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KR 12/12/2018 - Launcher (95.20.KR) Translation

Dec 12
- Vahr (真理), Fabulous

Patch 95.20.KR features Launcher (new Machina specialization), Forest Dragon Nest (Easy), class balancing, and more.

The original patch notes for EYEDENTITY can be found here.

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New Machina Spec [Launcher]


New Specialization Line

  • “Launcher” is a new first specialization that Machinas can select
  • The two second specializations available are “Impactor” and “Luster”



  • Launcher has an experimental augmentation that utilizes a powerful blaster
  • Shoot powerful ranged attacks using the blaster energy weapon
Skill Icon Desc
L - Action Rush at an enemy’s legs, knocking them down
L - Buster Strike an enemy relentlessly using the explosive force of your blaster
Laser Piercer Generate intense light and shoot it forward as a beam
Carnival Rush Gradually gather light energy within your body, eventually striking enemies within a large range with overwhelming force.

Overview of Class and Skills

  • Launcher is a Physical Agility class
  • Melee strikes use the blaster to power up attacks in fluid combos. The ranged skills enable Launcher to deal broad attacks at a distance, but requires time to charge up
  • You can select various sub-triggers to utilize subskill utility. Watch for opportunities to switch between aggressive and defensive gameplay
  • Use Illusion Fist during any skill to cancel that skill and use it immediately

Focus and Core Skills

  • [L-Action] starts melee combos and has low cooldown. Quickly surprise the enemy, using [L-Action] and [L-Buster] to follow up.
  • [Laser Piercer] is a skill that fires a piercing laser beam. Charge it up and fire it forward after a short delay. [Carnival Rush] is a souped up version of [Laser Piercer] with a long delay, but greatly increased range and damage


  • Impactor is a close-ranged class that specializes in light elemental physical attacks
  • Utilize your resource, Pulse and Intense Pulse, to enhance your skills
Skill Icon Desc
Pulse Stacks of [Pulse] are generated at a certain rate when primary skills hit. After a certain number of stacks, your movement speed is increased
Intense Pulse Consume [Pulse] to convert to [Intense Pulse]. Super armor is increased while [Intense Pulse] is active. [Intense Pulse] is consumed by [Intense Shocker] main skills
Domination Smash enemies from the air, damaging them
[Awakened] Limit Runner Fly into the air, gathering energy, and deliver a powerful kick to the enemy. Obtain 20 [Pulse] upon hitting the skill. After using this skill, gain absolute critical strikes on skills for 5 seconds.

Overview of Class and Skills

  • Impactor is a close-proximity class that scales off of agility and light attack
  • When you convert Pulse to Intense Pulse, you can use Intense Shocker which consumes Intense Pulse as a resource
  • [Intense Shocker] is activated after using main skills as an EX passive. It reinforces all skills, not just certain skills, but increases chargeup times but allowing you to exceed the damage of the original skills.

Focus and Core Skills

  • Understand the flagship mechanics of acquiring, converting, and consuming [Pulse] and [Intense Pulse]. Figure out the proper usage of these resources to unlock maximum potential
  • [Domination] can be used to finish combos for [Stunt Rush] and [Illusive Fist]. Reduce the execution time of skills to drive the attacks at the enemy
  • Awakening Passive [Limit Runner] can be used to immediately acquire [Pulse] stacks and grant unconditional critical strikes


  • Luster is a secondary DPS and buff class that specializes in magical light attacks
  • Use [Luminance] stacks to enhance your skills and buff effects
Skill Icon Desc
Eternal Light Quartz Use rays of light from your blaster to grant beneficial effects to allies. Does not affect enemies. Increases all elemental attack. Eternal Light buffs stack with other class buffs
Eternal Light Soul Gather light energy and grant allies beneficial effects. Does not affect enemies. Increase physical and magic attack. Reduce all incoming damage. Recover HP for every successful attack (max 500k). Eternal Light buffs stack with other class buffs
[Awakening] Flood Trick Place a strengthening pad while dodging backwards. The board itself has no effect, but if you hit [Eternal Light], the Eternal Light buff effect is applied to a wide area
Countdown Count down, absorbing power. During the countdown, light attack is increased, and when certain skills are used, a wing extends from behind you and attacks enemies. Each wing’s attack has the skill’s attack power

Overview of Class and Skills

  • Luster is a secondary DPS and buff class that scales with INT and magic damage
  • Use [Luminance], acquired from main skills, as a resource to enhance your buffs
  • [Countdown] allows you to deal damage on your own
  • This is a class that requires you to constantly attack to maintain buffs

