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KR 03/13/2018 - Red Lotus Palace (95.23.KR) Translation

Mar 13
- Vahr (真理)

Patch 95.23.KR features Red Lotus Palace, nest changes, equipment changes, and more.

The original patch notes for EYEDENTITY can be found here.

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Work in progress. Images will be translated at a later date

A brief note from Vahr

Many of you have probably noticed that the past few patchnotes have either been missing or incomplete. To be frank, I’ve been getting busier, have less free time, and have waning interest. The past few patchnotes haven’t been interesting or substantial so I opted to spend my free time elsewhere, plus other sources such as Jeezus are able to cover such updates fairly well. I don’t plan on ending my translations completely but I’ll primarily start focusing on updates that have meaningful content and translations may take longer than before. Thank you all for your continued support and readership.

Chapter 16: Red Light

Red Lotus Palace



  • [Red Lotus Palace] themed city [Red Lotus Lowlands] welcomes you
Entry Condition Lv95+
Quest Condition Ch 8 Clue of Hope - Prepare for Departure
Entry Route Heart of Merca > (New) Merca Port
Content Red Palace Lowlands, Sunset Watchtower, Gust of Construction/[Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace
  • Sunset Watchtower from St. Haven has been moved to the main street of Red Lotus Palace


Theme of the 4 Red Lotus Palace Dungeons

  • Four new dungeons have been added: [Blue Raven Manor], [Loser’s Lair], [Great Arena], and [Red Lotus Palace Gardens]
Party Size 1-4
Difficulty Labyrinth
FTG 150
Revives Unlimited
Entry Route Red Lotus Palace Backyard

[Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace Introduction

Entry Level Lv95+
Admission 4 player party matching
Difficulty Equalized
Entry Limit 7/wk
Revives Unlimited
Entry Route St. Haven -> Zephyrus or Red Lotus Palace -> Fukkuk
Etc Help entries available


  • Enter Red Lotus Palace and proceed to a random stage
  • Growth-type equalized content that is influenced by equipment as well as user’s stats (T/N unsure what this is)

Feel the true power of bosses

  • Fight against two bosses
  • While fighting against enemies, a different tier of boss will appear and interrupt your fight

Defeat Powerful Champions and Get Strong

  • You can get buffs if you defeat 4 kinds of champions that appear in various places
  • Try to defeat enemies more quickly by gathering buffs before the final boss

Other Attractions

  • 한 명이라도 개인 랜덤 매칭 시 add reward을 지닌 [차원의 토끼]가 등장합니다. (T/N todo)
  • Even if you are lacking in skill, [Sign of Solidarity] and [Zephyros’s Cheer] buffs are available to assist
  • There is also a poochum that can appear with delicious food during the boss battle


  • Up to 10x garnets (gold chest)
  • Earn gold, nightmare points, and Golden Bowl
  • If you are not in a premade party but entering via party matching, you can earn additional rewards
  • As with Gust of Construction, there is a low chance for a hidden space to appear
  • If you defeat the hidden boss, you can acquire Goblynn’s Fav Box, Exploration Keys, and Golden Gobble Coin





New Item Gold Bowl

  • Rare item that is commonly used in the Red Lotus Palace area
  • Acquired via various content, quests, shops, etc
  • Used to enhance the newly added [Dragon Gem] and to create and give additional stats to [Epic Talisman]
  • Earn them through various means and enjoy farming Red Lotus Palace areas!



Main Quest Complete Ch 16
Side Quest Complete Red Lotus Palace side quest [Top Attributes]
Daily Quest Complete Red Lotus Palace daily quests
Part-time Quest (?) Visit Goddess Martial Artist [Kimnyung Bo]’s Shop


[Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace [Party matching] as an individual
Daily Task Complete newly added daily task
Party Rewards Reach 100% party reward
  • Future updates may add/change rates, amounts, and locations

Nest Reorganization

Anomalies in a Broken Labyrinth

todo flavor blast text

Developer Comments

So that you do not feel bored with repetitive play on lower flowers and feel a sense of accomplishment when you win against stronger enemies on a higher floor and feel satisfied when you get a reward from the challenge, the [Division Maze] has been reorganized as a [Challenge Nest].

