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KR 11/14/2018 - World Remaster (95.19.KR) Translation

Nov 14
- Vahr (真理), Fabulous

Patch 95.19.KR features the World Remaster, more Labyrinth nests, Lebria Store revamp, Goddess Accessories, changes to the Alpaca Quest, Bulletin Board System, Goblynn’s Fav Box, class balancing, and more.

The original patch notes for EYEDENTITY can be found here.

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Work In Progress. Since the patch notes are currently in image format and difficult to translate, we’re waiting for the patch notes website to update before working on the main stuff. For now, skill balancing has been translated.

World Remaster

3 Additional Labyrinth Nests

Lebria Store Revamp

Goddess Accessories

Alpaca Quest

Bulletin Board

Goblynn’s Fav Box

Corruption Corridor Double Drop Rate

Class Balancing (PVE)

Translated by Fabulous

Class Buffs

  • Class buffs will be combined as follows. Two classes with the same buff cannot stack their buffs.
Courage Creation Enhancement Passion
Warrior & Kali Archer & Lencea Sorceress & Machina Cleric & Assassin
Damage 8% Action Speed 8% Cooldown Reduction 8% All Elements 10%
All Stats 8% Additional Damage on Critical Hits 8% Final Damage 8% Max HP 10%
  • We have adjusted things so that the damage drop for all classes is 35%.



Guided Missiles

  • Range reduced.
  • Maximum hit count reduced from 16 to 8.


Guided Missiles EX

  • Range reduced and maximum hit count changed from 20 to 10. Damage remains the same.
  • Fatal Guide generation chance reduced from 90% to 70%.
  • The effect of gaining 20 Fatal Guide changed from reducing the cooldown of Fatal Guided Missiles to Fatal Cannonade.
  • Developer’s Note: The uptime of Fatal Guided Missiles was more than intended, so we have adjusted its RNG and number of hits.

Detonating Arrow EX

  • Reduced the time it takes to shoot the arrows.

Class Mastery I

  • Added 50% increase in action speed of Rapid Shot to the description.

Class Mastery III

  • Changed to link Guided Missiles EX with Frag Arrow EX INS.
  • When using Frag Arrow EX INS, the arrows do not spread out, but gather together and fly forward.
  • Rather than producing an Extension Core, an explosion occurs at that point.


  • Reduced the time it takes to aim and shoot the cannonades.


Black Mara

Class Mastery II

  • Damage increase changed from 10% to 15%.



Class Mastery II

  • Damage increase changed from 5% to 15%.
  • Developer’s Note: The DPS of the other tank classes, Destroyer and Defensio, will be addressed later.


[Awakened Passive] Conviction Bless

  • Cooldown reduction for Mighty Blow and Hammer Hand changed from 40% to 50%.
  • Damage increase for Mighty Blow and Hammer Hand changed from 40% to 45%.


Ray Mechanic

Class Mastery I

  • Removed 5% damage increase.

Loffy’s Dicey Dungeon

Cash Shop




Class Mastery II and III

  • Fixed the tooltip to display the correct related skills.


  • Fixed the description to include Fatal Guide information.
  • Fixed the tooltip to display Class Mastery II as a related skill.

Detonating Arrow EX

  • Fixed the bouncing back animation on additional attacks.

[Awakened Passive] Hawk Ballista

  • Fixed a problem in which collecting 19 Fatal Guide stacks did not reduce its cooldown.

Ice Witch

Ice Barrier (PVP)

  • Fixed a problem in which it disappeared immediately.

Black Mara

Ebony Spark

  • Fixed a problem in which the skill plate increased all of her skills’ damage.


Dance of Ecstasy

  • Fixed the description to properly display its range.
  • Fixed the duration of the Dark Elf buff.


[Awakened Passive] Overclock (PVE)

  • Fixed the defense buff duration.
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