Focus and Core Skills

  • Each buff has a unique activation condition and the one you use will vary depending on the situation
  • [Eternal Light Quartz] after acquiring the Awakening Passive has a short duration and slightly weaker buff effect, but can also be used offensively. However, since it consumes Luminance, it should be used to benefit allies and attack enemies (T/N little iffy on this translation)
  • [Eternal Light Soul] has a long duration and strong buff effects, always available for allies. After acquiring the Awakening Passive, it will consume the maximum stacks of Luminance to transform it into the ultimate buff [Eternal Light Explosion]
  • [Awakening Passive] When [Countdown] and [Castia] are used together, another buff will be applied to your offensive skills

Insert usual tutorial about how to awaken a class (skipping)

Forest Dragon Nest Lite

Entry Info

Location Merca Port -> Forest Dragon Nest
Level Lv95+
Party Size 5-8
Difficulty Labyrinth F45 (1 player)
Entry Ticket Bloody Matador Rose
Weekly Clears 1 (shared with F50 FDN)
Intermediate Rewards Limit 1 per week (shared with F50 FDN)
Revives 0

In Forest Dragon Nest Lite, you can only obtain the scales. You will earn approximately 1/3 compared to F50.

Developer’s Comments

Dragon Raids are the highest difficulty 8-person content, and requires individual players all having the skills and gear to clear. However, it is difficult to reach these standards, and the burden of entry is very high.

In this Lite difficulty, I want to adjust the mechanic failure penalty so that more players can access this content.

Mechanics that immediately result in death have been nerfed, and the debuff effects that overly burden the healers have been removed.

The users who feel the psychological burden when challenging top content now have an opportunity to improve understanding of mechanics and how to defeat the dragon.

  • Tortree’s deadly poision and Aux’s deadly poison damage reduced
  • [Drought] status from spring removed(?)
  • Damage of deadly toxic waves during nighttime reduced
  • Damage from mushrooms explosion reduced
  • Reduced damage taken from failing to block Hierendel’s attack

Nest Rewards and Weekly Clears

  • All difficulties share reward limits and clear counts
  • Example: If you receive Gate 1 rewards on Lite, you will not get any Gate 1 rewards on Normal

Insert titles and achievements here (skipping)

Changes and Additions

Accessory Enhancing

  • Lv95 Unique and above accessories (ring, necklace, earrings) can now be enhanced
  • From +11 to +20, failing an enhancement breaks the item 100%
  • If the base accessory is extractable, upon enhancing you will be unable to extract

  • Enhancement level is not retained when upgrading Genesis accessories

todo enhancement info

Forest Dragon Nest

  • Voiceovers have been added for Forest Dragon Hierendel and Kasmina

Change Major Mechanics

Gate 2 (Night)

  • Nightflower’s damage range has been extended all the way to the entrance, making it difficult to attack from a distance without the protective buff
  • The location of vines that appear with “Grrr…” are different

Gate 4 Colored Balls

  • The correct ball is no longer always on the same side
  • <Caution> Destroy the ball that is the opposite color of the ground
  • Text has been added to clearly identify why the mechanic was failed

Gate 4 Tree of Life Ghouls

  • Players that run away and don’t get turned into ghouls will be killed
  • Red spirits damage doubled
  • When the Tree of Life is destroyed, players that were stranded on the other branches will be returned to the arena and revived

Other/Bug Fixes

Gate 3: Hidden Path

  • Fixed issue when killing both Dancers at the same time
  • Fixed issue where an attack from the low branch fighter erroneously ignored iframes

Gate 4: Dragon

  • Fixed issue involving certain attacks and cleric Block
  • Fixed the dragon not being invulnerable for a brief moment when stunned
  • Fixed issue where the damage dealt by dragon in certain situations was incorrect
  • Fixed issue where the spirits caused issues if the user was impacted by speed reduction debuffs
  • Fixed issue where Tortree would sometimes fail to spawn
  • Fixed issue where Tortree’s poision was heavily delayed after his spawn

F50 FDN Rewards

  • Now drops a large amount of LP depending on party size

Points are rollable.

Size Points
1 875 x 3 = 2625
2 1750 x 3 = 5250
3 2625 x 3 = 7875
4 3500 x 3 = 10500
5 4375 x 3 = 13125
6 5250 x 3 = 15750
7 6125 x 3 = 18375
8 7000 x 3 = 21000

Division Nest Changes


  • Fixed issue where Sloane would leave attacks behind even after death
  • Adjusted laser damage
  • Adjusted Spectrum Shower skill
  • Adjusted tornado tracking


  • Tracing mushrooms removed from Spooore
  • Damage received from failing Spooore’s DPS check reduced
  • Brass Punisher’s fire storm damage adjusted
  • Kazelman’s hypnosis is easier to break free of
  • Adjusted the damage of Kazelman’s explosion after hyponosis