In the reorganized Maze, the higher level you challenge, the better rewards you can get. The thrill comes from the difficult battles and overcoming them. I hope you’ll feel satisfaction in playing the Division Maze with the rewards that match your courage.

[Fission Maze] Major Changes

Increased Challenge and Rare Rewards

1. Changed Rewards

  • With [Maze Conquest], you can earn a reward based on the “Weekly Clear Record” once a week per account (see below)

2. Unlimited Entry

  • Unlimited entry is now available due to removal of FTG consumption (300 -> 0)
  • Gate rewards removed as a result

Developer Comments

1) When you are challenging higher floors, you will earn a suitable reward so you are satisifed. The clear reward has been greatly upgraded

2) You only need to bear the burden of repeated ‘challenges’ once a week! A rare reward is given for users who challenge the maze

3) For those who bear the burden of challenge at higher floors, we removed the FTG and entry limits so that you can enter as often as you need to. If you find it too difficult alone, I recommend that you tackle the challenge with a party of strong friends


1. Disasters and Labinia’s Warning

  • At every difficulty, there is a chance of a [Disruptive Disaster] which will attack you
  • Labinia predicts that a disaster will occur and will appear before you

2. More Powerful Monsters

  • The HP of monsters no longer scales with the number of party members
  • HP has been adjusted accordingly

3. Revive Limit

  • Zero free revives, 3 Flower of Hope revives

4. End of the Road

  • Maze length fixed to 5 gates and 1 [Final Boss Gate], which is the exit

5. Clear Limit

  • Per-gate time limit removed
  • 45 minute total timer added

Developer Comments

1) Difficulty has been increased so you can enjoy the thrill of the challenge without too much stress

2) Disruptive disasters can lead to sudden increases in difficulty

3) As the time limit is now for the entire maze, how you play in previous gates will affect your current and subsequent gates

I hope you aren’t too concerned until the main gates are beaten.

However, do not be disappointed when you don’t have much time left at the 5th gate.

Statistically, we adjusted it as much as possible so that difficult gates do not appear in succession.

Content Changes

  • Labyrinth compressed from 1-50 to 1-11, and new F12 and F13 are available (see below)
  • Some monsters are rebalanced (see below)
  • Maze added to PvE ranking board
  • Maze Core has been destroyed and you can no longer enter
  • Fissive Vortex can be refunded for 5k Crystal Points by right clicking it

Weekly Rewards


[Division Nests] Will Be Reorganized!

[Division Nest] Nest Changes

  • 5 minute time limit per gate removed
  • Revive count limit removed, now using only blue/red revives (Flower of Hope cannot be used because the systems are interlinked)
  • HP/MP recovery upon clearing a gate reduced from 100% to 50%

[Division Nest] Monster Changes

  • Monsters now use [Unique Skill] for the first time slightly later
  • Some mechanics upon failing will no longer deal massive damage but instead penalize you with a debuff that reduces your damage: [Stigma] lasts for 30s, preventing you from healing and reducing your damage output
  • New difficulty system caps hazard indicators at F9
  • Some stomp attacks damage reduced
  • Some “normal” attacks damage reduced
  • Mist Nest’s Lycan, Sea Dragon Nest’s Serpentra, and Daedalus Nest’s Daedalus HP slightly reduced
  • Volcano Nest’s Lavanoc, Archbishop Nest’s Golem, and Manticore Nest’s Manticore HP slightly increased
  • Guardian Nest’s Guardian and Daedalus Nest’s Guard Scimitar (robot?) shield health reduced
  • Volcano Nest’s Lavanoc tornado attack no longer lifts
  • Granom Nest’s Sentinel’s defense is increased while using [Unique Skill]
  • Prof K Nest’s Tenakurun’s summoned Scarabe’ HP reduced
  • Prof K Nest’s Prof K arch reactor explosion damage increased(?)
  • Sea Dragon Nest’s Golem now has a “Mini Golem”
  • Sea Dragon Nest’s Serpentra’s summoned trolls’ damage greatly reduced

Labyrinth Floors are Compressed!

