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10/05/2018 - October Patch Developer K Notes

Oct 05
- Vahr (真理), Fabulous

Developer K has put up a new post.

Work in progress

Did you enjoy your Chuseok? Autumn brings more changes.

The main theme for October is dealing with issues, such as boredom and other more lively topics.

I’m a little hesitant with these plans, but this is how we’ll start October.

1. Adventurer’s Board

The last time, I mentioned revamping the Adventurer’s Bulletin Board. This patch that revamp will be applied. In short, it is content that will take you across the world of Dragon Nest, completing quests, and obtaining cash items as a reward.


Players regardless of class can participate so long as they are Lv95. In the future, the theme is [anyone can enjoy] so basic content will reflect this concept.

How to Play

After the patch, the [User Request Board] will be available. Interacting with it will bring up 6 random requests. Look them over, and once you have decided, select the request you would like to complete. Complete the task and return to the board for your reward. You can think of it as random quests with new rewards.

Request Rotation

Upon completing a request, a new random request will take its place. If you don’t like any of the 6 posted requests, you can do a “tear-off”. Requests that have been torn off will be automatically renewed after a certain amount of time, or you can pay Crystal Points to immediately restore it.

Request Details

This first patch will only include Dungeon and Nest requests. In November, along the world updates we will add new more varied requests and will also include some [User Submitted] content. The October patch is a preliminary update and will only have basic requests. We hope that you will complete the recurring requests to add some spice to the game going into the future.

Request Rewards

When you complete a request, you will obtain a new currency [Blood, Sweat, and Tears] that can be used to purchase [Cash Items]. This is a way to reduce the gap between paying users and free to play users by allowing acquisition of [Cash Items] and other items.

2. Direction of Content

I would like to take a moment to tell you about the direction that I wish to take gameplay towards through the Board quests.

Existing Content Direction

I think that DN has been losing the RPG aspect over time for too long. All the systems in the game have become [Push One Button] out of convenience. Most NPCs have lost their unique roles. Everyone rides mounts, but you don’t even need them to go places quickly. There is no reason to explore the world, and you don’t even have to go many places in town. Just go to the Garden, run some content, enhance some gear, and visit the marketplace. Some might think that the Labyrinth have encouraged this [Simple Repetitive Battle Gameplay], but to be frank this has been the trend since the creation of the Garden of Eternity. Over the course of 2-3 years DN has developed more “convenience” that minimizes effort.

Future Direction

Labyrinth is a solution towards growth, but we are not aiming for the mobile game style of overall gameplay. You may not remember, but in the first half of 2018 I had been preparing to remove the Garden-based gameplay, starting with the destruction of the Garden. In the near future through the autumn patches you will see the results of this transition. Starting with the Adventurer’s Board and World Remaster patches, we hope you will enjoy the opportunity to explore, adventure, feel out, and enjoy the world. And I look forward to increasing the RPG experience of Dragon Nest that we have forgotten long ago.

3. Improve the Content

There will be several improvements this patch. Allow me to briefly summarize:


As you may have noticed, I was too conscious about Scylla equipment, so I was very conservative when it came to Goddess equipment. With this patch, I have adjusted the enhancement bonuses and rates, as currently there is a guaranteed chance to break at +11 and above. Of course, you will still need some luck.

Goddess Equipment Boxes in Stores

I am adding Goddess equipment boxes to the shop that can be purchased with [Fallen Red Leaf]. This will be reducing the stress of farming for random drops and allow for a more consistent obtainment.

New Feat

I am adding a new Feat that will grant a box and a title. Unfortuantely, due to technical limitations, this feat will not count gameplay from before this patch.

4. Add New Dungeons and Minor Improvements

It’s only two dungeons, but they are the first new dungeons in a long while. New ones should be done every six months, but I am sorry to have missed that cadence due to other improvement issues. I want to release dungeon concepts and other concept art via Facebook.

Main Quest

The main quest will take place in the new dungeons, wrapping up the events in Kairon Island and preparing for the trip to [Honglong Palace]. Please be excited and expect a lot (T/N aka expect little because DN always disappoints) out of Honglong Palace, slated to be released first half of 2019 (T/N inb4 delayed)

Gold Cap

The initial game code design limited the amount of gold that you could carry, so it took a lot of work to make it possible to increase the cap. This patch expands gold cap to about 100 million. Just to make clear, this is an increase on the maximum that can be carried, not the rate of gold inflation.


I had been preparing this change for a while now, but it will finally be released. With exception to a few special points, points will now be shared among all your characters. Lebrium, Crystal, and Pandora points are included.

Pets? Mounts? Spirits?

I plan to implement an integrated inventory for those, but it is not technically possible yet. Please wait a little longer. I can’t face you all every time you ask.

Reducing the Maximum Damage Buff


6. In Conclusion…

This was pretty short, and I am sleepy now. [Adventure] should be an essential part of an RPG. I think many of you will appreciate this direction we will be taking. However, the reality will be hard. You won’t be able to move on a map by clicking on it. Skill adjustments must be done by a professional. Mail cannot be checked everywhere. In the end, many comforts you have enjoyed will no longer be there. Is that okay? I don’t want that to be the vision that is seen, but I’m very hesitant. We will make it as easy as possible to make sure the new patch direction does not compromise convenience, but provides [worthwhile costs to pay]. This is a patch that requires understanding and cooperation from those who love DN. I hope it goes well.

I’ll see you at the meeting after these notes. Have a good day

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