  • Damage dealt by standing on the wrong color during the Tank color mech reduced
  • Damage dealt by the rotating zones outside of the inner zone of the Tank color mech reduced
  • Fixed issue where certain props would be displaced incorrectly at Sadnyth
  • Fixed issue where Tentallus’s energy bar behaved strangely
  • Increased protection duration of bubbles during Hide and Seek or Die from 10s to 15s
  • Adjusted damage dealt by Hide and Seek or Die when lacking the protective buff

World Remaster Changes

  • Changed “Stream World Zone” dungeons to only have Master difficulty (T/N Crystal Stream?)
  • Labyrinth invaders are more powerful. Dev Comments: Invaders were much easier than expected, so they’ve been updated to reflect the difficulty we intended
  • Adjusted timing and location of some invasions
  • Normalized monster attack power of certain monsters (Abandoned Marina, Secret Underwater Cave, etc)
  • Adjusted monster HP and damage of certain quests to be more appropriate of their level (Bleed Phantom quest, etc)
  • Fix rewards and EXP gain during normal dungeon clears (Watcher’s Spire)

Item Extraction Under Lv95

  • Extraction of equipment, dragon gems, and talismans under Lv95 has been changed
  • The November World Remaster patch sorted out many items that are no longer necessary, but we still give you those items when you extract lower level items
  • The extraction results have been changed for those items
  • Some low level Accessories are still giving unnecessary items, which will be fixed in a later patch

Corruption Corridor

  • Corruption Corridor changed to maximum number of weekly clears instead of consuming FTG, allowing more dungeon and nest runs while still being able to acquire pieces
  • Max stack count of corridor items raised to 9,999

Reduction of Obtaining Matador Rose Per Week

  • Weekly mission [Clear 20 Daily Missions] no longer rewards Matador Rose
  • Maximum purchase limit from NPC April reduced from 4 to 3 per week

Dungeons - Add Invaders Rewards to Labyrinth

  • New ancient equipment is dropped as a reward for Labryinth Invasions
  • Drops from Stage 3+ (T/N not sure what “stage” refers to, lab floor?)
  • Items can be traded, and have set bonuses
  • Enhancing is same as Goddess equipment
  • Use the Equipment Book to check information

Example items:

All can be enhanced to +20, with similar costs and rates as Goddess


Set size Bonus
2 0-8% DMG
4 0-10% DMG
5 0-15% DMG


Set size Bonus
3 5% ELE
5 13% ELE


Set size Bonus
2 30k HP, 2% HP
4 50k HP, 3%
5 100k HP, 5%


Set size Bonus

Add St. Haven Teleport Assistants

  • Added teleport NPCs to East and West Saint’s Haven gates

Adjust Store Items and Commission Board Rewards

Store Changes

  • White Flower Seeds removed from Crystal Shop
  • White Flower Seeds added to Commission Board Shop for 1k BloodSweatTears Points (BSTP) each
  • Perfect Solver title sold at Commission Board Shop for 2,990,000 BSTP

Commission Board Rewards

  • [Green Dragon Time Attack] and [Forest Dragon Nest] commission board clear quests have been removed

Equipment Book

  • Bunch of reorganization

Growth Event Support

  • When clearing each chapter of the Main Quest, you can earn additional Lebrium Points
  • Clearing all the chapters will earn you a total of 15,000 LP

Gobylnn’s Fav Box

  • Rates and contents changed

  • Legendary Enhancement Hammer (90%)
  • 100 LP
  • 200 LP
  • 300 LP
  • 400 LP
  • 500 LP
  • 1000 LP
  • Unique Gem Fragment x1/3/5/10
  • Lapis x1/3
  • Epic Dragon Gem Core x1/3/5
  • Epic Dragon Gem Fragment x20/50/100
  • Crude Talisman Essence x1/3/5
  • Corridor Map Fragment x300
  • Rarestone (1k)
  • Rarestone (5k)
  • Rarestone (10k)

Lv95 Equipment Repair Cost Increase

  • Cost of repairing items with durability when players die or leave has been changed

All costs in Gold (g)

Item Repair from 0 Repair cost per point
Ancient Equipment 214.2857 0.8929
Calypso T4, Scylla 128.5714 0.5357
Calypso T3 85.7143 0.3571
Calypso T2 64.2856 0.2679
Calypso T1, Hector 42.8571 0.1786
Medea T2, Solver 21.4286 0.0893
Medea T1 12.8571 0.0536
Neris T1 4.2857 0.0179

Unstuck When Trapped Function Change

  • When the Unstuck when Trapped function is used, a system message will be displayed
  • Message is only displayed to you in towns, dungeons, and nests
  • Message is displayed to all players in the map in PvP related areas


  • Fixed boss defenses in some low level dungeons where there is no damage compensation (Lv 1-11)
  • If a weapon with dragon gems slotted is destroyed while enhancing, the slotted dragon gems will be instantly returned via mail

Skill Balancing (PVE)

Translated by Fabulous

General Notes

Basic Attack DPS Balancing (PVE/Close-Ranged)

  • We have balanced the damage of close-ranged weapons (sword, axe, hammer) to be similar to each other.
  • Developer’s Note: As a result, all weapons except the Scimitar have been slightly buffed. Projectile weapons were already balanced in the past.