  • Labyrinth Compression which was applied to all dungeons during World Remaster is now applied to nests
  • Difficulty system is the same as dungeons
  • However, the highest available open floor is not shared with dungeons
  • Existing highest open floor limit will be approximately scaled to the new system
  • All “nest” content has this change (Division Nests, Forest Dragon, Forest Dragon Lite)

Higher Labyrinth Floors Discovered!

  • Floors 12 and 13 have been discovered and added
  • The growth in difficulty is the same as previous floor increases

Mission Board

Dragon Gems, Crests, and Talismans

New Dragon Gem [Mirage Gem]

  • You can obtain the Mirage Gem by completing the quest [New Land, New Gem] from the NPC Blacksmith Ryeong on Main St. of Red Lotus Palace
  • Only usable on Lv95+ Unique equipment. An additional gem slot is added to certain compatible necklaces
  • The gem does not have any stats, but can be enhanced at Blacksmith Ryeong (see below for stats)
  • Mirage Gems enhanced to max enhancement will be able to evolve into a special skill gem in a future update

Enhancement Stats

  • Enhancement rate is 100% at all ranks
  • Material cost is 150 Golden Bowls, 100 Q Garnet, 100 QLGE, 30 Lapis, 1k gold
Level P/MDMG
1 11k
2 22k
3 33k
4 44k
5 55k
6 66k
7 77k
8 88k
9 99k
10 110k

Victory/Champion Gems

Champion Gems

  • You can enhance your gems at the Red Lotus Palace Blacksmith
  • Only available to legendary Victory and Champion gems
  • Gems cannot break or downgrade
  • Unstampable even after enhanced

Image of an Excel spreadsheet here

Victory Gems

  • You can enhance at the Red Lotus Palace Blacksmith
  • Only available to legendary Victory and Champion gems
  • Gems cannot break or downgrade
  • T/N I feel like a broken record for some reason
  • Cannot be traded even after enhanced

Image of an Excel spreadsheet here

Gem Extraction

  • You can extract unique grade or higher gems
  • When you extract, you can also obtain materials that can be used to buy legendary Victory gems

Legendary Dragon Gem Acquisition

  • You can now purchase [Powerful Dragon Gem Generator] and [Transcendent Dragon Gem Converter] with [Nest Points] and [Dragon Gem Powder]
  • With the [Powerful Dragon Gem Generator] you can get a guaranteed chance to win a legendary dragon gem

Obtain Perfect Stats

  • You can get your ideal gem by using a legendary-grade gem converter
  • The stats are the same as champion gems, but are untradable
  • Use junk gems to create a converter (enhancement level remains, additional stats change)

[Hero’s Enhancement Crest] Added

  • A new Lv95 epic hero crest has been added
  • Craft using Quality Garnet. Additional stats are added at a certain rate
  • Exception: [Hero Offensive Crest] and [Hero Defensive Crest] have no additional stats
  • Tradable
  • Acquire fragments when extracting crests, which are used to create [Hero Expedition Crest]

Basic Stats

  • All plates are unbindable once using 40 stamps and can be server storaged
Item Stats
Health 3,023 HP, 7% HP
Mystical 10,153 MDMG, 10% MDMG
Adorned 12,334 MDEF, 10% MDEF
Destructive 10,153 PDMG, 10% PDMG
Sturdy 10,510 PDEF, 10% PDEF
Windswept 6,238 AGI, 10% AGI
Wise 6,238 INT, 10% INT
Ultimate 1,113 FD
Fierce 98,581 CRIT, 20% CRIT
Limit 126,764 CDMG, 20% CDMG
Brutal 6,238 STR, 10% STR
Lifegiving 76,482 HP, 10% HP
Offensive 10,153 M/PDMG, 300 FD
Defensive 10,510 M/PDEF, 76,482 HP

