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11/13/2018 - November Patch Developer K Notes

Nov 13
- Vahr (真理)

Developer K has put up a new post.

You all have been saying lately, and I agree, that my developer notes have been in poor taste.

Since I cover so many patch details, it’s clear that I delay writing my notes until after changes have been finalized. With patches following soon after, the developer notes are starting to feel like a mere notice about what the coming patch is going to be like. I need to go back to the basics. Aren’t developer notes supposed to serve as a means of communication? This question isn’t easy for me to answer.

Therefore, I want to change the way I deliver these notes. Rather than only write about changes that will be happening soon, I also want to tell you about future changes that I am pondering, even if they’re not specific.

Now, let’s dive into the November notes~

1. World Remaster - Removing instant teleportation portals

I had planned to remove all instant portals for this patch, but I’ve left two in Saint’s Haven, as they interfered with the leveling process too much. When we revamp the main quest during the first half of next year, these portals will also be removed.

Removing instant portals made traveling in some areas more awkward, like Lotus Marsh. The Lotus Marsh area involved tediously moving back and forth between the village and Kasarana’s (Karacule’s) House. I have remedied this by increasing the movement speed of mounts.

2. World Remaster - Cover Title

After the World Remaster, when you clear a main quest chapter, you will receive a [Cover Title] as a reward. These will be changed to [Goddess Title] when the Goddess Title system is developed in January. The Goddess Title system is expected to raise your stats slightly. It’s almost like a permenant [Elixir?]. I want to be sure that the main quest affects your stats so that there is value in clearing it.

In addition, all quest rewards include [Item Protection Jelly x20], allowing you to cover the jelly cost while progressing. If you level up through the quest line, you will be able to enhance to Tier 3 Calypso without buying any jellies.

3. World Remaster - Level 95 Growth Guide

I believe that most of the problems with the leveling process will be solved with the World Remaster, so I now have to turn my attention to what you do upon reaching cap. After reaching level 95, the lack of guidance and learning resources is noticable. During the leveling process, players will learn about various game mechanics and systems, and I need to fix the guide system so that players will not be overwhelmed about what to do afterward. However, I still need more time to work on this.

4. Dragon Gems being destroyed during enhancement failures

I’m sorry that I’m late on this issue, but I noticed that some players blew up their equipment and lost their dragon gems. In December, you will be mailed back dragon gems that were being used in equipment that had broken when enhancing. I hope that there won’t be any more accidental loss of dragon gems before then.

5. Balancing

By the end of December, I plan on buffing classes that are weaker and nerf those that are stronger, and will continue to tweak and observe. I believe by the end of the first half of next year there will be good class balance.

As for PVP, we have DWC approaching, and the whole country is busy with preliminaries, so we will not be touching PVP balance. I will work hard on the PVP patch next January.

6. Forest Dragon Nest Easy and Hard Modes

I’m preparing Easy Mode in December and Hard Mode in Feburary. The rewards will only differ with regards to the amount of materials. However, unlike in the past, the number of clears will be shared amongst the difficulty levels, so players can clear the difficulty that best matches their level. In the past, players who meet the raid’s gear requirements are still reluctant to challenge them. Forest Dragon Nest is also experiencing this problem.

Since the normal raid requires a sophisticated strategy, inexperienced party members would burden the other members. I hope that Easy Mode will help out with this.

7. Repair costs

There isn’t much difference in enhancing cost between equipment tiers and grades. I don’t intend to make any big changes, but I do want maintain its meaningfulness. Perhaps the repair cost of scylla and ancient grade will be increased to gold.

8. Growth Accessory Farming

Accessory farming is not very clean, and there are a lot of deficiencies in terms of growth, so I am revamping this system internally. The enhancement system won’t be as stressful, and I think that I can increase the depth of the system. I’ll share more as I organize it more.

9. Future plans

I am preparing several improvements after this November, including double drop rate, more skills on Scylla, and more.

The imbalance between classes with regards to equipment is the development team’s fault. From the start, we should have released all the equipment that correspond to all the skills, but due to scheduling, we only released some, and now we feel that the inequality will abate naturally as we release all the equipment.

I think that the problem is that some equipment has too much influence on DPS, which will be improved in the future, and accessories with skills will be released immediately in November to increase enjoyment. The additional accessories have a shared effect, consisting of three freezing/strengthening/gathering effects.

In order to avoid the problem where the choice of skills is dependent on RNG, I will be improving the shop so that only skills you can use are available. I am worried about how to manage moving equipment around your account.

10. 3 Additional Labyrinth Nests

Finally, we are adding the last three Labyrinth nests: Manticore, Archbishop, and Daidalos. Now that we have 11 nests as regular content, I am going to concentrate on developing new content. The new nest is going to have various gimmicks and changes, and I’m worried about how I will make it a fresh experience.


That’s all that I have to say for the next two months. I will try to continue being transparent. Please stay warm this season and be excited for the World Remaster this week. I love you, Dragon Nesters! See you next time!

If you have any questions about future developments, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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