Damage change for skills that attack knockdowned enemies

  • The damage of base class skills that attack knockdowned enemies (e.g. Warrior’s Elbow Drop, Archer’s Low Spin Kick) has been changed to 500%.



Rapid Shot EX

  • Damage increase changed from 70% to 200%.

Guided Missiles EX

  • Fatal Guide probability decreased from 90% to 50%.
  • Damage increase for Fatal Guided Missiles decreased from 250% to 150%.

Class Mastery II

  • Damage increase changed from 5% to 15%.
  • Using Fatal skills now increases the damage of Magic Arrow by 20% for 10s.

[Awakened Passive] Hawk Ballista

  • Cooldown recovery increased from 5s to 8s.

[Awakened Passive] Swift Shot

  • Added 30% damage increase to Swift Shot.



Fast Forward

  • Cooldown reduced from 120s to 90s.
  • Cooldown recovery reduced from 80% to 60%.

Chaos Mage

Developer’s Note

  • We are preparing a patch to solve the problem of only using 1-2 skills in Chaos Mage’s rotation and the uselessness of her other skills. However, we have applied some of these changes to this patch, since part of the problem is caused by Goddess Equipment.

Class Mastery II

  • Removed cooldown reset for Triple Orbs INS.
  • Separated cooldowns for Triple Orbs and Triple Orbs INS.

Gravity Rush

  • Damage increased from 1419% to 1550%.

Focus Gravity

  • Damage calculations changed from Gravity Blast/Triple Orbs to 2150%.

[Awakened Passive] Gravity Mastery

  • Ball of Gravity duration increased from 5s to 10s.

War Mage

[Awakened Passive] Fast Forward

  • Removed cooldown reduction.
  • Added increase in cooldown recovery from 60% to 80%.



Class Mastery I

  • STR/AGI increase changed from 30% to 50%.

Class Mastery III

  • Speed of the linked Mortal Blow changed to be the same as normal Mortal Blow.

Flame Dragnile

  • Damage increased from 2568% to 5136%.
  • While backing up, you can now use your kick quickly with Normal Attack.

Beast Swipe

  • Damage increased from 3478% to 5913%.
  • Damage for Flame Dragon Strike increased from 3478% to 5913%.


  • Christmas
  • Saint’s Haven Defense - Basilisk

Cash Shop

Viking Costume

  • 5 armor, 2 weapons
  • Dec 13 - Jan 10
  • Individual and packaged sale

Synth Costme: Maid Costume

  • Acquire new epic costumes via Noble Cube
  • Existing Cube has been changed to Lily Cube
  • You cannot use existing costumes as Nobility costume materials

Nobility Costume

Male Academic

Frozen Angel WTD




Sacred Light Weapons



Elecia Spirit

Cold Ice Ninetails

Curious Tokto Pet

December Collection Hat




  • Pet visibility during nests fixed

Prof K

  • Gate 2: Boss can be provoked


  • Gate 2: Boss can be provoked


  • Fix mouse becoming detatched during event announcement


Ice Witch

Ice Barrier EX

  • Fixed ice% on tooltip.


Chain Lightning

  • Fixed a problem where the number of hits was always the same and did not hit normally.


Mighty Blow

  • Fixed a problem in which the electrocution debuff did not appear.

Class Mastery III

  • Fixed a problem in which the electrocution debuff did not appear after using Mighty Blow INS.



  • Fixed a problem in which it did not attack small enemies on its way back to the user.


[Awakened Passive] Beast Swipe

  • Fixed abnormally high damage for Burnt Ash.

Bleed Phantom

Lethal Touch

  • Fixed a problem in which it had no Super Armor.


Exploding Palm

  • Fixed a problem in which the wave was invincible when using Ducking without hitting anything.


  • Fix Female Warrior costume preview
  • Fixed Kali squirrel cap
  • Fix issue where certain item skill effects when combined with Guardian, Destroyer, or Defensio bubble caused them to become invisible (invincible?)


  • Various shop items are now in the correct shops


  • Bleed Phantom quests fixed
  • Fixed Nightmare weekly clear mission not being completable
  • Fixed issue with lower level quests not granting bonus rewards
  • Characters in town no longer jump when they are loaded
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