Additional Stats

Stat Value
PDMG 7,070
MDMG 7,070
CRIT 53,105
STR 4,159
AGI 4,159
INT 4,159
HP 50,742
PDEF 5,686
MDEF 7,266
FD 586
CDMG 60,642
VIT 1,048
  • After obtaining the plate, there is a certain rate that an additional stat will be added
  • Same stat is not available (e.g. no STR option on Brutal)


Location Method
Lv95 labyrinth Gold choice box
Mercenary Exploration Intermediate Exploration Box (Offensive and Defensive crests only), Advanced Exploration Box

[Hero’s Expedition Crest] Added

  • Added a new Lv95 Unique Hero’s Expedition crest. Stats have been greatly upgraded from previous expedition crests
  • Craft the crest using Quality Garnet. Additional stats are added at a certain rate at crafting
  • Tradable
  • Acquire 10 fragments when extracting

Basic Stats

  • All plates are unbindable once using 80 stamps and can be server storaged
Item Stats
Offensive 19,562 PDMG, 13,691 MDMG
Offensive 19,562 MDMG, 13,691 PDMG
Bastion 148,296 CRIT, 189,736 CDMG, 250 FD
Increasing 8,918 STR, 5,866 AGI, 5,866 INT, 1,955 VIT
Increasing 8,918 AGI, 5,866 STR, 5,866 INT, 1,955 VIT
Increasing 8,918 INT, 5,866 AGI, 5,866 STR, 1,955 VIT
Origin 13,670 PDEF, 123,998 HP
Origin 15,494 MDEF, 123,998 HP

Additional Stats

Stat Value
PDMG 9,266
MDMG 9,266
CRIT 55,781
STR 6,131
AGI 6,131
INT 6,131
HP 88,441
PDEF 7,199
MDEF 8,651
FD 410
CDMG 68,669
VIT 1,982
  • After obtaining the plate, there is a certain rate that an additional stat will be added
  • Same stat is available


  • Priestess of Darkness Dungeon Point store
  • Costs 19,900 Dungeon Points and 500 Hero’s Enhancement Crest Fragments
  • Also available from Mercenary Exploration

[Hero’s Enhancement Talisman] Added

  • Added new Lv95 epic talisman
  • Existing talismans are evolved using the Talisman Evolution Cube
  • You must have a secondary stat on your rare talisman, and the secondary stat will be preserved
  • Cannot be traded or server storaged

Basic Stats

Stat Value
VIT 1,858
MDMG 10,672
MDEF 8,024
PDMG 10,672
PDEF 8,024
AGI 5,969
INT 5,969
FD 448
CRIT 48,575
CDMG 59,374
STR 5,969
HP 42,930

Additional Stats

Stat Value
STR 2,661
AGI 2,661
INT 2,661
VIT 833
PDMG 5,240
MDMG 5,240
CRIT 14,950
CDMG 15,962
HP 22,752
FD 228


  • Champion Evolution Cube
  • Victory Evolution Cube
  • Additional Stat Reroller

Convert Rare to Epic (keeping stat option)

Reroll secondary stat

Eugen Festival (Cooking)

Changes and Additions

Stat Scaling Changes

1. AGI balancing

  • Currently, regardless of what class you are, AGI increases CRIT while STR and INT increase CDMG
  • This was to diversify character builds based on class scaling
  • However, the value of CRIT is very low due to the prevalence of CRIT skills
  • For STR and INT classes, it is easy to obtain CRIT and CDMG
  • For AGI classes, it is very easy to obtain CRIT but very difficult to obtain CDMG, necessitating spending gold and equipment slots for CDMG
  • The resulting imbalance made AGI classes weaker than equivalently geared STR/INT classes
  • In the short term, this could be resolved by balancing skills, but in the long term this is not sustainable
  • By this patch, CDMG now scales off of STR/AGI/INT, and all classes now have the same scaling of their main type

