Fixed a problem where damage of Coup de Grace was lower than intended.



Class Mastery II

  • Fixed a problem in which the Tumbling Shot effect did not apply when using it with certain skills.

Chaos Mage

Gravity Rush

  • Fixed the description to include explosion damage.

Triple Orbs EX INS

  • Fixed a problem in which the buff from [Awakened Passive] Gravity Mastery did not apply.

Focus Gravity

  • Fixed the description to clarify damage.

[Awakened Passive] Gravity Mastery

  • Fixed a problem in which the damage of Triple Orbs was lower than intended.

War Mage

[Awakened Passive] Nine Tail Laser

  • Fixed a problem in which the critical resist debuff was not working.


Alfredo Stomp

  • Fixed a problem in which the enemy’s icon did not appear during the attack.

Bleed Phantom


  • Fixed a problem in which the cooldown did not reset when using immediately after Bleed Phantom Transformation.



  • Added descriptions to Crystal Maker, [Awakened Passive] Battle Sense - Avalanche, [Awakened Passive] Parrying Step, Brave Heart

Force of Knightess

  • Removed the mention of unified elemental damage.

Lance Mastery

  • Added unified elemental damage.


Crystal Shooter

  • Fixed description to properly describe skill usage.

Splitter EX

  • Fixed a problem in which the parrying effect did not apply.

Fatal Stinger EX

  • Fixed a problem in which the parrying effect did not apply.

Class Mastery III

  • Added elemental attribute to the description.

Crystal Maker

  • Added skill video.

[Awakened Passive] Battle Sense - Avalanche

  • Fixed a problem in which the buff icon did not appear after using Fighting Spirit.

[Awakened Passive] Frosty Cross

  • Fixed a problem in which the range did not increase.
  • Fixed a problem in which the Freeze icon appeared when it was used as an ice blast.

[Awakened Passive] Frost Infusion

  • Fixed the range to reflect what the description says.

[Awakened Passive] Fatal Stinger

  • Fixed a problem in which the parrying effect did not apply.
  • (PVP) Fixed higher damage than intended.


Horn Raid EX (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which it did not consume additional Courage.

Land Crush EX

  • Fixed the skill video.

Counter Flare EX (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which 2 Courage were consumed when defending.

Class Mastery I

  • Fixed a problem in which Horn Raid INS goes on cooldown when used continuously.

Class Mastery III

  • Fixed the description.



  • Fixed a problem in which invincibility did not apply for 0.3s.


  • Special server storage-ability now displayed on tooltip
  • Rare Lv95 talismans no longer drop rare talisman materials when extracted
  • Fixed something about wedding costumes
  • Fixed a skill plate icon
  • Fixed talisman drop weirdness
  • Fixed pegasus mount tail model
  • Sorceress now has finer tastes in silk
  • Warriors too
  • Fixed special skill crests from displaying an incorrect tooltip about leveling up a skil


  • Fixed some cash shop previews
  • Fixed not being able to summon or revive a pet while attached to another player
  • Fixed issue where clicking on the pet potion window when pets are unavailable caused the client to crash
  • Fixed issue where your weapon looked funny when transformed as female warrior
  • Fixed issue where crystal shooter was different icon
  • Fixed oracle elder tutorial
  • Fixed names in Merca and Rhadames
  • Fixed issue where an NPC chat would start in the middle of dailies


  • Fixed GDNTA’s entry quest


  • Santa Claus Orc mercenary are now properly marked as rare grade
  • Aisha’s sand lash skill buff now applies to allies properly


  • Vahr is tired


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