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NA 3/15/17 - Hidden Changes Patch 95.7.NA

Mar 15
- Vahr (真理)

These are the changes made that are not mentioned on the official NA patch notes that I’ve datamined or observed.

This is the 7th patch for Level 95, which I will refer to as Patch 95.7.NA and mostly corresponds to Patch 95.7.KR as well as a large amount of changes from Patch 95.8.KR.

More things may be added (especially to the bug/error list) as we find them.

You can comment, submit additional reports, or ask questions in the various Discords I am in (just tag or DM me).

In order to maintain accuracy and keep things up to date, please do not repost information in bulk and instead link to the blog section.

Some of the notes below are not changes per-se, but rather for ease of confirmation.


Unique and Legendary Enhancing Stones

  • Server storagable

Legendary Rune Dragon Enhancing

  • RuDNLs still cannot be enhanced past +10


  • RuDN to Lv95 tuners remain
  • RuDNL to Lv95 compensation remains
  • T2 Medea to Calypso tuners have MIDs (weapon (green) name M:1000122321, desc M:1000122323; armor (blue) name M:1000122322, desc M:1000122324)

“The Alternative”

  • “The Alternative” no longer works
This is an in-joke leave me alone :(

Gerraint Earrings

  • Not server storagable


  • Only Lv93 Refined Genesis can be converted to Lv95
  • Same system as SEA/EU/JP
  • Crafted Genesis remains at Lv90 and refined at Lv93

Burning Passion Pouch

  • Contents changed
Item Rate
Epic Armor Stone x10 12%
Epic Weapon Stone x4 12%
Quality Garnet x5 12%
Quality LGE x5 12%
Spaera x3 12%
Unique Armor Stone x15 6.6%
Unique Weapon Stone x6 6.6%
Quality LGE x10 6.6%
Spaera x6 6.6%
Quality Garnet x30 1.3%
Quality LGE x20 1.3%
RuDNL Wrath 1.3%
Spaera x12 1.3%
Quality Garnet x100 0.3%
Quality LGE x80 0.3%
Lv95 Epic Dragon Gem Pouch x15 0.3%
RuDNL Wrath x5 0.3%
Spaera x50 0.3%

Additional Nest Entry Passes

  • Purchase limit increased to 4 (contrary to the patch notes saying will be added later)

Skill Plates

  • Cooldown reduction plates now properly calculate their cooldowns for certain skills (RIP 9s Coup)


Dark Banquet

  • Dank Banquit and associated shop and quests removed


Mist Nest

If you see something like 5x/40%, that means that 5 of the item will drop guaranteed and there's a 40% chance for an additional to drop.


Rollables (4 man)

  • 9x Unique Armor Stones
  • 3x Quality LGE
  • 3x Quality Garnet
  • 3x Gladiator Enhancements
  • 3x/60% Epic Enhancing Hammer
  • 2x/10% Unique Weapon Stones
  • 14% Unique Enhancing Hammer
  • 1.1% Legendary Enhancing Hammer - Armor
  • 0.6% Legendary Enhancing Hammer - Weapon
  • 0.4% Golden Gobble Coin
  • 1,200 Nest Points

Per Person

  • 9x Epic Armor Stones
  • 6x Epic Weapon Stones
  • 6x Quality Garnet
  • 600 Nest Points


Rollables (4 man)

  • 15x Unique Armor Stones
  • 6x Quality Garnet
  • 3x Quality LGE
  • 3x Unique Weapon Stones
  • 3x Legendary Armor Stones
  • 1x/50% Legendary Weapon Stones
  • 14% Unique Enhancing Hammer
  • 12% Gladiator Plate
  • 1.1% Legendary Enhancing Hammer - Armor
  • 0.6% Legendary Enhancing Hammer - Weapon
  • 0.4% Golden Gobble Coin

Per Person

  • 12x Quality Garnet
  • 9x Unique Armor Stones
  • 6x Unique Weapon Stones
  • 3x Harmony Cubes
  • 900 Nest Points


Rollables (4 man)

  • 15x Legendary Armor Stones
  • 9x + 60% Quality Garnet
  • 6x Quality LGE
  • 3x Legendary Weapon Stones
  • 30% Gladiator Plate
  • 14% Unique Enhancing Hammer
  • 1.1% Legendary Enhancing Hammer - Armor
  • 0.6% Legendary Enhancing Hammer - Weapon
  • 0.4% Golden Gobble Coin

Per Person

  • 9x Armor Enhancing Stones
  • 6x Weapon Enhancing Stones
  • 3x Harmony Cubes
  • 1,800 Nest Points


Black Mara


  • Elemental Bless text MIDs (title M:1000122306)
  • Conviction Bless text MIDs (title M:1000122307, description M:1000122413)
  • Sacred Hammering text MIDs (description M:1000122318)
  • Charitable Zap text MIDs (description M:1000122364)
  • Electric Smite text MIDs (description M:1000122365)
  • Divine Hammer text MIDs (description M:1000122326)


  • Divine Vengeance CM3 no longer has the changed visual effect (still works however)





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