2. Removing CRIT from AGI

  • CRIT stats that are now missing due to removing CRIT scaling off of AGI are expected to be replaced by Hero Level
  • Hero Level 500 gives about 220k CRIT
  • Hero Level reorganization makes it easier than ever to reach Lvl 500
  • Please refer to the Hero Level revamp below

3. Other Stats (Future)

  • Due to current PvP and content balancing issues, we have deferred removing other stats scaling off of primary stats
  • Currently, STR increases STUN, PARA, and PARARES; AGI increases CRITRES, and INT increases MDEF
  • These scalings will be removed soon

This is a big change on top of the Red Lotus Palace, and I am sorry about that. However, with this improvement, we can start balancing items and classes better.


  • CRIT no longer scales with AGI
  • Classes with CRIT class mastery will be changed to CDMG
  • CRITDMG scalings have been changed


  • INT classes: 3.5 CDMG/INT
  • STR classes: 3.5 CDMG/STR
  • AGI classes: 3.5 CDMG/STR
  • Assassin: 1.75 CDMG/STR, 1.75 CDMG/AGI
  • Crusader: 3 CDMG/STR, 3 CDMG/INT

Equipment Penalties Reduced

  • Due to changes in stat scaling, equipment that decreases stats have had their reductions reduced
  • Critical reducing items (e.g. FDN Necklace) penalty reduced by 50% (-15% -> -7.5%)
  • Defense reducing items penalty reduced by 40% (-50% -> -30%)
  • CDMG reducing items penalty reduced by 25% (-20% -> -15%)

Expand Hero Level

1. Hero Level Improvement Direction

  • Hero Level originally developed as a metric of cumulative play
  • Tried to keep the gap fairly small
  • This change allows us to use it as a measure of growth insteasd of playtime

2. Improvement of Stats

  • Improved the stat gain per level to show more growth
  • +100 DMG/level
  • +CRIT/level, total 220,000 at HLv500 (with reduced growth after)
  • FD growth adjusted
  • +1% ATK%/level, 3% every 100 levels (20% at HLv2000)

3. Improve Growth Rate

  • You can quickly reach the old cap of HLv1000 now
  • Weekly Hero Exp cap raised from 3m to 45m
  • Hero Exp from clearing content increased
  • Division Maze grants a large amount
  • Max Hero Level is now 2000



Difficulty Dungeon Nest
Easy 3k 3k
Normal 4k 8k
Hard 4.3k 8.6k
Master 4.6k 9.2k
Abyss 5k 10k
Lab 1 5.2k 10.5k
Lab 5 6k 12.7k
Lab 10 7.4k 14.8k
Lab 13 8.4k 16.8k
Content EXP Notes
Alpaca Quest 200k Does not affect weekly cap
HBF HC 1m Does not affect weekly cap
FDN HC 800k  
FDN L 400k  

Other sources (HBF, Slayer, Slayer Testing, Gust of Construction, Guild RDN, Trial Nests) no longer grant Hero EXP

Farming Reorganization

tl;dr bulletin board missions adjusted

Store Reorganization

Dungeon Point

Keep/Move Add Remove
Goddess titles, Light Cube, Flower of Hope, Skill Reset Dark Cube, Unknown Enhancement Box, Hero’s Expedition Crest, Auto Egg Opener, Skill Crests Everything else

Nest Point

Keep/Move Add Remove
Kairon Ring/Earring/Necklace, Skill Crests, Engraving Scroll Pouches, Dragon Gem Controllers, Legend Weapon Converter, Engraving Extractor, Light Cube, Matador Rose Time Cube, Auto Egg Opener, Gem Reroller, Gem Transformer Monster Card Pouch, Monster Card, Spaera

