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NA 10/11/18 - Hidden Changes Patch 95.13.NA

Oct 11
- Vahr (真理)

These are the changes made that are not mentioned on the official NA patch notes that I’ve datamined or observed.

This is the 13th patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.13.NA.

More things may be added (especially to the bug/error list) as we find them.

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Some of the notes below are not changes per-se, but rather for ease of confirmation.

Work in progress


  • The pets from last patch (new Winnie, new Arnie, and new Polar Bear) are missing from the game (good job ED we said fix pets not lose them)
  • Old epic pet stats are now fixed (at least you did that)


“Metalic” WTD Reward Set

Ideal Metallic

2018 Halloween Eggs

Fire Herald Zota

Lunatic WTD


  • MID 140446: “You can pass when you have accepted a certain quest or have completed it.” appears when attempting to enter the Port of Merca portal

Forest Dragon Nest

Clear Screen Rewards

Gold chest:

Silver chest: 1x scale

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