Nightmare Point

Keep/Move Add Remove
Dark Cube, Unknown Talisman Box Talisman Cubes, Auto Egg Opener, Mercenaries, Rare Mercenary Pouch, Mercenary Synthesizer, Mercenary Exploration Potions Mercenary Pouch, Advanced Cube Pouch

Community Point

Keep/Move Add Remove
Hero Level Potion, Community Point Hat Shard of Will 7 Days, Friendship Gifts Crude talisman essence, crude gem core, quality garnet

Crystal Point

too much I’ll do it later

BST Point

too much I’ll do it later

Other Store Changes and Point Removal

  • Wonderful Points will be removed in April. Please spend them now
  • Priest(?) Points will be removed. Exchange for community points
  • Sealed box store will be removed
  • Lebrium store now requires dungeon points instead of lapis
  • User bulletin board store has some new costume
  • Removal of Item to Point Exchange store (Stashy)

World Daily/Weekly Tasks

  • Missions that are account-wide have been added


  • Daily FTG can be banked up to a limit
  • Daily FTG is now 3,600
  • Likes no longer grant FTG

Scylla Equipment

  • Enhancing up to +9 no longer has a chance of downgrading
  • LP consumption increased from 1 to 9 to compensate
  • Average cost should be about the same but some users won’t be unlucky anymore
  • Now also consumes Lapis, Quality Garnet, and QLGE from 1 to 9

Party Rewards

  • 10 Golden Bowls added as a reward

Reduce Repair Costs

  • Players are overburdened by repair fees
  • Calypso T3 and below repair fees reduced (by about 66%)

Purified Labyrinth Materials

Crest Box Changes

Hero’s Battlefield Rewards

  • Limit 3x/week
  • No longer drops Shadow Cubes, Dragon Gem Fragments, or Talisman Fragments
  • Gold Box Hero EXP potion changed to 1m Hero EXP

Community Point Acquisition Changes

  • Community point awards changed
Action Reward
1-4 Dungeon Clear 100
1-4 Nest Clear 400
1-8 Nest Clear 1500
2 Slayer Clear 0
3 Player Dungeon Clear 0
4 Player Dungeon Clear 50
3 Player Nest Clear 0
4 Player Nest Clear 10
Returning Player Bonus (Dungeon) 0
Returning Player Bonus (Nest) 0

Item Stack and Removal of Some Items and Acquisition Changes

Stack Size

Item Size
Spaera 9,999
Stamp 9,999
Quality Garnet 9,999
Quality Life-giving Essence 9,999

No longer acquirable

  • Cerberus Paw
  • Dimensional Box Key
  • Spaera
  • Monster Nucleus
  • Epic Monster Nucleus
  • Memory Fragment

Acquisition Location Changes

todo later

Soo Sang Sang(??)

Removal of Some Content

Daredevil Faire

  • Reckless Umarak
  • Thorny Path


  • Nightmare I and II

Treasure Dungeon

  • Removed Silent Cloister Main Hall, Prayer’s Retreat, and Dead Man’s Road

Cerberus Nest Beginner

  • Removed

Kairon Island 5 Daily Quests

  • Removed

Hero Title Popup


  • Improvement of Sealed Talis/Gem/Crest boxes(?)
  • Some side quest jelly rewards increased from 20 to 100
  • todo
  • Legendary Weapon Converter price reduced to 500g
  • Saint’s Haven BGM changed
  • Some UI sounds changed


Red Lotus Palace Update Commemorative Box

Gift Box Event Items


Cash Shop

Jangshi Costume

Origin of the Universe Metallic WTD

Metallic Duck Spirit

Mount Evolution

New/Returning User Benefit

New Two-Tone Hair

March Community Point Hat




Cash Shop



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